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12 LOTUS (Royston Tan, 2008)
“The switch for kitschy visuals and florid melodrama is flicked to 11.” - Variety ... Flamboyant filmmaker Royston Tan follows on from the bubblegum musical fun of 881 (MIFF 08) to once again del… Read more

15 (Royston Tan, 2004)
Singapore'Growing up in the world's most oppressive nanny state can be bad for your mental health, and 15 tells it like it is. 26-year-old Royston Tan's social satire has given local censors their bi… Read more

1981 (Ricardo Trogi, 2009)
What are a few lies between friends? ... The 80s were all about Rubik's cubes, Michael Jackson, cassette Walkmans, calculator watches and seven-cent popsicles. But for 11-year-old Ricardo Trogi, star… Read more

35 Summers (Mark Titmarsh, 1988)
With a certain cynicism and lack of modesty I offer to you the story of the wanderer and his shadow. Not a Diary Film since the events depicted are filled with symbolism, error, vagueness and lies. R… Read more

4:30 (Royston Tan, 2006)
A meditation on absence and longing, 4:30 is about a moment - and a young boy's attempt to cling to it, escaping his drab reality. Told entirely from the perspective of the boy, it concerns his relat… Read more

5150 ELM'S WAY (Eric Tessier, 2009)
A film student stumbles into the lair of a righteous serial killer in this chilling adaptation of a best-selling novel by Patrick Senécal. ... When film student Ian (played by Marc-André Gr… Read more

881 (Royston Tan, 2007)
"If ABBA could sing Hokkien, they might have auditioned for Royston Tan's 881." - Hollywood Reporter ... Set within the Singaporean song culture of getai - a series of exuberant concerts dominating t… Read more

A key work of post-war Japanese cinema, A Bloody Spear at Mount Fuji broke with conventions of the samurai film through its strong critique of warrior 'ethics'. Witty and generally light-hearted (alt… Read more

A Fable For Friendship (Jiri Trnka, 1958)
There are people, and there are walls - walls of ignorance, self-interest, mistrust, and only after these walls are torn down can we begin to live as human beings. This film was the winner of an inte… Read more

A Greek Tragedy (Linda van Tulden, Willem Thijssen, 1987)
This animated film won the award for Best Short Film at the 1987 Academy Awards. ... Read more

A Measure of Color (James Trotter, 1983)
A film about a photographer who is questioning both his artistic choice of subject matter and his environment. ... Read more

A Passion Play (Tony Twigg, 1991)
This first film (the only Australian short film to be invited to Cannes this year) by visual artist Tony Twigg, is a highly structured piece which uses basic animation techniques to set up a change i… Read more

A Pioneer of the Scientific Film, Roberto Omegna 1876-1948 (Virgilio Tosi, 1974)
Roberto Omegna was a pioneer of Italian cinema, whose work ranged from scientific films (he invented time lapse photography, amongst other things), to feature films. This documentary presents a colle… Read more

A Sufi Tale (Gayle Thomas, 1980)
A stark black, white and red animation of an Iranian folk tale. ... Read more

A TIME TO DIE (Jorge Ali Triana, 1985)
Based on an original screenplay by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. A TIME TO DIE is the first film from Colombian director Jorge Ali Triana. ... Juan Sayago has just been released from an 18 year |ail senten… Read more

ACCUSED (Jacob Thuesen, )
Accused is a dramatic new addition to the school of bold and compelling Danish cinema. At first glance, Henrik, Nina and Stine seem to comprise a perfectly average family. Henrik is a swimming teache… Read more

Adachi-Ga Hara (Osamu Tezuka, 1991)
Adachi-Ga Hara continues the afore-mentioned 'mutative approach' to story-telllng. This time, the original manga is based on a traditional Non play called Kurozuka which mines tho rich vein of Japane… Read more

Akuemon (Makato Tezuka, 1993)
Akuemon is a good example of animation in the gekiga style which has developed in Japan by the start of the 60s. This was a more seriously toned adult-oriented form of manga, which stressed realistic… Read more

ALIAS JIMMY VALENTINE (Maurice Tourneur, 1915)
... ... Based on the famous O. Henry short story Alias Jimmy Valentine takes every familiar element of crime drama-robbery safe-cracking, prison hidden identities, gang solidarity and moral reformati… Read more

ALIEN BIG CATS (Christopher Gogos, Alkinos Tsilimidos, 1998)
It's part fact, part hysteria - totally enthralling. Alien Big Cats takes to the Australian bush with spot-light in one hand, conspiracy theory in the other - all in search of a wild (and decidely no… Read more

All Brings Night (David Taylor, 1981)
Whitey wants to be Charlie Parker, but lives in Hammersmith, can't play the saxophone and is white. ... Read more

ALLONSANFAN (Paolo Taviani, Vittorio Taviani, 1974)
Fulvio is a revolutionary in early nineteenth century Italy. He seeks refuge in his father's villa and he is joined there by his girl-friend, Charlotte. But his plans for a new life are frustrated by… Read more

AMY (Nadia Tass, 1998)
With Amy, Nadia Tass demonstrates the breadth of her talent as both director and producer. The quirky comic elements of her previous successes, including Malcolm and The Big Steal, are retained in Am… Read more

An Artist Looks at Churches (John Taylor, 1960)
An artist's impression of the architecture and decoration of British churches through the ages. It is shown that the portrayal of the human face and figure has been a source of inspiration to those w… Read more

This film is the world s first attempt to travel through Papua New Guinea to obtain a complete record of the 20th century Stone Age life. ... Read more

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