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The Wooden Forest (Penne West, 1984)
An animated allegory of existence. In the surrealistic wooden forest there is no distinction between, dream, film, memory, madness: they all dissolve into absurdity. ... Read more

THEATER OF WAR (John Walter, 2009)
“Should people be sitting in the theater or rioting in the streets?… once there was a man whose work made no distinction between the two.” - Boston Globe ... For lovers of theatre and thos… Read more

This is Her (Katie Woolf, 2008)
In life there are no fairytale endings. Selected for Edinburgh 2008. Australian premiere --- D/S Katie Wolfe P Felicity Letcher/Rachel Lorimer WS NZFC TD 35mm/2008/12mins ... Read more

Thomaschek’s Plan (Ralf Westhoff, 2002)
East Germany 1961, the wall has gone up. Out in the country a young boy notices that the village postman, a very unsporty gentleman, has suddenly started running as a hobby. Stop watches, binoculars … Read more

Thoroughbred (Pen Densham, John Watson, 1972)
The life story of a thoroughbred horse, from its birth to the race track, told purely in terms of visuals and natural sounds. ... Read more

THREE TO GO - Michael (Peter Weir, 1970)
Should Michael follow the straight and narrow path of conformity, or listen to the prophets of change and revolution? The question is: in which world does Michael belong? ... This episode won the Gra… Read more

Time Takes a Cigarette (Jack Verbeek, Karin Wiertz, 1972)
Four short experiments in animation, using constantly shifting perspectives. The makers of the films are pupils of Frans Zwartjes, Holland's leading experimental filmmaker. ... Read more

Timeless Treasure (Francine Vande Wiele, 1965)
A cartoon parable about the scramble to "the top", told without commentary, yet with telling effect and a sharp sense of humour. ... Read more

To Kill A Child (Gosta Werner, 1953)
Made as part of a road safety campaign this film, with its concern for responsibility for the death of a child on the road, and the slow build-up of this theme, is hauntingly effective. ... Read more

TO.KYO.ZO.IC (St John Walker, 1992)
A digital study, a brilliant visual rendering of the Qabalah, the ancient Judaic philosophy - or "Tree of Life". ... Read more

TOKYO GA (Wim Wenders, 1985)
1982 inaugurated a series of events in Rome, organised by a group of die hard cinephiles who clubbed together in a co-operative called Mission Impossible. Their aim was to ask a variety of filmmakers… Read more

Tomorrow it will be Fine (A. Wawrzyniak, 1953)
A popular explanation of the way in which weather charts for northern Europe are compiled. Meteorological apparatus is shown in use and its purpose is described. ... Read more

Toolbox Ballet (Gene Warren, 1971)
Animated tools perform an intricately choreographed ballet. ... Read more

TOUCH OF EVIL (Orson Welles, 1958)
This print, presented by courtesy of CIC, is the full version of Touch of Evil, which was cut by 15 minutes when released in 1958. ... Special narcotics investigator for the Mexican Ministry of Justi… Read more

Traces (Paul Winkler, 1983)
An experimental film exploring the relationship between Time and the traces it leaves on the world in cinematic terms: the 29 minutes running time of the film is opposed to the images embedded in the… Read more

TRAIN THE (Donovan Wylie, 2001)
Director Donovan Wylie will be a guest of the festival and will be introducing the first screening of The Train ... Shot over nearly a year, Donovan Wylie's The Train tracks a ‘church train' over t… Read more

Tran the Man (Rowan Woods, 1994)
Ray Moss has been nicknamed Tran by the Asian shopkeepers in his job as a security guard at a shopping centre in suburban Cabramatta. For Ray/Tran, the heat is on. His brother and uncle have had thei… Read more

Transiberian Express (Russell Hall, Rowland Wilson, 1974)
An advertising film for Count Pushkin Vodka. ... Bronze Lion, Venice. Clio Statuette, New York. ... Read more

Transportations (Amanda Walliss, 1990)
"To be carried from one place to another, to be affected by strong emotion, to be sent to a penal colony". By definition this is the territory which Transportations explores. The dizzy heights and mu… Read more

Travel Log (Donald Winkler, 1978)
This is the story of a woman who sets out on an automobile trip with her husband. Her diary entries and snapshots reveal how the travellers first lose their way; then, gradually, lose each other. ...… Read more

TROPICAL MALADY (Apichatpong Weerasethakul, 2004)
Tropical Malady (Sud Pralad) Thailand/France/Italy/Germany 'all of us are by nature wild beasts and our duty as human beings is to become like trainers who keep their animals in check, and even teach… Read more

True Life Romance (Marty St James, Anne Wilson, 1985)
The appeal of the romantic pulp novel in the effective portrayal at the Ideal relationship from courtship to climax. Spanning continents In a handful of pages, the fiction moves from palm tree lined … Read more

Two Cars, One Night (Taika Waititi, 2004)
Winner of the Panorama Short Film Award at the 2004 Berlinale, this is a tale of first love, set in the unlikeliest of places.While waiting for their parents, two boys and a girl meet in the carpark … Read more

Two in a Tiger (Richard Wade, 1970)
This half hour film tells what is involved in learning to fly a Tiger Moth. It traces the story of a pupil and his instructor from the moment the pupil first puts on his leather helmet and goggles an… Read more

TWO TOWNS OF JASPER (Whitney Dow, Marco Williams, 2002)
In June 1988, one of the worst racially motivated crimes since desegregation occurred in a small Texan town. Three young white men dragged African American James Byrd behind their vehicle for over fi… Read more

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