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TROUBLED WATER (Eric Poppe, 2008)
“A brilliantly conceived, magisterially orchestrated drama.” - Variety ... This third feature film from Erik Poppe (Hawaii, Oslo, MIFF 05) packs an emotional wallop. The drama hinges around a twi… Read more

TWIN FALLS IDAHO (Michael Polish, 1999)
A methodically crafted yet magically realised feature debut which, although officially credited to Michael Polish, is enough of a joint effort to be billed as a Polish brothers film. Michael's identi… Read more

Two Men and a Wardrobe (Roman Polanski, 1958)
Synopsis not available Read more

Two Men of Fiji (B. Porter, 1959)
Jaile and his cousin Adriu live on the island of Lakeba in the Fiji Islands. They go to Suva, one to train as a doctor, the other to travel. Jaile returns in disappointment to Lakeba realising that. … Read more

Two Men of Fiji (B. Porter, 1959)
In Fiji there is a tendency for the young people to drift to the larger centres of population. This is the story of one such young man and his realisation that, after all, there is a place for him in… Read more

UCCELLACCI E UCCELLINI (Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1966)
Hawks and Sparrows is Pier Paolo Pasolini's only full length comedy, and his last film to be made in black and white. ... It is the story of two characters, a father and son, who represent two genera… Read more

UNDER SATAN'S SUN (Maurice Pialat, 1987)
The controversial winner of last year's top prize at Cannes, the Palme d'Or for Best Film, Maurice Pialat courts critical and popular acrimony with each film intent on forging his own creative path i… Read more

Under the Weather (Tali Prevost, 1997)
A group of happy vacationers is lounging around on a beach, but under cloudy skies things soon take a disturbing turn. ... Read more

UNREQUITED LOVE (Chris Petit, 2006)
When British academic, Greg Dart, found himself the target of stalking, he felt compelled to record his conflict of emotions in a candid memoir. His writing piqued the interest of filmmaker, Chris Pe… Read more

Valley of the Stereos (George Port, 1992)
What happens when two cultures clash? In a sleepy, country hollow, a hippy has his peace and solitude rocked by the invasion of a heavy metaller who would rather die than turn down the volume. The re… Read more

VAMPIRES IN HAVANA (Juan Padron, 1985)
Vampisol is a potion invented by Professor Dracula that allows vampires to survive in daylight and therefore lead a normal life. As might be imagined, such a product could revolutionise the nocturnal… Read more

VAN GOGH (Maurice Pialat, 1991)
... ... Maurice Pialat's long-awaited Van Gogh comes as a surprise because it takes a new slant on the great Dutch painter's life. The sumptuous production omits many of the sta­ple elements of t… Read more

Victoria Line Report No. 2 (Bob Privett, 1965)
The film explains the modern tunnelling techniques employed in the con­struction of a new line of the London Underground. ... Read more

Vis Maior (Zlatko Pavlinić, 1974)
An attempt to escape from prison does not usually finish happily. ... Read more

Visual Shuffle (John Sanborn, Mary Perillo, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Vive la liberté (Petričić, )
Having been hatched, and realizing what kind of world it is into which he has arrived, the man closes himself in a can immediately. ... Read more

VOICES IN THE FOREST (David Parer, 1981)
The delicate and spectacular plumes of the bird of paradise are items of wealth and decoration to the tribes of the Nuigini Highlands. Whilst adapting to 'modern development', the Highlanders ... ret… Read more

The biggest (judged by both fame and, um, endowment) porn star ever was a valued LAPD informant, coke fiend and accessory to one of the City of Angels most brutal multiple murders! Cass Paley's eye-p… Read more

WAITING FOR SANCHO (Mark Peranson, 2008)
“A film of transformative power… Waiting for Sancho redefines film-making.” - Variety ... Mark Peranson, founding editor of Cinema Scope, takes up the video camera to shoot the making of A… Read more

Wanted (Barbara Poznanski, 1990)
Jozef Klyk is obsessed with the American West; so much so that he directs, writes, shoots and stars in films, which he shoots with his hand-cranked camera. Jozef Klyk lives in a small village in the … Read more

War on the Roof of New Guinea (Damien Parer, 1943)
Synopsis not available Read more

WAR STORIES (Gaylene Preston, 1995)
"You must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh. The fundamental things apply..." ... If there is one thing that Gaylene Preston's new film tells us about the experiences of wom… Read more

WARRIOR MARKS (Pratibha Parmar, 1993)
Pratibha Parmar (Khush, A Place Of Rage) joins with author Alice Walker (The Color Puiple, Possessing The Secret Of Joy) in a moving exploration of the cultural and political issues surrounding the p… Read more

Warriors of Heaven and Earth (Tian di ying xiong) China/Hong KongKongChina in the 7th century: a country in the throes of the fearsome Tang dynasty. A Japanese warrior, Lai Xi, has served the Chinese… Read more

We Walked on the Moon (Johanne Pregent, 1991)
July 20th, 1969. The entire planet is fixed on the Apollo XI. This is an accepted story, but there are lesser known details of July 20th, 1969, which no-one has ever talked about: the story of Marie-… Read more

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