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32A (Marian Quinn, 2007)
"Taking the inevitable step to womanhood is a universal female experience... It's an age when seemingly trivial events have a huge importance." - filmmaker Marian Quinn ... The debut feature from act… Read more

A Fraticide (Decors Puppets Bros, Qauij, 1981)
Kafka's harsh, cold, pathetic narrative Ein Brudermord (A Fraticide, 1917) rendered as a "melodrama for marionettes" in which the assassin and the assassinated are viewed entomologically as two insec… Read more

Are We Still Married? (The Brothers Quay, 1991)
Synopsis not available Read more

Avatar (Lluis Quilez, 2005)
Cool psychological drama. Power sways between a disabled husband and his carer wife. Tension builds when his plan unfolds.---D/S Luis Quilez P Joan Ginard, Jordi Herreros WS Just Films L Spanish w/En… Read more

Britannia (Joanna Quinn, 1993)
Joanna Quinn of Girl's Night Out and Body Beautiful fame, uses her distinctively beautiful drawing style to produce this short history of England as a rapacious imperialistic bulldog. ... Read more

Can't Go Wrong Without You (The Brothers Quay, )
Synopsis not available Read more

De Artificiali Perspectiva or Anamorphosis (The Brothers Quay, 1990)
Synopsis not available Read more

Dog Door (The Brothers Quay, 2001)
Synopsis not available Read more

Dramolet (The Brothers Quay, 1988)
Synopsis not available Read more

Duet (The Brothers Quay, 2000)
Synopsis not available Read more

EAT, FOR THIS IS MY BODY (Michelange Quay, 2007)
“A quietly confident visual poem to Haiti and its turbulent history.” - VarietyThe debut feature for Haitian-born director Michelange Quay is a non-narrative visual splendour focused on the poore… Read more

Fire (René Quinet, 1964)
The fascinating shapes of flames, the colour of white-hot furnaces, pouring molten steel; the gold of forging and the sunset reds of cooling forms. ... Read more

I Want to be a Pilot (Diego Quemada-Diez, 2006)
I Want To Be A Pilot Spain Deep in the slums of East Africa, a 12-year-old boy has only one dream. ... D/S/P Diego Quemada-Diez WS Lolita Peliculitas Artes Visuales SL TD 35mm/col/2006/12mins ... Read more

I Want You (Gregory Quail, 1998)
Girl gets boy, in just seven minutes... a how-to primer for the modern woman! A neat and fast-moving study in obsessive desire, featuring a winning performance from Lisbeth Kennelly, who also wrote t… Read more

In Absentia (The Brothers Quay, )
Synopsis not available Read more

Mike (Edgar M. Queeny, 1957)
Mike is the story of a black Labrador retriever &ndash: "companion of man, conservator of birds" told in a straightforward manner amid the quiet background of his kennel and the splendour of the timb… Read more

Nocturna Artificialia (The Brothers Quay, 1979)
Synopsis not available Read more

OCEAN (Folco Quilici, 1971)
A South Sea islander, Tanai, sets out on a pirogue to find a sackful of earth on another island, where he could plant a cutting of the "uru", the breadfruit tree, and settle down to raise a family. .… Read more

OLD FISH (Gao Qunshu, 2007)
“I don't think I've ever seen more tension-filled sequences of this sort.” - critic and historian David Bordwell ... Affectionately called ‘Old Fish' by the locals, a cop approaching retirement… Read more

PIANO TUNER OF EARTHQUAKES, THE (Timothy Quay, Stephen Quay, 2005)
“Abandon all preconceptions and surrender to the strange fantasmal drift of a darkly magical world.” - Sight and Sound ... The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes is the breathtakingly beautiful and long-… Read more

PUSHOVER (Richard Quine, 1954)
"Money isn't dirty, just people." ... A low-rent Double Indemnity; cool blonde moll Kim Novak (in her first major screen role at Columbia) stirs up a sexual heat similar to that of Barbara Stanwyck i… Read more

Rehearsals for Extinct Anatomies (Brothers Quay, 1988)
An anonymous, anatomical specimen desires to disturb the wallpaper by exciting the single hair on its brow. A beautifully photographed black and white puppet animation in which calligraphers' compass… Read more

Rehearsals for Extinct Anatomies (Brothers Quay, 1988)
... ... The Quay brothers puppet animation takes the viewer on a dream-like trip into their surreal world of unusual architectural forms, living skulls. psychedelic patterns and robots using tools. .… Read more

Rehearsals for Extinct Anatomies (The Brothers Quay, )
Synopsis not available Read more

September, 1951 (Ray Quint, 1983)
When its Communist Party Dissolution Bill was rejected by the High Court in 1951, the Menzies government put the ... question of banning the Communist Party to a national referendum, held in Septembe… Read more

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