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...; Farang; etc. (Watanapun Krutasaen, Tippawan Ornsri, Kittipong Mongkol, Parinda Ornit, 1992)
An unknown foreigner's vision of the unreal Bangkok. ... We call Western foreigners farang. Thai is not their native tongue... ... Why do they come to Thailand? What do they want here? Do they come b… Read more

1:1 (Annette K. Olesen, 2005)
Annette Olesen's compelling denunciation of ethnic hate begins with a description of the perfect building estate then throws to a present-day, outer-Copenhagen housing project; a place far removed fr… Read more

5 X 2 (François Ozon, 2004)
A festival favourite, François Ozon returns with a thoroughly affecting excavation of love. The forensic 5x2 won the Pasinetti Award, for Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi's remarkable performance as Mar… Read more

A Curtain Raiser (François Ozon, 2006)
Based on Un Incompris by Henry de Montherlant, Bruno and his friend Pierre are in Paris in Bruno's bachelor flat awaiting the arrival of Rosette, who's late again. But this time, Bruno's mind is made… Read more

A Love of Contradiction (Rosamund Owen, 1988)
What film noir might be like if a woman were to spin the story. It tells of the last night in a relationship between Lindsay, an aspiring actress, and Marcus, her street-wise boyfriend. The man is in… Read more

A SHADOW OF DOUBT (Rolf Orthel, 1975)
Historical facts about Westerbork, Auschwitz, and other concentration camps form the basis of an inquiry into how much people could know, and wished to know about 'what was going on in the East' duri… Read more

A STORY OF FLOATING WEEDS (Yasujiro Ozu, 1934)
Out of the fifty-odd films of the great Japanese director, Yasujiro Ozu, about twenty are lost to us today. Throughout his career, Ozu repeated certain plots and dramatic situations many times; A Sto… Read more

A Summer Dress (François Ozon, 1996)
Synopsis not available Read more

ABSOLUTE WILSON (Katharina Otto-Bernstein, 2006)
Unconventional theatre director and playwright Robert Wilson is comprehensively profiled in this candid documentary from the practiced hand of director Katharina Otto. ... Best known for the avant ga… Read more

Action, Vérité (François Ozon, )
Synopsis not available Read more

Alice In Plasmaland (Magnus Carlsson, Jonas Odell, 1993)
Alice is a strange girl who has a doll's house full of bold and malicious figures. Be Alice's guest at her party. It'll be an event you'll never forget - because for Alice, every night is Saturday ni… Read more

Alone Together; Young Adults Living With HIV (Steven Okazaki, 1994)
AIDS is now the leading cause of death among young Americans. One in five cases is diagnosed among young people. Alone Together humanises these stark statistics and allows the young voices to speak h… Read more

AN AUTUMN AFTERNOON (Yasujiro Ozu, 1962)
The late Yasujiro Ozus last work An Autumn Afternoon shows his method at its most completely formal. A gentle story about a widower's decision to marry off his only daughter; the director turns a lov… Read more

ANOTHER MOTHER (Paula van der Oest, 1996)
The fall of Communism in Eastern Europe did not only affect countries. The ordinary human lives that were shattered should not be forgotten. In a decaying Latvia with appalling economic conditions an… Read more

Approach to Art Teaching (M. Otton, 1961)
This film reveals the system of art teaching developed by the N.S.W. Education Department, which aims at keeping the children's work steadily developing in creativity and technique as they move from … Read more

Ares contre Atlas (Manuel Otero, 1967)
Five humorous sketches about war. ... Read more

ARMSTRONGS - THE MOVIE, THE (Fergus O'Brien, 2006)
“It's as if the producers went looking for a real-life David Brent [The Office] and found one with an evil sister.” - The Independent Husband and wife team John and Ann Armstrong run U-Fit, Cove… Read more

AZUR AND ASMAR (Michel Ocelot, 2006)
“Pure magic… a tale of childlike wonder and innocence that speaks to open-minded humans of any age.” - Hollywood Reporter A hit at last year's Cannes Film Festival, Azur and Asmar is a mo… Read more

Banquet (Zofia Oraczewska, 1976)
A banquet comes to an unexpected climax. ... Read more

Bed Scenes (François Ozon, 1997)
Synopsis not available Read more

“It's as though Sofia Coppola had scrapped Lost in Translation midway through to focus instead on elephant beetles.” - Austin Chronicle ... The ineffable mystery of Japan's age-old love affair wi… Read more

BELLE TOUJOURS (Manoel de Oliveira, 2006)
“I'm a different woman now. I'm not the same woman who needed to be in love with one man to make love with another.” Thirty-nine years after Luis Buñuel and Jean-Claude Carriére shocked a… Read more

Besenbahn (Dietmar Offenhuber, 2001)
Traversing homogenous suburbs and multiplexed freeways, Besenbahn clinically and elegantly fragments the notion of a 'road movie'. Using time slice technology, this videographic experiment transcends… Read more

Beyond the Naked Eye (Claudia Overing, 1973)
The film concentrates on the invisible world of an aquarium of tropical fish: from the single celled protozoa to the more complex, but still microscopic worms and snails. ... Read more

Big Day, The (Christine Olsen, )
It's been 60 years since Enid and Clarry were married and today they plan to renew their wedding vows. There's only one small hitch, they're having trouble remembering them. The Big Day is a romantic… Read more

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