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The Minister for Exams (Paul Trewartha, 1999)
A resonant and poetic film about the stifling of a child's imagination by a regimented education system. ... Read more

The Monument (Tomasz Lengren, Marian Terlecki, 1981)
A woman whose son was killed in December 1970 in Gdansk relates how the news reached her and how her son's funeral took place. ... Read more

THE MOON AND THE SLEDGEHAMMER (Philip Trevelyan, 1971)
The subject for this film by Philip Trevelyan is a family of five: Mr. Page and his two sons and two daughters, who inhabit a rundown old house located in a wood somewhere not far from London. What 2… Read more

The Perception of Self in Virtual Community Environments (Peter Green, Amanda Terrington, 2001)
Digital animation can offer a rich layering of textures and forms. Here it is punctuated with the graphics of website design and content. Slithers of emaciated sound bites act like a welcome bucket o… Read more

The Phoenix (Gayle Thomas, 1990)
A strong allegorical re-working of the ancient myth of the Phoenix. ... Read more

THE PISTOL (Jiri Tirl, 1973)
This film is about the education of Viktor B. Viktor was born in 1949; his father a handyman, and his mother a general worker. His first five years were spent with his grandmother in Baar. His period… Read more

The Planets (Francesca Talenti, 2002)
A visually explosive journey through the nine planets of our solar system, The Planets combines painterly effects and an intimate breathy soundtrack with an intermittent computerised voiceover. ... Read more

The Rainbow Verdict (David Thompson, 1971)
The world's first adhesive postage stamp was printed in black, but very soon coloured stamps were introduced. The film shows the complex factors determining the colours used in various issues. ... Read more

THE RAPTURE (Michael Tolkin, 1991)
... ... The rapture with which this very strange film is concerned is the experience, antici­pated by some fundamentalist Christians, of meeting Christ midway in the air upon his return to the Ea… Read more

The Red Gates of Rashomon (Alexander Tatarsky, Valentin Telegin, 2002)
'That's it, no vodka at least a week before the film festival!' A strange and absurd re-telling of Russian history applied with beautiful thick painterly animation. What animation was made for. If on… Read more

The Revolution (Richard Taylor, 1968)
The pressures to which the government bureaucrat is exposed are really just a nuisance, inter­rupting his routine. ... A biting cartoon with fluid animation, pleasantly pithy in word and wit. ... Read more

The Rise of Parnassus Needy (Richard Taylor, 1966)
To illustrate the wide range of functions a bank plays in the economy, this cartoon tells the story of a poet who, setting up business to sell words for all occasions, meets with phenomenal success. ... Read more

THE RUSSIAN MIRACLE, PART ONE (Annelie Thorndike, Andrew Thorndike, 1963)
Annelie und Andrew Thorndike, directors of the notable compilation films, The German Story and Operation Teutonic Sword, have now produced, after more than four years of research, The Russian Miracle… Read more

THE SAFETY OF OBJECTS (Rose Troche, 2001)
MIFF has keenly followed the emerging career of US indie filmmaker Rose Troche, with her debut, Go Fish (1994) and Bedrooms and Hallways (1999). The Safety of Objects sees Troche widen her canvas to … Read more

The Scissors and the Little Boy (Hristo Topouzanov, 1966)
An inspired pair of scissors dances around scraps of paper of all colours and produces a new, gay world. ... First Prize, Teheran Festival. ... Read more

THE SEARCH (Pema Tseden, 2009)
The first Chinese production to be shot entirely in the Tibetan language. ... Moving from one stunning mountainscape to another, a film crew undertakes a series of auditions across Tibet - presented … Read more

THE SILENT SERVICE (Ryosuke Takahaski, 1995)
... ... Further proof thar Japanese animation has more faces than the wild, over-the-top stylings of the manga we've seen of late in Australia. An extraordinary film adapted from a comic that sold ov… Read more

The Soft One and the Hard One (Belinda Timmins, 1998)
Set in a strange barren landscape a cute white, fluffy star-shaped creature, the 'soft one", lives in a nest in a cave and spends it's days searching for companionship. One day the soft one discovers… Read more

The Star of Bethlehem (Hermína Tyrlová, 1969)
Hermina Tvrlova, a Czech animator ranking in fame close to Jiri Trnka, uses her favourite material, wool, to tell the Bible story of the Star of Bethlehem. ... Read more

The Stranger Left No Card (Wendy Toye, 1952)
A small town is suddenly invaded by a tall, weirdly dressed stranger whose eccentric, but harmless, behaviour is gradually accepted by the townspeople who know him as "Napoleon". One day he calls at … Read more

THE STROLLER IN THE ATTIC (Noboru Tanaka, 1976)
In 1975, Noboru Tanaka was acclaimed in Japan for his A Woman Named Abe Sada — the same story Nagasi Oshima used as the basis for In the Realm of the Senses (shown in the 1977 Festival). This f… Read more

The Sun and Radio Waves (Shinji Takeuchi, 1956)
The solar observatory on Norikura Peak in the Japanese Alps and the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory are constantly studying and recording the conditions of the sun's effect on the ionosphere. ... Read more

THE TEMPLE OF THE GOLDEN PAVILION (Yoichi Takabayashi, 1976)
This is another film version of Yukio Mishima's story of the same title, which was first filmed by Kon Ichikawa under the title of Enjo. ... In his childhood, Mizoguchi has been taught by his father … Read more

The Third Woman (Mitra Tabrizian, 1991)
A young Iranian woman meets with an under­ground leader under the cloak of London's cold night. Her mission to seduce a suspect businessman to find the traitor in their midst Religion, sexuality,… Read more

The Town Musicians (William Tytla, 1955)
The familiar story about the donkey, dog, cat and rooster who set out for Bremen to become town musicians is here quite faithfully translated into a colourful cartoon with delightful characters and a… Read more

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