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CITIES ON SPEED - SHANGHAI SPACE (Nanna Frank Møller, 2009)
Shanghai Space ... In a city that grows by half a million people per year, space is a precious commodity. Shanghai's rapid expansion is forcing officials to look at subterranean accommodation as a po… Read more

City Dog (Koson Trongtosak, Sathien Preedasa, Chavalit Pothisri, Amnuay Mungmessri, 1992)
A man has to put up with his environment. He has to stand it. His life is no different from a dog's. ... The film aims to present the man's mental confusion by means of fast-moving, rotating images. … Read more

CITY OF DREAMS (Belinda Mason, 2000)
City of Dreams tells the fascinating story of an unconventional couple—Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahoney Griffin; visionary American architects, whose imaginative engagement with Austral… Read more

Claude (Dan McLaughlin, 1965)
A humorous fable about modern parents, modern children, and their modern toys. ... First Prize, Animation, Chicago Festival. ... Read more

CLAY (Giorgio Mangiamele, 1964)
A murderer on the run finds refuge in the house of an unsuspecting potter and his daughter. The man and the girl fall in love but a jealous employee call the police. ... This simple tale is told with… Read more

Clean Linen (Zia Mandviwalla, 2006)
Nine year old Raj and his sister while away their long summer holidays of 1982 doing housework and watching found porn videos. Confronted by their strict mother, the truth slips out and the loss of c… Read more

CLOSE TO EDEN (Nikita Mikhalkov, 1991)
There are few signs of modern society on the vast, rolling steppes of China's inner Mongolia. The uninterrupted greens and yellows of the gently slopmg hills meet the endlessly blue horizon. Here dir… Read more

The locale is a small railway station somewhere in Bohemia during the Second World War. Nothing much happens here, except that some shabby carriages come to a brief stop or, now and then, a German tr… Read more

Club Australia (Ian McDonald, )
A new banking package for the under 21's. ... Read more

Coast Watchers Series Episode: Operation Plum Pudding (R. Mirams, 1961)
The war-time exploits of the coast watchers on a Japanese-occupied island in the Pacific. ... Read more

Cold Storage (Oliver Masset-Depasse, 2000)
Rita works with her mother Nicole running the family butchers Rita wants to leave but not before she witnesses some small sign of tenderness from her mother. What will it take before that occurs? ... Read more

COME L'AMORE (Enzo Muzii, 1968)
A London photographer and an actress working in Rome return to Positano, where they originally met, to re-live their romance, recapture their love as it was. But by doing so, a commitment is demanded… Read more

COMRADES IN ARMS (Stuart Marshall, 1989)
Men and women offer us an unknown view of World War II. The quality of the 'head shots' approaches the vivacity of Rosie the Riveter. Using in addition archival footage and enacted segments, we are p… Read more

Concerto Gymnastico (Mica Milosevic, Nikola Majdak, 1963)
Using newsreel and archive material, together with specially shot footage, this film shows the life work of Yugoslav athletes. ... Read more

Coney (Frank Mouris, Caroline A. Mouris, 1975)
An animated jaunt through Coney Island. ... Read more

The wild, natural beauty of the Congo and the people who call this river home are the subjects of Thierry Michel's exotic documentary. Journeying from the mouth to the source of the world's greatest… Read more

CONQUEST NO. 3 (Norton Bloom, Harold Mayer, 1958)
This film is a "science spectacular" made by putting one camera crew to work in the 50° below zero Antarctic, stationing another in an operating room during heart surgery, and detailing a third t… Read more

Conquest of the Rivers (H. Malcolm, 1957)
The story of the Snowy Mountains scheme and its purpose seen through the eyes of a bore sinker who takes a diamond drilling job and moves with his family to live in the mountains. (Documentary.) ... Read more

Conspiracy In Kyoto (Harris C. Moore, 1953)
Conspiracy in Kyoto is based on one of the most famous of the narrative scrolls painted by the Japanese in the 12th, 13th, and 14th centuries. This scroll, the Ban Dainagon, painted by Mitsunaga in 1… Read more

Contrabass (Anna Melikian, 2002)
A young man who is born to happiness is foiled when his over-zealous parents buy him a contrabass (double bass). Will he ever escape its oppressive influence and know happiness once again? From the d… Read more

Filmed at the Bob Marley Performing Centre near Montego Bay, Jamaica in l983, Robert Mugge's film encapsulates many ... highlights from the annual Sunsplash Festival. The I3 acts include Rita Marley.… Read more

Copper Kaleidoscope (Herbert E. Meyer, 1964)
The formation, the beauty and the inexhaustible design potential of copper are shown in a series of loosely connected sequences. ... Read more

Cosmic Sperm (Kees de Groot, Frank Morssinkhof, 1986)
Swirling shapes in the sea of tranquility. ... Read more

COTTAGE NEAR A WOOD (Jiří Menzel, 1976)
Jiří Menzel, director of Closely Watched Trams, returns with this study of the world-wide trend for suburban dwellers to move out to the country, buying up weekenders and holiday houses. ... A … Read more

Cottonballs (Adva Magal, 1992)
Daughter of a prostitute demonstrates strate­gies for reducing the irritations and pleasures of her domestic routine. In a welcome twist on conventional morality, this little student film represe… Read more

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