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Like the Maysles brothers Grey Gardens (1976), The Producers: A Documentary is a poignant and excruciat­ingly honest film portrait of two old friends. Graeme and John, the original odd couple. We… Read more

The Promise (Rebel Penfold-Russel, 1989)
A touching look at a one-parent family and a trip on Sydney's monorail thrown in. ... Read more

The Red Button (Marc-Olivier Picron, 1998)
A man is imprisioned in a cell. The only thing in the room with him is a column on which there is a red button. As time passes the man tries to discover the truth about the button. Is the button dang… Read more

The Resistance (Boro Pejćinov, 1978)
Animation of domestic hand-tools creates a metaphoric vision of human dignity. ... Read more

The Russian Prison (Gueorgui Pinkhassov, 1992)
Gueorgui Pinkhassov gains rare entry into one of Russia's normally impenetrable prisons in The Russian Prison - A Separate Life. He provides the prisoners with an outlet to sardonically tell their st… Read more

The Scented Panther (Břetislav Pojar, 1971)
An episode in a serial about two little bears, in which one of the bears falls in love with their playmate, a panther-who is really a kitten. ... Read more

This is no science-fiction film, but scientific fiction with strong historical elements, and it covers more than one hundred years of our recent history, leading to the essential question whether the… Read more

The Shape of Plastics (Alan Pendry, 1962)
A colourful, idiomatic presentation of the British plastics industry. It shows the role of the research chemist, takes a quick look at production and dazzles the viewer with examples of consumer good… Read more

THE SHOE (Laila Pakalnina, 1998)
In the late 1950s, at the height of the Cold War, the white, sandy beaches of Latvia were part of the Soviet Union's frontier—well guarded and well defended. Every night, Soviet tractors would … Read more

THE SQUARE CIRCLE (Amol Palekar, 1996)
"In a land where sexuality is repressed and women are commodities, one man seeks to express the woman inside, and one woman seeks to suppress her own femininity. Together they must survive the perils… Read more

THE STAIN (Frank E Powell, 1914)
Believed lost for over 80 years, Theda Bara's debut, The Stain, has been lovingly and painstakingly restored by Australian writer, director, editor and film historian, Barrie Pattison. The Stain will… Read more

The Story of Menstruation (Cellucotton Products, )
Animated drawings and diagrams are used to explain the physiology of menstruation, suggesting methods of care and hygiene. ... Read more

The Strange but Unknown Star (Henri Plaat, 1972)
An impression of the world of a female star of the past, mixing fiction and a collage of moving photographs. ... Read more

The Strange Legend of St. Desmond & The Dragon (Dean Pittsinger, 1994)
A fearsome beast is befriended by a saintly knight whose village fears it, then exploits it, before learning a startling truth. ... Read more

The Sure Thing (Jacquelin Perske, 1990)
Who is Eve Savage and is she talking to you? Will Raven find true love with the boy from the laundromat and become a rock star as well? Will Nancy's mother finally get some dress sense? ... Jacquelin… Read more

THE TANGO LESSON (Sally Potter, 1997)
"This film is based on my own experience and exists perilously on the knife edge between reality and fiction. The story describes the attraction of opposites: between Anglo-Saxon and Latin American c… Read more

The Tender Tale of Cinderella Penguin (Janet Perlman, 1981)
The Tender Tale of Cinderella Penguin, starring a mistreated, romantic penguin and a supporting cast of rotund look-alikes, is the well-known tale . . . with a preposterous twist. ... Read more

The Titanium Pigment Story (William Pollard, 1956)
Discovered 150 years ago, titanium remained a curiosity until the 1920's when paint manufacturers realised the unique advantages of titanium dioxide as a pigment. After outlining the history of the p… Read more

THE TREASURE (Lester James Peries, 1970)
The work of Lester James Peries has an enviable reputation in Ceylon, but is, as yet, little known elsewhere. This film, his first to be shown in Australia should provide a more than adequate introdu… Read more

The Water Trolley (Noel Price, 1989)
Students invariably love this tale of a young Australian boy who, in drought conditions, saves the day after his father's horrific accident. ... Because this is based on the popular novel by Colin Th… Read more

THE WHITE BALLOON (Jafar Panahi, 1995)
... ... Much to everyone's surprise, fundamentalist hard-line Iran has been pioving that humanist cinema is alive and thriving for at least a decade now To established names like Kiarostami, Makmalba… Read more

The Wings (Leonard Pulchny, 1966)
An anecdote of a man who has to abandon his dreams because he has attained his ambition. ... Golden Conch, San Sebastian Festival. ... Read more

The Wrong Trousers (Nick Park, 1993)
An animated featurette with a live action feel (and one of the most frenetic chase sequences in cinema history!) Aardman's most ambitious production to date seems set to become another animation clas… Read more

THEY ALL LIE (Matias Piñeiro, 2009)
“Charged by a whip-smart, deadpan approach, overflowing with talk that seems to be delivered at the speed of sound, if not light.” - Variety ... For a group of twenty-somethings, being holed up i… Read more

THEY'RE A WEIRD MOB (Michael Powell, 1966)
Nino Culotta arrives in Australia brimming with hope. And why not? Sydney greets him with glorious weather and he has a job to go to working as a journalist on his cousin's magazine. The immigrant dr… Read more

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