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HANSEL AND GRETEL (Anne Wild, 2006)
A moody film version of the Brothers Grimm fairytale that stays completely faithful to the original. Generations of children have come to love this morality tale about a brother and sister abandoned… Read more

Happy Family Planning (Sy Wexler, 1969)
A cartoon film about family planning. ... Read more

Harold of Orange (Richard Weise, 1984)
A satiric comedy which explores the symbiotic relationship between Native Americans and philanthropic foundations. The screenplay draws on trickster myths common to many Native American tribes to dis… Read more

Heavy Metal Jr (Chris Waitt, 2005)
‘Hatred' a loud metal band from Wales with an average age of 10. This documentary follows their shambolic preparations for their first gig. ... Read more

Helgoland (Karin Westerlund, 2000)
Director/cmematographer Kann Westerlund pays a private and very subjective visit to one of her favourite places the sea-bathing facility at Helgoland. ... Read more

HERE COMES EVERYBODY (John Whitmore, 1972)
Here Comes Everybody is a highly revealing cinema-verite film about an encounter group session at the Esalen Institute in Bug Sur. California. The sixteen people involved in the week-long session wer… Read more

Hokusai: An Animated Sketchbook (Tony White, 1978)
This short tribute to Hokusai animates 30 of the 30,000 drawings the master is reputed to have produced during his lifetime. ... Read more

Holzwege: Wood Roads/Wrong Ways (Georgia Wallace-Crabbe, 1983)
Albert Speer walks 31,936 kilometres, an imaginary journey undertaken by the imprisoned Nazi war criminal. ... Read more

Homesdale (Peter Weir, 1971)
Homesdale is an expensive private guest house on a remote island where the guests are encouraged to live out their fantasies. They have contrived to do this with considerable facility. Mr. Malfrey, w… Read more

Hostage (Aisling Walsh, 1984)
A tense drama about a terrorist group holed up in a remote farmhouse in the Irish Republic. Veronica Quilligan plays the odd woman out who gradually assumes control in the war of nerves that ensues w… Read more

HOUSE OF SAND, THE (Andrucha Waddington, 2005)
“The physical, emotional and cosmic unite in Andrucha Waddington's powerful The House of Sand… magnificently renders a fresh view of life on planet Earth.” - Variety ... This epic drama pl… Read more

Human Performance and Limitations (Martin Wilderberg, 2007)
This deceivingly simple and humorous documentary challenges the distanced diagnosis of a ‘very experienced and skilled' neurologist. As we fly through the air we are forced to reflect on the contem… Read more

Hunter Finkelstein (Michael Weisler, )
A smoking, rock 'n' rolling, alcoholic Orthodox Jew ghostwrites passionate sermons for the community's most popular Rabbi. Starring musician and actor Tim Rogers, this dark comedy, with a soundtrack … Read more

I Hate Mime (Chris Willems, 1988)
A pair of knees go to a disco ... Read more

... ... Avoiding the conventions of music documen­tary, I Just Wash for Made for These Times magnifi­cently captures the essence of Beach Boy Brian Wilson's musical genius and eccentricity. A… Read more

I LOVE MY MOVIE (Hilary Weisman, 1998)
Hilary Weisman's comedy road docudrama has probably created its own genre. Ostensibly the true account of four gals on a cross-country trip to sell stolen video equipment on the Mexican black market,… Read more

I Remember (David Chartier, Avi Zev Weider, 1998)
In his book, Joe Brainard recounts his life through a series of dairy-like entries, each beginning with the words "I remember". This engrossing short film is a visual summary of some of the entries f… Read more

I.O.D. (Jeremy Welsh, 1983)
Synopsis not available Read more

Ill Fated Romance Of The Giraffe & The Ballerina, The (Nick Wade, 2006)
In a surrealistic African Savannah cum ballet studio our pointy-toed protagonist learns a valuable lesson about love. ... --- ... D Nick Wade S Eloise Smith P Martin Orton WS Bold Creative Ltd TD vid… Read more

IMAGE BEFORE MY EYES (Josh Waletzky, 1980)
Image Before My Eyes is a uniquely intelligent and sensitive portrayal of the vitality and diversity of Jewish life in pre-World War Two Poland. Through the use of rare documentary footage. "home mov… Read more

In A Pig's Eye (Atsushi Wada, 2010)
Japanese animator Atsushi Wada's latest surreal snapshot of the life of a family, and the giant pig blocking their front door. ... --- ... D/P/S Atsushi Wada L no dialogue TD digibeta/2010 ... --- ..… Read more

In the Path of the Sun (Daniel Whistler, 1996)
Theodore Major is a cranky old man. He's arguably one of England's greatest painters. But Theodore's finished with money - he wants his paintings seen, not sold, and if you can't understand that or t… Read more

Incongruous (Paul Winkler, 1984)
Ordinary city images of our daily city environment are photographically reshaped to produce a new set of seemingly incongruous images, revealing a black humour: after all, it's all just water off a d… Read more

Indus Waters (Derek Williams, 1967)
The Indus Basin is one of the heaviest populated areas of the world. On partition, ffour-fifths of this irrigated area went to Pakistan, but the rivers all flowed out of India, where the water was ne… Read more

INJURY TO ONE, AN (Travis Wilkerson, 2004)
An Injury to One USA Butte, Montana is considered the most toxic city in the United States, the legacy of copper mining that took US$25 billion out of the ground and left more than 10,000 workers dea… Read more

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