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Tupelo (Christoph Dreher, Ellen El Malki, 1985)
A video about the birth of an archetype, that evokes a continuity between rock 'n' roll mysticism, tribal feasts, the crucifixion of Christ, and the birth of the King. ... Read more

TWICE A MAN (Gregory Markopoulos, 1964)
The legend of Hippolytus tells of the tortured love a mother, Phaedra, feels for her son. Hippolytus, in remorse, is borne into the sea by horses, where he is drowned. Subsequently, he is reborn in t… Read more

Twilight (Anne Misselwitz, 2001)
A visually magnetic journey through contemporary Berlin along the former Wall strip at the magical hour of twilight. This area, of such historical significance, is now an often strangely empty, eerie… Read more

Canadian director Guy Maddin burst onto the scene in 1985 with an alternately hilarious and grotesque short about grief, The Dead Father. It would be lazy to join the chorus of critics referring to M… Read more

Twinsburg, OH: Some Kind of Weird Twin Thing (Sue Marcoux, 1990)
Filmmaker Sue Marcoux and her identical twin sister Michele live 3,000 miles apart, don't have rhyming names, never dress alike and have a history of conflict. After not speaking to each other for a … Read more

TWIST (Ron Mann, 1992)
It was the dance that changed a generation. Never before had white America played so loose with its body. Coming along right when rock and roll needed a new jolt, the Twist fast became an internation… Read more

TWO DAYS (Sean McGinly, 2003)
This mockumentary with a death-wish was a sell-out at Rotterdam Film Festival where it delighted audiences with its combination of macabre black humour and, well, more macabre black humour! Paul Mill… Read more

Two Women (Annabella Miscuglio, )
Two women, two different ways of life, two possibilities of protest are shown. On the one hand, the drop-outs, punks, skinheads; on the other, political engagement. ... Read more

Uncle Elephant (John Matthews, 1991)
Part of the award winning "Long Ago and Far Away" series made for children by the Public Broadcasting Service in the USA, Uncle Ele­phant tells the story of a young boys blossom­ing relations… Read more

Underdog (Eran Merav, 2002)
Natti, a rejected boy in a boarding school, is unaware of his peers' perception of him. He meets a girl he likes, but soon learns some painful home truths. Received a Special Mention at Berlin 2003. ... Read more

Underground (Manfredo Manfredi, 1972)
The film presents the reveries of a man travelling on an underground train, stimulated by the sights rushing past and the faintly disquieting atmosphere of the night. ... Read more

Undergrowth (Grant Major, 2009)
A man wakes to discover the outside world is getting in. From Oscar winner Grant Major, production designer on Lord of the Rings. ... --- D/S Grant Major P Dan Salmon WS NZ Film Commission TD 35mm/20… Read more

UNDERSTANDING BLISS (William MacGillivray, 1990)
... ... With Understanding Bliss Bill MacGillivray returns to the emotional terrain and sheer filmmaking passion of Life Classes, bring­ing forth a new story about the power art has to transform … Read more

The film is based on Chekhov's early play, 'Platonov', and on some of his short stories. Director Nikita Mikhalkov has changed the ending of the play, in order to bring it more in line with the spiri… Read more

UNION MAIDS (Julie Reichert, James Klein, Miles Mogulesen, 1976)
A stirring history of three women's experience in labour organising in Chicago in the '30s, told through interviews mixed with archive newsreels and period photographs. The film raises the issues of … Read more

unknown white male (Rupert Murray, YES)
You wake up at the end of the Coney Island train line with no memory of who you are or how you got there. After turning yourself into the cops and winding up in the psych ward for a couple of days th… Read more

UNPOLISHED, THE (Pia Marais, 2006)
“How do children define themselves or rebel against their parents, when the lines separating the generations seem to disintegrate?” - filmmaker Pia MaraisAt 14 years old, Stevie should be at scho… Read more

UNSTABLE ELEMENTS (Andy Metcalf, Paul Morrison, 1985)
On one level a standard documentary detailing the evolution of a nuclear Britain since the Second World War, but in combining several stories (particularly a fictional section), the film examines the… Read more

UP AGAINST THEM ALL (Roberto Moreira, 2004)
Up Against Them All (Contra Todos) Brazil ... a barren district on the outskirts of São Paulo, hired killer Teodoro lives with his second wife, Claudia, and teenage daughter, Soninha. Hiding b… Read more

Upside Down (Guillem Morales, 2002)
A car overturned. A mountain's edge. A woman's trapped upside down. She wakes to see her partner, freed from the wreck, and the world starts turning. Climbing back in he straps himself upside down an… Read more

Us (Rodrigo Moreno, 1994)
The bittersweet story of two old room-mates both down on their luck. When you get to a cer­tain age and you're alone in the world losing your job can be frightening. Banding together mightn't mak… Read more

Uso Justo (Coleman Miller, )
An experimental filmmaker comes to the town of Uso Justo, generating mixed feelings in the locals. Using footage from an obscure 1950s' melodrama, Miller remakes the original film with new subtitles … Read more

V For Victory (Norman McLaren, 1941)
A 'film poster' publicising a wartime government bond campaign, using the technique of drawing with pen and ink directly on 35mm film. ... Read more

V For Volunteers (Leslie McFarlane, 1951)
Designed for use by social, culture and welfare agencies enlisting volunteer workers. Emphasizes that too many people expect that all social services are the responsibility of federal, state and muni… Read more

VA BANQUE (Juliusz Machulski, 1981)
After having finished his prison term, ... the famous safe-breaker Kwinto wants ... to forget his past and become a musician. His former partner, Kramer, who now owns a bank, offers Kwinto compensati… Read more

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