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THE WOLF MEN (Irwin Rosten, 1969)
Pity the poor wolf. They've been the heavies in song and dance since the beginnings of recorded history. Garnished with Disney clips of "Red Riding Hood" and "The Three Little Pigs", this film shows … Read more

THE WORLD IS WATCHING (Peter Raymont, 1988)
An enormous amount of news and current affairs media is never analysed on film, and the public is left to wonder how events actually happened to get reported. ... In this brilliant film on reporting … Read more

THEY CALL THIS... SPRING (Hervé Le Roux, 2001)
Do you know the story of the three little pigs that go from one house to the next looking for somewhere to stay? That's more or less how it starts. Fanfan leaves her boyfriend Charles and tries to mo… Read more

Thirty Million Letters (James Ritchie, 1963)
Every day Ihe minds and emotions of Britain's citizens are changed by the coming and going of thirty million letters. This lively and colourful film shows how this mass of letters is distributed. The… Read more

Time is Running Out (Marc Reisbig, 2007)
Reisbig brings a unique visual approach to his theme as villagers flee an air-raid. Selected for Annecy 08. (Not in comp). --- D/S Marc Reisbig P/WS Royal College of Art TD BetaSp/2007/6mins ... Read more

TIME REGAINED (Raoul Ruiz, 1999)
"Marcel Proust's towering classic. The story of an invalid writer facing premature death who retrieves his childhood anxieties and adult frivolities...Time Regained is a tour de force, gorgeous yet s… Read more

TO DIE LIKE A MAN (João Pedro Rodrigues, 2009)
João Pedro Rodrigues extends on the theme of marginalised homosexuality explored in his previous features (O Fantasma and Odete) with this stunning formalist drama. ... Whipping up a stylistic… Read more

Tolerance (Zlatko Grgić, Branko Ranitovic, 1967)
Witty and subtle, a thesis on intolerance down through the centuries in national, social, religious and political contexts. ... Read more

TOM PHILLIPS (Davi Rowan, 1977)
A central aspect of Tom Phillip's approach to painting is a concern for process, reflected not only in the structure of individual paintings, but in a meticulous documentation of the development of e… Read more

TONGUES UNTIED (Marlon Riggs, 1989)
In collaboration with the black gay poet Essex Hemphill, Marlon Riggs has produced what is sure to become a landmark film in the history of gay cinema, eschewing traditional documentary forms with a … Read more

TOPS AND BOTTOMS (Christine Richey, 1999)
Sadomasochism has had a long, rich and quite painful history. Guiding viewers, and voyeurs, on a tour through this leather clad underworld, TOPS and Bottoms manages to link the brutality of the Marqu… Read more

TORO (José Javier Reyes, 1999)
This controversial film concerns a cry for help from people struggling to maintain their existence by surrendering dignity and imagining hope. Roily, the son of a dying prostitute, earns his living p… Read more

Tory Stories (Peter Savage, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

WORLD PREMIERE ... A bold, intelligent and unashamedly cinematic rendering of the Shakespearean classic drawing from the talents of Melbourne's leading thespians. ... This modern version of Hamlet co… Read more

Tribute to Alfred Lepetit (Jean Rousselot, 1999)
Who really is Alfred Lepetit? Unknown by the general audience but glorified by all the movie industry, Alfred is about to receive a lifetime achievement award for his film career. A portrait of a liv… Read more

TRIPLE AGENT (Eric Rohmer, 2004)
Triple Agent France It's 1936 Paris and the world hurtles towards war. Fiodor, a former Russian general, has sought exile with his elegant, Greek-born wife, Arsinoe. This glamorous couple move in pol… Read more

TRIPLE DARE (Christina Rosendahl, 2006)
A widely acclaimed teen drama that blitzed the Danish box office and took out the Best Children/Family Film award at the Robert Festival in Denmark. Sick and tired of being treated as juniors at the… Read more

TRIXIE (Alan Rudolph, 2000)
Trixie Zurbo, a likable and feisty casino security guard, refers to herself as a 'Private Defective'. By day she busts pickpockets and petty scammers in the gaming rooms, by night she is an amateur s… Read more

Trumpet (Guy Richards, 1994)
Australia in the 1950s and twelve year old Jason is desperate to win the approval of his emotion­ally discordant father. A dark moody film that sounds the harsh key notes of family and child­… Read more

Turner (Anthony M. Roland, 1963)
A cinematographic essay on the oil paintings and water-colours of the most important period of Turner's work: the last 25 years of his life. The selections used illus­trate the painter's influenc… Read more

TV JUNKIE (Michael Cain, Matt Radecki, 2005)
“If Capturing the Friedmans, Grizzly Man and Tarnation have spawned a sub-genre of self-documented self-destruction, then TV Junkie is the latest entry.” - Variety Rick Kirkham got his first vide… Read more

TWO ACRES OF LAND (Bimal Roy, 1953)
Hailed as one of the first Indian neo &ndash: realist films, Two Acres of Land succeeds in presenting an unromanticised view of certain aspects of Indian life. It has been likened to de Sica's Bicycl… Read more

Two Birds (Runar Runarsson, )
A thematic companion piece to Runarsson's Oscar-nominated short, The Last Farm (MIFF 06), where the main protagonist makes the ultimate sacrifice out of love. --- D/S Runar Runarsson P ZikZak Films W… Read more

TWO DAUGHTERS (Satyajit Ray, 1961)
Made to celebrate the centenary of Rabindranath Tagore, "Two Daughters" is based on a duo of his short stories, "The Postmaster and "Samapti". The director, Satyajit Ray, has described them as divert… Read more

Two Minus One (Jonathan Richardson, 1995)
Michael is a young Polish boy who escapes from his unhappy family life and his insensitive father into his own world of dreams. One night as he searches for his pet mouse while his parents are asleep… Read more

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