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VAN GOGH: BRUSH WITH GENIUS (G) (Vincen Mathia, 2009)
“I experience a period of frightening clarity in those moments when nature is so beautiful. I am no longer sure of myself, and the paintings appear as in a dream.” - Vincent Van GoghMaking excell… Read more

Van Meegeren's Faked Vermeers (Jan Botermans, G. A. Magnel, 1951)
In 1937 the art world was startled by the discovery of a canvas, "Christ at Emmaus", recognised by the famous expert. Bredius, as an authentic Vermeer. In the years that followed many similar paintin… Read more

VANYA ON 42ND STREET (Louis Malle, 1994)
Since 1989, Andre Gregory has directed rehearsals of Chekhov's 'Uncle Vanya' at a dis­used theatre in New York with audiences of no more than thirty sharing the ever-evolving work, and the stage,… Read more

VAUDEVILLE (Jean Marboeuf, 1985)
Gaston and Victor work at the same department store and are ... firm friends Gaston has been married for 20 years to the ... lovely, caring Madeleine, while Victor is a bachelor ceaselessly ... seeki… Read more

VENTO DI TERRA (Vincenzo Marra, 2004)
Young Vincenzo lives in a poor suburb of Naples, where he shares an apartment with his unemployed father, seamstress mother and his sister. They are tight knit, despite familial tensions. When sudden… Read more

VERNON, FLORIDA (Errol Morris, 1981)
Vernon, Florida is a film about some of the ordinary (which is to say extraordinary) people of a small town in Washington County, Florida. There is a man obsessed with shooting wild turkeys who takes… Read more

VIA SATELLITE (Anthony McCarten, 1998)
Twenty year-old Carol Dunn is set to win a surprise medal for New Zealand at the Olympics. Her family are caught up in the euphoria back home as a local television crew arrive and set up to film the … Read more

VIETNAM REQUIEM (Bill Couturie, Jonas McCord, 1982)
Vietnam Requiem is a documentary focusing on five Vietnam veterans who are now serving time in prison. All five men ... enlisted - each fought honorably and was heavily decorated for heroism. The fil… Read more

Violence in the Cinema – Part 1 (George Miller, 1972)
A comment on the history and current trends of violence in the cinema. ... Read more

Violence in the Cinema Pt 1 (George Miller, 1971)
Screens with Razorback.George Miller's Violence in the Cinema Part 1 was a multiple award-winner on the international film festival circuit. Print courtesy of the National Film and Sound Archive.---D… Read more

Visible Cities (Babette Mangolte, 1991)
Babette Mangolte is known as a highly respect­ed cinematographer for directors such as Chantal Akerman, Yvonne Rainer and Sally Potter, and is an accomplished filmmaker in her own right. Visible … Read more

Vision of the Land (Herbert E. Meyer, 1968)
The great Swiss painter Ferdinand Hodler died in 1918. This film examines the development of his work over 47 years with a commentary based wholly on his own writings. ... Read more

VISITOR, THE (M) (Tom McCarthy, 2007)
“A heartfelt human drama that sneaks up and floors you.” - Rolling StoneMiddle-age college professor Walter Vale is a visitor in his own life. Trapped in a malaise of inertia and depression, he s… Read more

VITUS (Fredi Murer, 2006)
A multiple award-winner, as well as short-listed for the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film. Vitus not only plays the piano like a virtuoso, he possesses ultra-sonic hearing and a propens… Read more

VIVE L'AMOUR (Tsai Ming-liang, 1994)
... ... Few recent Films have divided audiences and excited debate like Vive L'Amour, winner of the Golden Lion at Venice last year. Despite the romantic title, the film is about lack of love and ful… Read more

W.W.M.C. (Margie Medlin, 1994)
This witty collection of vignettes profiles a city and some of the people that can be found there. A combination of a quirky shooting style and a discordant sound track effectively con­denses a v… Read more

WAITING (Jackie McKimmie, 1990)
Jackie McKimmie's new film Waiting has the clever thumb-nail portraits of Australian types that we saw in her film Australian Dream minus the desperate nervous energy. Waiting has a peaceful heart an… Read more

Watching it Rain (Elisa Miller, 2006)
Two teenagers live in a small Mexican town. Sofia wants to leave. Jonas has to decide whether to stay or leave with her. Winner of the Palme d'Or, Best Short Film at Cannes 2007.--- ... D/P/S Elisa M… Read more

WAY I SPENT THE END OF THE WORLD, THE (Catalin Mitulescu, 2006)
he Way I Spent the End of the World won the Prix d'Interpretation (acting award) in Un Certain Regard (Dorotheea Petre). Bucharest 1989; the last year of Stalinist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu's reign … Read more

WEEKEND PLOT (Zhang Ming, 2001)
Mistrust, a missing person and a floating dressmaker's dummy dominate the weekend of five Beijing friends who spend a summer weekend on the banks of the Yangzhe. Yudong, away from his wife's gaze, is… Read more

The Nigerian film industry - aka Nollywood - is booming. By shooting all films on digital video, the industry has compressed production schedules into a matter of days. Taking films directly to Lagos… Read more

What Right Has a Child? (Elspeth MacDougall, 1969)
This film explains the United Nations' Declaration of the Rights of the Child, a ten point charter passed in 1959. ... The children discuss their concepts of the problems they face and paint their id… Read more

WHAT TIME IS IT THERE? (Tsai Ming-Liang, 2001)
The latest from Tsai Ming-liang - a dynamo on the Taiwanese film scene - is a poignant, frequently amusing and whimsical, journey through the human conditions of memory and yearning, filtered through… Read more

“When our public institutions fail us in the pursuit of truth and justice, we, the people, will find our own ways to uncover and speak of our history.” - filmmaker Scott Millwood ... In 1972 envi… Read more

WHEN THE MIST IS LIFTING (Iulian Mihu, Manole Marcus, 1959)
One of the few Rumanian films shown in Australia, When the Mist is Lifting, like Stars, deals with the theme that each person must make a contribution to the prevention of wars. ... The story is set … Read more

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