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10 Nights' Dreams (Keiichi Tanaami, Aihara Nobuhiro, )
MIFF has brought together the amazing and imaginative works by Image Forum, Japan. Exclusive to MIFF, these short films are at the epicentre of experimental filmmaking in a range of styles. [The Trai… Read more

2001: A Football Odyssey (Michael Nicholson, 1981)
A satirical look at where Australian Rules football is going in the year 2001. ... Read more

A Block (Hieronim Neumann, 1982)
Likes bees in a hive, people live in apartment houses. The ingenious shooting plan of the film removes walls at will and allows us to observe the lives of the inhabitants. ... Read more

A BORROWED LIFE (Wu Nien-jen, 1994)
... ... Too often, children only understand their par­ents when it's all too late. First time director Wu Nien-jen was long established as Taiwan's top screenwriter before being moved to make thi… Read more

A Circle in the Fire (Victor Nunez, 1975)
Based on a short story by Flannery O'Connor, whose novel Wise Blood was recently filmed by John Huston, the film is set on a small dairy farm in South Georgia during the early 1 950s The farm is run … Read more

A Decent Bloke (Andrew Narozny, 1993)
Old Joyce and Kevin Harvey are nice country people but a couple of real duds. Young Roy, their boarder, knows what's what and advises them on all matters financial. Sort of a bloke you can trust, I s… Read more

A Fortified City (Paul De Nooijer, Menno De Nooijer, 1990)
According to the filmmaker, "A Film About Film". More visual gymnastics from Paul De Nooijer. Can you spot Atom Egoyan? (See At One View) (HK) ... Read more

A Heron and a Stork (Yuri Norstein, 1975)
This is a film, made for adults, based on a Russian folk tale. It tells the story of the unsuccessful matchmaking of a stork and a heron. ... Read more

A is for Atom (Gerald Nevius, 1952)
The film uses animation to explain what an atom is, how energy is released from certain kinds of atoms, and the peacetime uses of atomic energy and the by-products of nuclear fission. ... Read more

A SILENT LOVE (René van Nie, 1977)
A court order forbids a man to see his son who is in his wife's care. Longing to see the boy, one day he takes him from school and intends to spend a weekend with him. When his wife alerts the police… Read more

Krishnanunni is a descendant of a wealthy upper caste family, whose fortunes have dwindled. However there is enough money to ensure a leisurely life for him, his wife Suma and their seven-year-old so… Read more

A Tale From Nubia (Saad Nadim, 1962)
Using paintings by Egyptian artists, the film tells of an old man's life in Nubia, how he lost his home under Ihe waters of the Nile when the Aswan Dam was built, and how he started anew in Komombo. ... Read more

A TENDER PLACE (Shunichi Nagasaki, 2000)
Five-year-old Yuka disappears without a trace from a resort cottage in idyllic Hokkaido. Her mother, Kasumi, is distraught and won't let go of the idea that her daughter is somewhere, alive. For five… Read more

A TREE OF PALME (Takashi Nakamura, 2001)
A new animated feature by Nakamura Takashi, chief animation director of Japanime classic Akira (1988). At the base of a huge tree, Fow, an ancient botanist, lives in a hut with a malfunctioning woode… Read more

A Village Awakens (Department of Public Information, Unite Nations, )
United Nations assists isolated Greek villagers to build a road and so attract visitors and improve trade. ... Read more

Absurd (Zaev Nirnberg, 1978)
A portrait of a person encountering himself in a modern, urban environment. ... Read more

AGHAAT (Govind Nihalani, 1986)
At the Shwalik engineering factory, two rival trade union factions are competing for recognition. One is a Communist Party figure and established leader of the majority of the workforce. He is a prag… Read more

Agora (Chris Newberry, 2000)
Agora centres on the fear and panic of being lost in a crowded fairground, as a young girl befriends another lost boy hiding under a bus. The pair cleverly devise a strategy to make themselves seen a… Read more

ALL IS LEFT TO THE PEOPLE (Georgy Natanson, 1963)
Ageing, gravely ill, physicist Dronov is engaged in the development of a space engine, when his doctor orders htm to stop working. He hands over the direction of his experiments to his favourite pupi… Read more

Allegro (Hugo Niebeling, 1970)
Three episodes about the joy of movement. ... Read more

Alphabet (Eliot Noyes, 1966)
An energetic romp through the letters of the alphabet provides a guessing game for the audience. ... Read more

A subjective impression of the vigorous growth and tremendous potentialities of a Brazil, rich in tradition but looking to the future; a film that does not attempt to give a reasoned, historical or g… Read more

AMONG THE ELVES (Kirsi Nevanti, 1999)
Freddie Wadling, the subject of this striking documentary, would only undergo life-saving surgery when his doctor lied to him and told him that Captain Beefhearl's mother had phoned and told him to g… Read more

Amy (Phil Noyce, 1978)
Made as part of the Why Can't They Be Like We Were Series. ... First shown on the Mike Walsh Show with an audience and panel discussion. Amy is a young Aboriginal girl living in the city with her fam… Read more

An Army of Hewn Stone (Theo Van Haren Norman, 1957)
In a moving combination, Netherlands war memorials and Resistance monuments tell the story of war, oppression, resistance, hunger and liberation. The commentary is composed of poems written by patrio… Read more

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