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The Biz (Darren Walsh, 1993)
We meet an almost surreal set of characters in this animation through the use of live actors with masks painted on their faces which are animated via pixillation. The result is visually hilarious in … Read more

THE BOER WAR (Claude Whatham, 1960)
Using the technique of animating still photographs the film reconstructs the main events of the Boer War from authentic records of the time. This war saw the first use of many new methods of fighting… Read more

The Bowel Houndromat (Chris Windmill, 1986)
The Bowel Houndromat tells the story of two groups of advertising executives from different social echelons. ... All the executives suffer strained domestic relationships, and all claim to have produ… Read more

The Box (Fred Wolf, 1967)
Out of a rainy night comes a little man with a most interesting guest . . . almost as interesting as the box that he carries with him. ... Read more

THE BOY WHO HAD EVERYTHING (Stephen Wallace, 1984)
The Boy Who Had Everything - the title of Stephen Wallace's second feature suggests a fairy tale, some sweet suburban variant of a fable of ideal youth. But it's also, of course, an omen - since to s… Read more

THE BRIDGE (Bernhard Wicki, 1959)
In a small German town, during the last days of April 1945, a few schoolboys are still being drafted for war service. The end of the war is in sight and some people are attempting to avoid the sensel… Read more

The Brooch Pin and the Sinful Clasp (Joanna Woodward, 1989)
Breaking all the rules and employing almost every animation technique available from plasticine models to paper cut-outs, director Woodward has devised both a Gothic and witty film. ... Jumbling live… Read more

THE CARS THAT ATE PARIS (Peter Weir, 1974)
Peter Weir's first feature was a highly unusual black comedy. Misunderstood for years, The Cars That Ate Paris has overtones of J.G. Ballard's urban science fiction and Jean-Luc Godard's Weekend. In … Read more

The Cattle Carters (Derek Williams, 1962)
Each year thousands of cattle are moved from the great cattle properties of north-west Australia to the railhead for shipment to southern markets. This film tells the story of one of these trips thro… Read more

The Changing Rains (Clark Worswick, 1967)
The different values and the quiet pace of living in an Indian village—a dignified rhythm of life long lost to western man. ... Read more

THE CLAIM (Michael Winterbottom, 2000)
Inspired by Thomas Hardy's novel The Mayor of Casterbridge, The Claim is a story about the tragic fall of a self-styled king In 1867 the future of the isolated town Kingdom Come, depends entirely on … Read more

The Clean-up (Jane Weinstock, 1992)
When Carver came into Anna's life she thought she'd met her match. They were both obsessed by detail. She's an architect. He's a plastic sur­geon. They both would have died for perfec­tion. N… Read more

The Critic and Twelve Angry Men (Hazel Wilkinson, 1959)
This is the fourth film in "The Critic and the Film" scries. Here Arnot Robertson discusses the film from the writer's viewpoint. ... Read more

... ... At the beginning of an era of trashy B-horror and sci-fi, Wise attached himself to sound features with intellectually satisfying metaphoric bases, remarkable visual aesthetics and intrigu­… Read more

... ... A pivotal science fiction film, the themes explored in The Day The Earth Stood Still have been recurrent since Wise depicted visiting alien diplomat Michael Rennie and his mono­lithic rob… Read more

David Lean, in a discussion with actress Maureen Pryor, comments on some aspects of his work and introduces extracts from his films. ... David Lean's distinctive and always dramatic 'visual' openings… Read more

The Dragon of Cracow (Z. Wasilewski, 1948)
Based on an ancient legend, this film is the ... story of a great dragon who preyed upon the ... people of Cracow. The king offered the hand ... of his daughter to anyone who could slay the ... drago… Read more

The End (Joe Wright, 1998)
Rather than face a slow, solitary demise, Ralph chooses to go out with a bang. Aided by his drug-dealing neighbour, he embarks on a mission of self-destruction with explosive consequences. ... Read more

THE FLUFFER (Richard Glatzer,Wash West, 2000)
Many worker have an "and other duties as directed" clause in their employment contract. Most don't expect it will entail oral sex. Naive country boy Sean heads to Hollywood planning on a career as a … Read more

THE GIFT (Jack Witikka, 1961)
The setting is a courtyard of a small Finnish village some time in the 'twenties. Amongst the villagers who congregate in the square the story centres mainly on Peter, whose mother has recently died … Read more

The Girl Who Met Simone De Beauvoir in Paris (Richard Wherrett, 1980)
An adaptation of the Frank Moorhouse short story - a bourgeois comedy of manners. ... Read more

Joseph Bioch is the goal-keeper, and in the film's opening sequence he fails to save a penalty kick. He departs suddenly from the ground and we follow his actions through a series of short scenes. He… Read more

THE HAUNTING (Robert Wise, 1963)
... ... After seating the ambitious heights of West Side Story (1961) and steering star vehicles like Two For The Seesaw (1962), Robert Wise's 1963 version of Shirley Jackson's novel The Haunting of … Read more

The Hoffnung Symphony Orchestra (Harold Whitaker, 1965)
A large symphony orchestra tunes up, but the conductor is missing. The camera finds him having a bath, and, eventually, he arrives to begin the concert . . . ... First Prize for Animation, Vienna Fes… Read more

The Idiot (Mark Warren, 1983)
An innocent, imaginative young man becomes attracted an ... finally infatuated by a shop window dummy.Can it be that the dummy is conscious of him, and sending him subtle signals? ... Read more

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