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The Empty Quarter (Richard Taylor, 1967)
This is a reconstruction of the journey of Wilfred Thesiger, the last of Britain's great desert explorers. For five years he shared the life of the Bedu of Southern Arabia, living and travelling in t… Read more

The England of Elizabeth (J. Taylor, 1956)
An artistic pilgrimage through Elizabethan England. Stately homes, familiar pictures, furniture. music, and, of course, Shakespeare, are used to evoke the spirit of the period. ... Read more

THE FACE OF ANOTHER (Hiroshi Teshigawara, 1966)
On the surface, the film is about a man whose face is destroyed in a factory explosion, and who is given a new and life-like mask by a doctor. To the accompaniment of a subplot of doom-laden referenc… Read more

THE FIFTH SET (Sue Thompson, 2000)
2000 marks the 100th anniversary of The Davis Cup, the world's most prestigious tennis trophy. Using rare archival footage and new interviews with Australia's stars of yesteryear and today, The Fifth… Read more

The Friends (Zoran Tadić, 1973)
A documentary film about an old woman and a she-goat who live together as friends in the wilderness of the Dalmatian "Zagora", the film is actually a document on human loneliness. ... Read more

THE GREAT FLAUS FILM (Peter Tammer, 1992)
... ... Melbourne documentarist Peter Tammer's film about legendary local actor, film-buff, broadcaster and teacher John Flaus screens here at the Festival as a work-in-progress. ... Tammer uses clip… Read more

The Green Cat (Osamu Tezuka, 1983)
The original manga on which the Green Cat has been regarded as a pioneering science fiction work. The resultant anime is a typically quirky mix of Disney-esque character stylings with involving and p… Read more

The Hand (Jirí Trnka, 1965)
Jirí Trnka's latest film tells how a potter is tormented by an enormous hand which constantly interferes with his efforts to create something of his own. ... Special Prize, Annecy Festival; First Pr… Read more

An hilariously chaotic reinterpretation of macabre MIFF 1999 comedy The Quiet Family. Miike Takashi dispenses with guns and gangsters, disappearing into the hills to hire a room with a cursed Japanes… Read more

The Happy Man (Stefan Topaldjikov, 1962)
This animated film reveals what lies hidden hehind the facade of prosperity and happiness reflected by the skyscrapers of the metropolis. ... Read more

The Huge Adventures of Trevor the Cat (John Taylor, 1985)
Traditional Animation film made with great gusto. Story of a domestic cat who's hunting instincts are accidently over -revived. ... Read more

The Island on the Big River (Eric Trotta, 1987)
A small community of people live on a tiny island in the middle of a river. None of the residents have ever left because no one has built a boat that didn't sink. ... One day a motorboat arrives near… Read more

THE JOURNEY (Christopher Tuckfield, 1993)
For the central character everyday is a journey. Deaf and blind from 13, every day he is on a constant quest for the ultimate sensory experience: travel. ... Read more

THE JUDGE AND THE ASSASSIN (Bertrand Tavernier, 1975)
A provincial magistrate suspects that a tramp picked up by the police for molesting a young country girl, is the murderer of several young shepherds. The man feels himself driven by a strange frenzy,… Read more

THE KINGDOM (Lars von Trier, 1994)
The Kingdom is more of an epic than a small screen serial-a truly macabre work of diabolical diversity with an unpredictable narra­tive, harbouring a tender ghost story at the core of its haunted… Read more

The Knot in the Handkerchief (Hermína Týrlová, 1958)
An animated puppet film whose "hero" is the obiect in the title. On returning home, a small boy finds his handkerchief with a knot in it which is to remind him of a job. He stuffs the handkerchief in… Read more

The Last Chip (Heng Tang, 2005)
A film about gambling, superstition, friendship and dreams. The fortunes of three Asian women collide with a disillusioned trainee croupier. Gives new meaning to the phrase, ‘No more bets!'' Winner… Read more

The Locker (Barry Tomblin, 1968)
A comic allegory about a man who wants to know the secrets of a locker. ... Read more

THE LONG SILENCE (Margarethe von Trotta, 1993)
Made in the wake of the recent slayings of Italy's two chief anti-Mafia investigators, this agonisingly tense political thriller has all the powerful intimacy and emotional complexity of German direc… Read more

The Lost Thing (Andrew Ruhemann, Shaun Tan, 2004)
The story of a thing with a weird, sad, lost sort of look that didn't really belong anywhere. Narrated by Tim Minchin. ... See the film and read the book - browse online at ... Read more

THE LOVER (Valeriy Todorovskiy, 2002)
University Professor Mitya (Oleg Yankovskiy, who worked with Tarkovsky on The Mirror and Nostalgia) has just suffered the death of his wife. His teenage son, Petya, stricken with grief, suggests that… Read more

THE LOW DOWN (Jamie Thraves, 2000)
Director Jamie Thraves steps onto the scene with a clear fresh voice that translates into this hip yet heartfelt observation of a group of friends whose iives are all about to change. Frank is a rest… Read more

THE MAN WHO LOVED WOMEN (François Truffaut, 1977)
The Man Who Loved Women is the second film of François Truffaut to be presented at this year's festival. It demonstrates a quite different aspect of the directorial personality of this most re… Read more

THE MAN WITHOUT A MAP (Hiroshi Teshigahara, 1968)
A detective, engaged to find a missing man. discovers that the people who knew him are untroubled. One young man who might help him is mysteriously killed. The detective loses his job . . . and then … Read more

THE MIDDLE OF THE WORLD (Alain Tanner, 1974)
The story is set in the valley of Moruz, which contains the town of Moruz and St. Claret, about 25 kilometres apart. Paul,34, is the director of a factory in St. Claret. His father is a small farmer … Read more

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