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THE DREAMER (Riri Riza, 2009)
“I may not know where I'm going, but I'll always know where to come home to.” ... The follow-up to one of Indonesia's most celebrated box office hits, 2008's The Rainbow Troops, The Dreamers is a… Read more

THE ELEPHANT GOD (Satyajit Ray, 1979)
Each new film by Satyajit Ray brings with it fond memories of earlier privileged moments from this master of cinema. Ray has now been at the height of his powers for some years, and his work in the s… Read more

The End (Rej Rejayan, 1968)
A chronological arrangement of bits of sequences in a story calls for audience participation to pull the story together into a coherent whole. But oddly enough, each viewer finds a different story. .… Read more

... ... Uh-oh. Angus can't communicate with Julia, his gorgeous, strapping girlfriend His dad, the wheedling Dr Jack Snack, is keep­ing more secrets than he should. Mom's sud­den re-upholster… Read more

The Fly (Ferenc Rofusz, 1980)
Sensing the approach of autumn, the fly takes shelter in a house hoping for safety we see the surroundings through the eyes of the fly. ... Read more

The Flying Dane (Jorgen Roos, 1957)
Recreated from old photographs and early cinematic material, The Flying Dane is the story of J. C. Ellehammer who, in 1908. was one of the first men to fly a powered aircraft. His time aloft &ndash: … Read more

THE GOLDEN BOAT (Raul Ruiz, 1990)
Raul Ruiz is undeniably a unique figure in world cinema. With well over 40 films to his credit since he began his career in 1968 in Chile, Ruiz has been acclaimed as one of the most inventive & trans… Read more

THE GOLDEN COACH (Jean Renoir, 1952)
To an 18th century Spanish province in South America comes an Italian company of "Commedia dell'arte" players headed by-Camilla, the richly temperamental star of the troupe. Camilla is half in love w… Read more

THE GOLDEN COACH (Jean Renoir, 1952)
Somewhat misunderstood and underappreciated on its original release in the early 1950s, Renoir's adaptation, or revision, of Prosper Merrimee's Le Carrosse du Saint-Sacrement, has, over the years, co… Read more

THE GRASS IS SINGING (Michael Raeburn, 1981)
" 'Mary Turner, wife of Richard Turner, a farmer at Ngesi, was found murdered on the front verandah of their homestead yesterday morning. The houseboy who has been arrested, has confessed to the crim… Read more

The Grasshopper and the Ant (Lotte Reiniger, 1955)
A silhouette film telling the fable of the grasshopper who, having idled all summer, appeals to the industrious ant for help in winter. ... Read more

The Great Rubber Man (Sauli Rantamacki, 1988)
The conqueror is back to fight the good fight. 'Loving is caring', says the Great Rubber Man. ... Read more

The Helping Hand (Quentin Raspail, 1976)
In this parody on radio programmes that exploit human misery, a slum-dweller is interviewed. ... Read more

THE HOLY OFFICE (Arturo Ripstein, 1973)
The Holy Office, directed by Arturo Ripstein, is set at the end of the sixteenth century in Mexico City. During the burial of the father of the Carbajal family, the eldest son, Friar Gaspar, notices … Read more

THE HOME AND THE WORLD (Satyajit Ray, 1984)
In 1905, in keeping with the 'Divide and Rule' policy of India's British overlords, Lord Curzon (the British Viceroy) proposes splitting Bengal into two separate administrative units, intended to cre… Read more

This is the film that firlmy established Ruiz at the centre of debates on the avant-garde of the last ten years. It started off as A documentary on Parisian intellectual, Pierre Klossowski,who had ju… Read more

The Infinite Tree (Lisa Roberts, )
A simplicity of design is used in a gentle ballet of objects and figures that move under the canopy of the infinite tree. ... Read more

THE INHERITORS (Stefan Ruzowitzky, 1998)
"Billed as an 'Alpine Western', The Inheritors is a smartly mounted ensemble drama about class conflict and oppression set in an Austrian farming village in the early 30s. Showing considerable comman… Read more

The Inner Eye (Satyajit Ray, 1972)
A film tribute to an eminent artist Binodebehari Mukherjee of Santiniketan. The art and life of Binodebehari is unique, for at birth he was blind in one eye and lost the other in 1953. and yet his ar… Read more

The Inventor (Ted Rockley, 1974)
An animated film on the invention of ... inventions. ... Read more

THE KINGDOM OF DIAMONDS (Satyajit Ray, 1980)
"It is an ironic comment that the major audiences for Satyajit Ray's mature works are in the West, whilst commercial interests in India limit them to a small coterie: yet his children*s films have a … Read more

THE LAND OF THE ANGELS (György Révész, 1963)
The film is set in Hungary in the slums of Pest in pre World War I, at a time when the power of the Austrian empire was already in decline, and the revolutionary movement which was to culminate in Be… Read more

THE LAST OF THE BLUE DEVILS (Bruce Ricker, 1979)
The film tells the story of the music that came out of Kansas City in the twenties and thirties. Many of the major jazz innovators of the day played in a travelling band called the Oklahoma City Blue… Read more

The Lean Machine (Bob Rogers, 1983)
An observation from nature leads a team of innovators to a radical new idea in commuter transportation, the film invites the audience to question traditional assumptions about cars-why four wheels, w… Read more

The Little Chimney Sweep (Lotte Reiniger, 1952)
Based on the 1935 version, this is among the wittiest of Lotte Reiniger's silhouette films, with a lively and original music track. A little chimney sweep outwits a gang of rogues who have kidnapped … Read more

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