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The Working Class on Film (National Film Board of Canada staff, 1975)
Putting the working class on the screen was Grierson's inspiration for the documentary movements he began in England in the 1930's and in Canada at the Film Board in the 1940's. ... This film traces … Read more

The World Meteorological Organisation (Krishna Singh, 1964)
The film traces the development of a system of international co-operation in the task of weather prediction. ... Read more

The World of Microbes (Tetsuro Onuma, Masami Sugiyama, 1958)
A unique record of a seventy-hour struggle between tubercle bacilli and white blood corpuscles, taken in time -lapse motion under an electron microscope at 12,000 magnification. ... Read more

THEY FOUND A CAVE (A. Steane, 1962)
Adapted from the best-selling novel by Nan Chauncy and filmed on location in the Tasmanian Highlands, They Found a Cave, although primarily a children's story, has appeal for adult audiences. The sto… Read more

This Marching Girl Thing (Kelli Simpson, 1994)
Tom Collette plays Cindy, baton-twirler extraor­dinaire but whose twisting twirling feats go beyond the stage. A homespun lad, a grooving gal, a daddy cop and a bunch of leotards full of frilled-… Read more

THREE FRIENDS (Yim Soon-Rye, 1996)
Yim's debut is a daring mix of lighthearted comedy and drama portraying Korea's Gen­eration X. Independent, Fatso and Petal are three friends who have failed their college entrance examination. P… Read more

TIGERLAND (Joel Schumacher, 2000)
In the tradition of Full Metal Jacket, and Platoon, Joel Schumacher's Tigerland lifts the lid on the horrors of boot camp in his account of raw recruits preparing for combat. The film follows the spe… Read more

Wonderfully weird and wickedly twisted Tim Burton's fiendish imagination has been given full rein in this jaw-dropping, stop-motion animated musical fantasy. The Nightmare Before Christmas is a fable… Read more

Tin Jan Istra (Lee Smith, 1994)
Tin Jan Istra, the name of a village in the former Yugoslavia, becomes the starting idea for a scratched and frenetically dancing handpainted mosaic. Forms rise, sink and reform in calligraphic gestu… Read more

TO DISTANT SHORES (Douglas Sirk, 1937)
For those familiar only with Sirk's later American work, Zu Neuen Ufem will come as something of a surprise. Like most of the other films he made in Germany (particularly Stutzen der Gesellschaft (19… Read more

To Speak Or Not To Speak (Raoul Servais, 1970)
A cartoon about a little man whose talent will be coveted by the all-consuming society, by money-minded war mongers, and by a totalitarian power. ... Read more

To Speak or Not to Speak (Raoul Servais, 1970)
The dialogues of the characters of this animated film are both audible and visible. ... Read more

TO YOU FROM ME (Chang Sun-Woo, 1994)
... ... To You, From Me is either on the cutting edge, or on the nose. It all depends on how you see it but see it you must. The sharp social satire of Chang Sun-Woo's profane succes de scandale and … Read more

To Your Health (Philip Stapp, 1956)
Produced for the World Health Organisation in extension of the findings and publications of its Expert Committee, this animated film is an enquiry into the nature, use and abuse of alcohol, tracing t… Read more

TOKYO DRIFTER (Seijun Suzuki, 1966)
The Dark Side of Pop, a series of Japanese CDs, focuses on the weird songs recorded by movie stars, ex-boxers, gangsters and freaky-nobodies from the 60s and 70s. Many of them were huge; some went no… Read more

There's every likihood that this shot-on-a-shoestring first feature will be seen as a trans-Tasman version of Love and Other Catastropes. Precursors can probably be found at least one generation earl… Read more

TOSCA'S KISS (Daniel Schmid, 1984)
Giuseppe Verdi's "finest work" (Verdi's own opinion) still stands on the Piazza Buonorotti in Milan. The Casa di Riposa was founded in 1896 for people "less fortunate than I". People who never accomp… Read more

Toth (Dylan Drummond, Blair Scott, 2005)
In depicting life in Dundee's infamous Hilltown district this film asks, can ex-TOTH gang member Steve Martin prevent his son from trying to follow in his tragic footsteps? ... Read more

Toxic Trip (Chu Shun, 1991)
A man wakes up, he goes to work. Everywhere he goes to he encounters pollution. By taking this psychedelic 'trip' into a surreal world you are reminded and even warned to protect the environment. ... Read more

TRAIN OF DREAMS (John N. Smith, 1987)
... ... Train of Dreams is technically unassuming (it was made for a pittance) but accomplished — the gritty style invariably serves the equally gritty content, which amounts to an even-handed … Read more

Transformers: The Art of Circut Bending (Gef Senz, 2006)
Geek alert! D.I.Y filmmaking. D.I.Y circuit bending. Don't ask why, just watch.---D/P/S Gef Senz L English TD video/col/2006/7mins ... Read more

Treasure of Ostend (Henri Storck, 1956)
A little boy loses his dog and his friends set out to help him find it. The search results in a number of amusing adventures, during which the children are under the protection of two worldly and com… Read more

Troubled Minds: The Lithium Revolution Australia In a backyard shed in the 1940s, a Melbourne doctor discovered an astonishing psychiatric treatment that would change the way we think about mental il… Read more

Tuna (G. S. Shepherd, 1957)
Depicting the search for the Blue Fin Tuna off the south-eastern section of Eyre Peninsula, South Australia, the film shows the pole line method recently introduced into Australia for catching this t… Read more

TURNING GATE (Hong Sang-soo, 2002)
Out-of-work actor Gyung-soo flees to a popular country town to visit a former schoolmate, now writer, Seong-wu. Soon upon arrival, he has a brief, intense fling with a dance instructor Myung-sook, wh… Read more

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