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The Living Soil (Atma Ram, 1960)
Deep in the soil pests lurk in wait to attack the roots of plants. We are shown some impressive close-ups of these insects whilst the commentary tells us some disturbing facts about the world beneath… Read more

The Magic Horse (Lotte Reiniger, 1953)
A silhouette film from Lotte Reiniger who has been cutting out paper shapes and photographing them since 1923. Here is another one, a fragment from the Arabian Nights. ... Read more

The Magic World of Karel Zeman (Zdenek Rozkopal, 1962)
This is a vivid demonstration of the techniques used by Zeman in his fantasy films. ... Read more

The Man Who Could Not See Far Enough (Peter Rose, 1981)
An experimental film about a man who examines the act of vision by proposing a number of ways of seeing. ... Read more

THE MAN WHO ENVIED WOMEN (Yvonne Rainer, 1985)
"After four months of living together, his reason for starting an affair was that I didn't love him... how that reserve, shyness and independence became evidence of indifference is beyond me..." ... … Read more

THE MAN WHO MISTOOK HIS WIFE FOR A HAT (Christopher Rawlence, 1987)
Doctor P, a distinguished singer, visits a ... neurologist. He is suffering from a profound ... visual agnosia. He can see but he cannot ... recognise. At the doctor's consulting room, he ... mistake… Read more

Victor Bukowski (Douglas Henshall) is an out-of-work actor with a lousy agent and a chronic communication problem with directors. His life is lurlher complicated by the fact that he is still in love … Read more

The March (Abraham Ravett, 1999)
In interviews with her son, Fela Ravett recalls the 1945 'Death March' from Auschwitz. With deconstructive images and editing, the footage spans 13 years. The March reveals more of the process of age… Read more

The Marines (François Reichenbach, 1957)
An impressionistic account of the training methods used in America's famed Marine Corps. The film makes all its points with images and a soundtrack recorded in an actual camp. ... Read more

THE MATTEI AFFAIR (Francesco Rosi, 1972)
Enrico Mattei, an Italian oil tycoon, emerged after the Second World War, as one of the most powerful figures in his country. His influence, often an alienating one, reached into China, Russia, Franc… Read more

The Midnight Train to Kathmandu (Mehmet Raif, 1987)
A non-narrative film filled with stunning and memorable images. It is an evocative filmic journey. ... Read more

THE MISSION OF RAOUL WALLENGERG (Alexander E. Rodnyansky, 1990)
This timely and fascinating account is the first Soviet film investigation of the mystery of the famous Swedish diplomat, Raoul Wallenberg, who was credited with saving the lives of an estimated 100,… Read more

THE MUSIC ROOM (Satyajit Ray, 1958)
This film was made between the second and third parts of the Apu trilogy. Where the trilogy shows the gradual breaking up of the simple traditional family life and religion, and their replacement by … Read more

THE NATURE OF THE BEAST (Franco Rosso, 1988)
'Haverston Beast Strikes Again' is the headline which catches 14-year-old Bill Coward's eye as his father and grandfather scour the paper for news of further redundancies Bill becomes obsessed by the… Read more

The Nightwatchman (Joe Wylie, John Robertson, 1993)
After 350,000,000 years, the insects get their lucky break in this animation about a nightwatchman whose blundering puts evolution into overdrive. ... Read more

THE OPPOSITE OF SEX (Don Roos, 1997)
"Whether in spite of, or reaction to, the dulling effect of political correctness, there is a bold new movement in the independent film world. Comedies are leading the pack this year, and none is as … Read more

The Orator (Branko Ranitovic, 1979)
A cartoon about a man speaking in public. ... Read more

The Other Side of the Volcano (Ellen Ramos, 1995)
This paint-on-glass animation from the Philippines tells the story of a village destroyed by volcano and the people's struggle to hold on to happiness. With a lush overlay of colour and natural form,… Read more

The Peaceful Revolution (Atmar Ram, 1961)
A colourful picture describing the growth of electrical power in India, the parallel development of education and technology and the subsequent effects on industry, agriculture and village life. Indi… Read more

The first fiction feature by documentary director Michael Rubbo, the solution of the title refers to a magical cure for hair restoration devised by the ghosts of two tramps for a bold boy called Mich… Read more

THE PLOT AGAINST HARRY (Michael Roemer, 1989)
ALTHOUGH IT WAS SHOT in 1969, The Plot Against Harry was publicly premiered at last year's New York Film Festival, from where it has gone on to become one of the greatest 'discoveries' of the past de… Read more

The Power Makers (L. Robinson, 1958)
Portrays the vast brown coal undertaking at Yallourn, the heart of Victoria's Electric Power System, and the thousands of workers going about their jobs during a normal day-time shift. ... Read more

The Puppet - The Friend of a Man (Ivan Renc, 1981)
Three short episodes involving puppets and their relationship with man. ... Read more

The Pythoness (Kathleen Raine, 1951)
No synopsis provided ... Read more

The Race (Günter Rätz, 1962)
An animated film which uses electronic music to desribe how Short and Long stage a race. Award: "International Technical Prize", Moscow Festival. ... Read more

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