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Viscount (Alex Stitt, 1961)
A visual interpretation of the Viscount Song, using design in place of narrative. ... Read more

VISIONS OF LIGHT: THE ART OF CINEMATOGRAPHY (Arnold Glassman, Todd McCarthy, Stuart Samuels, 1992)
The premise of this wonderfully engaging documentary is simple: sit some of the world's best cinematographers in front of the camera for a change, have them talk about their work on some of the endur… Read more

Vitamin Tango (Robinson Savary, 1995)
Synopsis not available Read more

VOYAGE TO CYTHERA (Frank Scheffer, 1999)
Director Frank Scheffer was the recipient ot the 1997 Dutch Film Critics Award for his entire body of work, a back catalogue numbering over 25 films made during the past 17 years. Scheffer has a part… Read more

WAIKIKI BROTHERS (Im Soonrye, 2001)
Satin shirts and smooth cheeks - Waikiki Brothers is a band going nowhere. After another depressing gig, the three members end up at lead singer Sungwoo's home town, Suanbo. Once a popular hot spring… Read more

WAITING FOR HAPPINESS (Abderrahmane Sissako, 2002)
The major African film of the decade. Set in a Mauritanian coastal town that functions as a transit point, filmmaker Abderrahmane Sissako's Waiting for Happiness is a poignant and poetic reflection … Read more

WAITING FOR HAPPINESS (Abderrahmane Sissako, 2002)
"Set in a Mauritanian coastal town that functions as a transit point, director Abderrahmane Sissako's Waiting for Happiness (winner of the FIPRESCI award at Cannes 2002 for best film in the Un Certai… Read more

WALKOVER (Jerzy Skolimowski, 1965)
Walkover, the original Polish title of this film, is an English expression meaning "an easy victory". Though an entity in itself, in a sense this film is a continuation of Skolimowski's earlier film,… Read more

Wallace & Gromit’s Cracking Contraptions (Christopher Sadler, 2002)
Wallace and Gromit make a welcome return to the screen in these wonderful new Aardman creations. Wallace, presenting his ten latest inventions, is at his inspired, creative and incompetent best, and … Read more

“History will judge me.” - Ryszard KukliÅ„ski ... After years of persuasion, filmmaker Dariusz JabloÅ„ski had finally convinced Colonel Ryszard KukliÅ„ski to allow h… Read more

WAR HUNT (Denis Sanders, 1962)
War Hunt is about a war-lover, a man for whom war is not hell, but home. It is set in the bleak, blasted terrain of Korea, a few months prior to the cease-fire. As one of the soldiers remarks, "Its a… Read more

WAR TAPES, THE (Deborah Scranton, 2006)
Rejecting an offer to be embedded as a filmmaker in Iraq, Deborah Scranton instead equipped US soldiers with cameras and let them shoot their Iraq tour of duty. The result is The War Tapes. Edited … Read more

Water (Philip Stapp, 1961)
This animated film focuses attention on the fact that although there is as much water as there ever was, increasing demands today have brought us on the verge of a world-wide crisis. ... Read more

Water and Spirit (John A. Stewart, 1973)
A visual meditation on water as it ... relates to the sacrament of ... Baptism. ... Read more

Waves (Adrian Sitaru, 2007)
At the seaside two families experience two extreme situations - as a man fights boredom a woman is lost in the waves. --- D/S Adrian Sitaru P Horea Murgu L Romanian w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2007/1… Read more

Wayfarers (Igor Strembitzyy, )
In Igor Strembitskyy's [Wayfarers] childhood never returns, dreams don't come true, and madness is a kind of happiness and grief. This superb documentary, written around a traditional lullaby, is the… Read more

We Are Many (Borislav Sajtinac, 1975)
In this parable on tyranny, a cat magician performs increasingly cruel tricks on mice. ... Read more

WE SOLD OUR SOULS FOR ROCK AND ROLL (Penelope Spheeris, 2000)
Do you love metal enough to shave Ozzie Osborne's name into your chest hair? If so, see Penelope Spheens' (Wayne's World, The Decline of Western Civilisation), We Sold Our Souls for Rock and Roll...t… Read more

WEAPONS OF THE SPIRIT (Pierre Sauvage, 1986)
It's been said that there were three ' sparks ' of goodness among the evil of the Holocaust that of an individual, of a community and of a country. The individual was Raoul Wallenberg, the country wa… Read more

Wedding on Saturday (Norman Swallow, 1964)
This film creates a collage of life in a Yorkshire mining town: this rather enclosed working com­munity is brought into focus by the impending marriage of Don and Para. With Its insistent search&… Read more

Wedding, The (Wojtek Smarzowski, 2004)
Described by its director as "a simple, very Polish story", [The Wedding] features barbarous drinking, family feuding, general depravity and the corruption of all social principles and institutions. … Read more

Wedlock (Ed Spiegel, Louis Clyde Stoumen, 1951)
This satirical phantasy is a parody on the "symbolism" of the more cliche-ridden experimental cinema productions. ... Read more

... ... They don't come any blacker, meaner or more deadpan than Todd Solondz' pitch-perfect sophomore feature. Welcome to the Dollhouse. It depicts the physical and psychic humiliations suffered by … Read more

WELCOME TO THE RILEYS (Jake Scott, 2010)
Jake Scott - son of Ridley Scott (Alien), nephew of Tony (True Romance) - propagates the family filmmaking gene with this new take on the chivalry-for-the-destitute theme. ... Doug (James Gandolfini)… Read more

What About Dad? (Brendan Smith, 1993)
Two teenage characters from rival television programs help each other escape the rigid confines of their stereotypes. What About Dad?, is a sometimes confronting yet very funny exploration of the lim… Read more

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