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The Dig (Neil Pardington, 1994)
A wonderful depiction of an older and younger family relationship. Who understands anyone in families? Who relates or understands anymore? Sometimes the least likely family member can tap into that s… Read more

The Dowry (Peter Pearson, 1969)
An inefficient boatman is blown up because of an oil leak in his boat. This short story is set against a pleasant study of a small fishing town in Canada. It was commissioned by the Fisheries Board, … Read more

The Drawings Of Leonardo Da Vinci (Adrian de Potier, 1953)
The five hundredth anniversary of the birth of Leonardo da Vinci was celebrated in London by an exhibition held at the Royal Academy. Bound volumes of his anatomical studies, drawings now housed at W… Read more

The Drive on Beirut (Damien Parer, 1941)
Synopsis not available Read more

THE EDGE OF THE WORLD (Michael Powell, 1937)
... ... In his autobiography A Life In Movies, Michael Powell describes The Edge Of The World as his first significantly personal work. The project took many years to finance and was to undergo a dif… Read more

The Enchanted Prince (Zlatko Pavlinić, )
A political allegory about a frog that turned into a croaking man, and about the career he carved himself with his speeches that nobody understood. ... Read more

The Eye of the Storm (William Peters, 1970)
The Eye of the Storm documents a unique lesson in the roots of prejudice. A third &ndash: grade class is separated into "inferior" and "superior" groupings based on their eye colour to teach them the… Read more

THE EYES (Lester Peries, 1976)
An unattractive young man with buck teeth from a village in Sri Lanka spies on the local girls, and is generally an object of ridicule among the villagers He is defended by his mother, who rescues hi… Read more

The Fire (Stole Popov, 1974)
An impressionistic account of the testing of a new blast furnace at the Titov Veles smelting works. ... Read more

THE FIVE SENSES (Jeremy Podeswa, 1999)
The Five Senses, a Cannes '99 hit and highlight, is Jeremy Podeswa's outstanding follow-up to his equally accomplished Eclipse (MIFF 1995). An allegory, with characters standing in for the senses, th… Read more

The plot of this wartime drama is woven into a background of underground activity during the German occupation of Yugoslavia. Illegal workers must be moved to safety, and Pavle. himself hunted by the… Read more

THE GHOST WRITER (Roman Polanski, when in fact it is 128 minutes.</p> )
Synopsis not available Read more

THE GOLD DIGGERS (Sally Potter, 1983)
A philosophical musical exploring the mythical and economic transformation of women into gold: transferable ... wealth, to be alternately worshipped and plundered. The central characters are two wome… Read more

The Headless Horseman (Ulo Pikkov, 2001)
Rampaging around the Wild West with the only thing on his shoulders being the proverbial chip, The Headless Horseman reverses his outcast status by chancing on a suitable replacement. Directed with r… Read more

The Henhouse (Elena Pomares, 2010)
Even a hungry fox in the henhouse has to sing for his supper. But if he succeeds will it be worth it? ... --- ... D/S Elena Pomares P Poss Kondeatis WS National Film and Television School L no dialog… Read more

THE HUNTER (Rafi Pitts, 2010)
Corruption in modern Iran comes under fire in The Hunter, a neo-realist drama that veers into thriller territory. ... In the icy woods outside of Tehran, security guard Ali lets off steam by hunting … Read more

The Incident at Tower 37 (Chris Perry, 2009)
Tower 37 stands alone in a desolate landscape, siphoning every last drop of water, with its lone security guard ignorant to the destruction it is causing. ... --- ... D/S Chris Perry P Daniel Inkeles… Read more

The Interview (E. Pintoff, 1960)
A satirical interview involving a rather "square" announcer and a "hep" musician. The announcer is utterly confused by the jazz-man's terminology, and the latter is utterly discouraged by the announc… Read more

THE JAUNDICED EYE (Nonny de la Peña, 1999)
In 1989 Stephen Matthews and his father were sentenced to 35 years in prison for sexually abusing Stephen's five-year-old son. Presented with no physical evidence, the jury was swayed by a number of … Read more

The Killing of Angelo Tsakos (Kay Pavlou, 1989)
A compelling re-enactment of the still disputed real-life case of a Sydney Greek boy in the outer suburbs who was fatally shot by a local probationary police officer. ... Read more

THE KILLING TIMES (Bob Plasto, 1985)
This is the story of what happened TO the Walbirl the largest aboriginal tribe in central Australia until 1978 when a policeman lour cattlemen and three trackers set out with a thousand rounds of amm… Read more

The Kiss (Ashlee Page, 2010)
Fuelled by cheap alcohol and teenage bravado, Steph and Aimee jump into an impossible situation and find that sometimes there's no way out. ... --- ... D/S Ashlee Page P Sonya Humphrey WS Sacred Cow … Read more

The Legend of the Quetzal (Claude Putzeys, 1965)
Following little Pablo in his search for the Quetzal bird, we discover the tourist beauties and folklore interests in Mexico. ... Read more

THE LIFE AND DEATH OF COLONEL BLIMP (Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger, 1943)
Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger's remarkable 163 minute Technicolor British wartime epic has at last been restored and is available for presentation once again in its full length version. Based… Read more

The Lion and the Ditty (Bretislav Pojar, 1959)
A winner of the Grand Prix at the International Festival of Animated Films at Annecy, this fable symbolizes the supremacy of true art over cruelty and violence. ... Read more

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