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TV Army (Diazaburo Harada, Haruhiku Shono, 1985)
These images no longer cause a strong emotional response, because we seem them every day on TV. Atomic bombs are like fire crackers and war scenes are comic books. TV is the beauty ol particles of li… Read more

TWO CRIMES (Robert Sneider, 1994)
3 5mm/Co 1/1994/1 lOmins ... ... ... Like 'Water For ChocolaTe meets El Mariachi in Dos Crimenes, Roberto Sneider's elegant tale of deception In small town Mexico. Like its central character Marcos, … Read more

Two Girls and a Baby (Kelli Simpson, 1997)
Kelli Simpson's latest work follows the trials of Catherine and Liz as they decide to conceive. From choosing the sperm to finding a place to store it, having a baby proves to be more difficult than … Read more

TWO LAWS (Borroloola Community, Alessandro Cavadini, Carolyn Strachan, 1981)
Two Laws is a feature film of the Borroloola People's struggle for the recognition of Aboriginal Law. It is in four parts: Part 1 — Police Times. Borroloola in the 1930s, dramatic reconstructio… Read more

Two/Out (Kriv Stenders, 1997)
Two/Out explores the intimate and emotional friendship between two prison cellmates. Their fragile bond begins to unravel when Jack falls in love with a black plastic bag. ... Read more

TYPHOON CLUB (Shinji Somai, 1984)
Veteran film directors Imamura and Bertollucci, judges of the 1985 Tokyo Film Festival special award of $1.5 million to a young director (designed to help finance his next feature). praised this film… Read more

U.S.A (Henry Strauss, 1955)
U.S.A. asks the question: "How do you get to know a land and its people?" and then proceeds to answer this question through an imaginary airplane flight from region to region covering all the geograp… Read more

UFOs (Lillian Schwartz, 1971)
A variety of evocative and brilliantly coloured, computer-generated patterns. ... Read more

ULZHAN (Volker Schlondorff, 2006)
A patient journey to the heart of the ancient Central Asian steppe where one man is hunting for treasure. But perhaps he's also trying to save his soul… Driven by a mysterious force, a Parisia… Read more

Um Dia . . . Maria (Marco Antonio Simas, 1986)
The film shows the daily life of a young music student whose routine, as well as that of most Brazilians, suffers a sudden and violent interruption when the military forces take hold of the governmen… Read more

Umbarauma (Susan Young, Mike Smith, 1990)
A throbbing animation to a Brazilian beat. ... Read more

UMBERTO D (Vittorio de Sica, 1952)
With this film it would seem that the so-called ‘neo realist' movement in Italian film production reached its zenith. Political influence and the growing concern of the Italian film industry with m… Read more

Umbo and Samuel (Olivier Sillig, 1995)
Set in Senegal, Umbo and Samuel is a modern fable about a small white African boy who has been taken hostage and finds himself in a cell with Umbo, a Wolof tribesman. To escape they must first commun… Read more

UN COUPLE PARFAIT (Nobuhiro Suwa, 2005)
Actors Valéria Bruni-Tedeschi and Bruno Todeschini are transcendent in this intense drama about a marriage on the skids. Each scene sees them pushed to the outer regions of their abilities as they c… Read more

UNDEAD (Peter Spierig, Michael Spierig, 2001)
Peaceful, rustic Berkeley is a charming fishing village peopled by friendly folk, and flesh devounng zombies! When a spectacular meteor shower brings an horrific alien virus to this country hamlet, t… Read more

Underground (Geoff Stern, 1987)
Travelling by tube will never be the same again! Underground takes you through a day in the life of the London underground system. Filmed in 16mm black and white with a specially composed soundtrack,… Read more

UNKNOWN PASSAGE: THE DEAD MOON STORY (Kate Fix, Jason Summers, 2004)
Unknown Passage: The Dead Moon Story USADead Moon' Imagine The White Stripes in 25 years if they manage to stay hip. This loving documentary tribute to the band begins with founder Fred Cole's 60s' r… Read more

Unknown Soldiers (Veronika Soul, 1990)
A film which takes its substance from the lapse of time between Japan's military defeat and its industrial expansion. It attempts to makes sense of the underlying tensions associated with this expans… Read more

UNMADE BEDS (M) (Alexis Dos Santos, 2009)
“A stylish ode to the ache of youthful passions set against a chic and multi-cultural London.” - Screen International ... Two young foreigners in London - one searching for his father, the other … Read more

VARESE, THE ONE ALL ALONE (Frank Scheffer, 2009)
“His music is completely unique. If you haven't heard it yet, go hear it.” - Frank Zappa ... Described by writer Henry Miller as “the stratospheric colossus of sound”, French sonic alchemist … Read more

VASERMIL (Mushon Salmona, 2007)
“A courageous representation of a conflicted human reality, full of pain, hatred and ethnic tensions.” - Jerusalem Film Festival Jury ... Growing up on the tough streets of Be'er Sheva in souther… Read more

In Video Diaries: Dying for Publicity, Chris Steele-Perkins bears witness to the infinite sorrows of Africa. At times unbearably poignant and painfully honest, he documents famine and disease in Soma… Read more

Vincent, Francois and Paul are good friends; they spend their weekends together, and their wives get on well. But slowly the lives of these middle-aged characters disintegrate. Vincent (Yves Montand)… Read more

VIOLENCE ELEGY (Seijun Suzuki, 1966)
One of Suzukis most intellectual yet perplexing films. Violence Elegy could be somewhere between Porky's and Zero For Conduct. It follows the delinquent exploits of Kiroku Nanbu (Hideki Takahashi) as… Read more

The multi-award winning The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well and its follow-up The Power of Kangwon Province, have established Hang San-Soo as the reigning Korean poet laureate of the ins, outs and self-… Read more

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