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(S)truth: Metric Time (Michelle Warner, 2003)
Made in 1994, this French Government video was intended for distribution amongst Foreign Affairs Departments in English-speaking countries. It reveals how the French Department of the Interior propos… Read more

......of Everything (Gary Warner, 1987)
This film is not a film, this film is film. It is for its moment extreme and relentless, a stuttering excess of electro-hokey knee bending, shrieking and clamouring in the dark to be heard above the … Read more

.Tibbar (Leo Wentink, )
[.Tibbar] tells the story in reverse (the title spelt backwards reads rabbit) of 20,000 albino rabbits on a breeding farm. In astonishing detail we see the entire lives of these trapped rabbits. The … Read more

12 VIEWS OF KENSAL HOUSE (Peter Wyeth, 1984)
12 Views of Kensal House is a documentary portrait of a working class housing estate built in 1936 as a model of enlightened planning, and which now stands as an archetypal example of inner city deca… Read more

24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE (Michael Winterbottom, 2002)
In Official Competition at Cannes this year, the latest film from Michael Winterbottom (The Claim, MIFF 2001) is an energised, chemical-fuelled trip through the birth and heyday of the dynamic Manche… Read more

62 Sleeps (Erin White, )
Capturing a moment in time, this is a poignant film about a young girl yearning for her absent father. Erin White's 62 Sleeps is wonderfully understated and deeply affecting, with Beatrice Bradley as… Read more

80,000 SHOTS (Manfred Walther, 2002)
A captivating documentary and the result of thousands of hours of painstaking time lapse photography. With superstar architect Renzo Piano at the helm, Berlin's Potsdamer Platz between 1990 and 2001 … Read more

9 Romantic Days (& Nights) (Morrie Warshawski, 1982)
Synopsis not available Read more

9 Steps to Survival (Chest Sucking Wound, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

90% Yield Before Breakage (Teresa Blake, Margie Medlin, Daniel Witton, 1997)
A dance film with a different angle. Snappy editing, witty and pointed sound design, athletic performances and dramatic lighting enhance this inventive and joyous celebration of power and delicacy, g… Read more

A BETTER TOMORROW (John Woo, 1986)
From the director of last year's Festival hit The Killer comes this earlier work, an ultraviolent, hyperkinetic gangster melodrama which virtually began a whole new stylistic trend in the loyal-to-th… Read more

A BIT OF SCARLET (Andrea Weiss, 1996)
A Bit of Scarlet is an imaginatively constructed, painstakingly assembled and highly amus­ing montage of gay-themed cliches and stereo­types from 60-odd years of British cinema. Director Andr… Read more

A Christmas Carol (Richard Williams, 1971)
A film adaptation of the tale by Charles Dickens. ... Read more

A DIRTY SHAME (John Waters, 2004)
Sylvia Stickles (Tracey Ullman) is your average prudish suburban mother, until one day she suffers a wallop on the head. With this, she transmutes into a raunchy erotomaniac. It was tow-truck driver … Read more

A Fist, A Nail, And Two Windows (David Wellington, 1991)
Sonny, the only son in a perverse family, is ready to move on, but a series of uncontrol­lable circumstances leads him straight back to his mother's arms. Progressing at a hypnotic pace, fantasy … Read more

A House to the Name of the Lord (David Williamson, 1962)
When a little boy is in love with a little girl, what better present could he make than a bird out of newspaper? But a cat interrupts the festivities and the bird takes flight.... ... Read more

A is for Autism (Tim Webb, 1992)
Using as its source the words, music and draw­ings of autistic people, this film explores the feeling of autism from the inside Constructed to reflect an idiosyncratic and obsessive world, it is … Read more

A Letter To Uncle Boonmee (Apichatpong Weerasethakul, 2009)
“Uncle… I have been here for a while. I would like to see a movie about your life. So I proposed a project about reincarnation.” ... --- ... D/S Apichatpong Weerasethakul P Simon Field, Kei… Read more

When approached to direct the American contribution to the BFi's Century of Cinema project, Martin Scorsese (a natural choice given his remarkable film knowledge and passion) decided the only possibl… Read more

A Place for Gold (Basil Wright, 1960)
Commissioned by the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, this documentary deals with aspects of their craft. Informative and elegant, the gold and silver bowls and cups and ornaments are handsomely phot… Read more

A RING FOR TELEVISION (Peter Weinberg, 1982)
This candid documentary gives account of the Chereau-Boulez production of ' 'The Ring of the Nibelung'' in Bayreuth. ... Chereau, the “enfant terrible'' of French theatre, insisted that the Wagner … Read more

A Simple Song (Adrian Wills, 2003)
As Dennis discovers, being Miss Understood can sometimes be a good thing. The age-old struggle for understanding between generations is captured in this musical about self-acceptance and finding the … Read more

A STATE OF SIEGE (Vincent Ward, 1978)
The story of Malfred Signal, retired teacher, whose life had been dedicated to nursing her ailing mother, and instructing generations of young girls in the art of drawing. With he mother's death, Mal… Read more

A Sunday on the Island of the Grande Jatte (Frans Weisz, 1965)
A famous Seurat painting forms one of the motifs for this fantasy film, which — as its subtitle, "Seven Authors in Search of a Reader", suggests — deals with the relationship of the autho… Read more

A WINTER TAN (Jackie Burroughs, Louise Clark, John Frizzell, John Walker, Aerlyn Weissman, 1987)
This unique film is based on the letters of Maryse Holder, former academic and part-time teacher, on an extended "vacation from feminism", in Mexico. She's on a quest for love, sex and freedom, and i… Read more

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