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. ..... .:.:...:::ccccoCCoooo:: (Ben Pointeker, 2007)
Shape, form, volume, timbre, tone, colour and light: No space is ever empty - spot the long-legged baby elephant. ... --- ... D/P Ben Pointeker WS Sixpack Film L No dialogue TD 35mm/col/ 2007/9mins .… Read more

...In Twenty Words or Less (Tim C. Patterson, 1994)
Tim Patterson just about manages to achieve the impossible in his 'epic-grammatic' bid to explain Japan in twenty words or less (give or take a few). Take-away impressions of a complex culture occur … Read more

12:08 EAST OF BUCHAREST (Corneliu Porumboiu, 2006)
“It's a movie that seems simple, yet its subtle and brilliant complexity is not to be denied.” - San Francisco Chronicle ... With its title referring to the exact time dictator Nicolae Ceausescu … Read more

25 Ways to Quit Smoking (Bill Plympton, )
Black comic "instructional guide", with 25 step-by-step examples of how each method works. ... Read more

4,000 Hours (Les Platt, 1958)
The story of a Vickers Viscount upon its introduction into the passenger carrying flight — including how maintenance is carried out until the aircraft undergoes complete overhaul after having f… Read more

6344 (Joseph Pipher, 1973)
"6344" succeeds in letting the viewer watch the demolition of a family's home, calmly. The life-force of three generations slowly dissipates. What's left? A huge apartment complex rises from the smou… Read more

90º SOUTH (Herbert Ponting, 1933)
“90º South” is a documentary film record of Scott Antarctic Expedition of 1911. Herbert Ponting, an Englishman, was the official photographer attached to the exploration party. ... He developed … Read more

A Big Hand for Everyone (Michael Pearce, 1971)
The average man, in ignorance and confusion, has an optimistic view of his future. The expert, wrapped in his knowledge and expertise, is pessimistic. It is this disparity of belief that the politica… Read more

A Bird Built of Newspaper (Julien Pappé, 1962)
When a little boy is in love with a little girl, what better present could he make than a bird out of newspaper? But a cat interrupts the festivities and the bird takes flight... ... Read more

A CANTERBURY TALE (Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger, 1944)
A CANTERBURY TALE a 1944 black and white production by Powell and Pressburger. was the first of their productions to be restored by the British National Film Archive The American release version of t… Read more

A Cicade De Cassiano (Edgar Pera, 1991)
Synopsis not available Read more

A Day with the Builders (C. J. Paulose, )
Synopsis not available Read more

A Day With the Builders (C. J. Paulose, 1973)
A student film showing the grim struggle for existence of a family of unskilled labourers on a new building site. ... Read more

A Dreamer #2 (Ooni Peh, 1995)
In this film from the Bush Studies project Peh conjours an ambient reading of Barbara Bayn­ton s 1907 neo Gothic short story. Perceived through a misty gauze in grainy black and white and a tinny… Read more

A Family Portrait (Joseph Pierce, 2009)
A picture perfect memento to hang on the wall becomes a ‘happy' family snap from a family about to snap. ... --- ... D/S Joseph Pierce P Mark Grimmer, Aneil Karia WS Film London TD digibeta/2009 ..… Read more

A Far Cry (Stephen Peet, 1958)
At the port of Pusan a clinic issues milk and clothing to some of the children of the million refugees who fill the city and surrounding hills . . This film made by the Save the Chilclen Fund with th… Read more

A FOOLISH LOVE (Giorgos Panoussopoulos, 1981)
He is a young man, about 20, who lives with his widowed mother in one of the innumerable nondescript apartments lost in the great concrete jungle which Athens has become. He wants to study astronomy … Read more

A Grand Day Out (Nick Park, 1989)
Before they put on the wrong trousers, Wallace and Gromit were building a rocket to the moon - before lunch. Of course this requires extensive care, along with cups of tea and plenty of cream cracker… Read more

A Little Village Show (Krsto Papić, )
A documentary about the election of a beauty queen in a small village. Having been exposed to bad taste and cheap music on television, the villagers transform the occasion into a caricature, highligh… Read more

A Look at Trails (Josko Petkovic, 1980)
Free fall through featherless flight. ... Read more

A Marriage (S. Bakalov, R. Petkov, 1984)
An animated Vulgarian male fantasy! ... Read more

A Musician In The Family (Gordon Parker, 1953)
The young son of a prairie farmer, against considerable opposition, achieves his ambition &ndash: a musical education. Father fears that a musician in the family may affect the future of the farm. Ho… Read more

A PLACE OF RAGE (Pratibha Parmar, 1991)
... ... Part history lesson, part inspiration, part call to action, A Place Of Rage is an engaging portrait of Black activists Angela Davis and June Jordan. Focusing on the role of women in the revol… Read more

A SCREAM FROM SILENCE (Anne Claire Poirier, 1979)
This second feature film by Anne Claire Poirier (her first Before the Time Comes, is a fine study of a woman's decision about whether to have an abortion), centres on a woman who is making a film abo… Read more

A Short Story (Marcin Pieczonka, 2003)
Fourteen-year-old Maurice likes filming his family with an old super 8mm camera: his sick father his stressed mother and his younger brother Casper. But while he's documenting the everyday, he's quie… Read more

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