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8849m (Go Young-min, 2001)
After his climbing partner dies, a tenacious mountaineer finally reaches the summit. But who is going to take his photo to prove it? Shot entirely on location at high altitude, 8849m is funny, ironic… Read more

A 19-YEAR-OLD'S PLAN (Mitsuo Yanagimachi, 1979)
It is most unusual for a Japanese director to be "discovered" from his first feature film. In general it seems that a director attracts attention only after several films, and henceforth sends the ar… Read more

A BRIGHTER SUMMER DAY (Edward Yang, 1991)
... ... Edward Yang's long-awaited fourth feature is an independent production on an epic scale, a picture of Taiwan in 1960/61 as reflect­ed in the story of a teenage boy who kills a schoolgirl.… Read more

In the vast, sparsely populated area of central Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan, there is a small town where a young widow. Tamiko Kazami. is desperately trying to make a living by running… Read more

A FAREWELL TO THE LAND (Mitsuo Yanagimachi, 1982)
The Yamazawas. a small peasant family, live in an area of Kashima where the rural landscape has been destroyed through the building of industrial plants. ... The eldest son, Yukio, supports his famil… Read more

A ONE AND A TWO (Edward Yang, 2000)
Aside from screenings at prestigious international Film Festivals from London and Hong Kong to New York and Toronto, A One and a Two has picked up a slew of awards including Best Director at Cannes 2… Read more

A ONE AND A TWO (YI YI) (M) (Edward Yang, 2000)
"As I watched... Yi Yi [A One and A Two] through bleary eyes, I struggled to identify the overpowering feeling that was making me tear up. Was it grief? Joy? Mirth? Yes, I decided, it was all of thes… Read more

A WEEK WITH KIAROSTAMI (Mohara Yuji, 1999)
A Week with Kiarostami is the perfect companion piece to Abbas Kiarostami's The Wind Will Carry Us (showing in MIFF this year), as it documents the making of that award-winning film. ... "A team led … Read more

ABOUT LOVE (Ten Shimoyama, Yee Chih-yen, Zhang Yibai, 2004)
Tokyo, Taipei and Shanghai. Three of Asia's hottest young directors make three films about love. Japanese director Ten Shimoyama, Taiwan's Yee Chih-yen (Blue Gate Crossing, MIFF 03) and China's Zhang… Read more

Adventures of a Small Carp (Ho Yu-men, 1959)
This cartoon from China tells how Granny Carp tells the small carp the story about some of their ancestors who jumped over the Dragon Gate. It is said to be wonderful on the other side but the gate i… Read more

ALAMBRISTA! (Robert M. Young, 1977)
Roberto tends his own, unprofitable farm in Mexico To earn enough money to keep his wife and their expected child, he decides he must work in the United States for a white His mother tells him that h… Read more

Architecture and Gardens of Japan (Rokuro Yoshida, 1963)
A survey of the architecture of Japan from the Shrine of Ise in mythological times, through the Heian, Muromachi and Momoyama periods, to the intimate beauty of the Edo period. ... Read more

ARDOR (Byun Young-joo, 2002)
One Christmas Eve, young housewife Mi-Heun has her world thrown into disarray when she uncovers her husband's infidelity. Unable to cope with the change in her seemingly idyllic existence, she become… Read more

Attack on a Bakery (Naoto Yamakawa, 1983)
When two labourers decide to rob a bakery, they get more co-operation than they expected from its communist owner. ... Read more

BELLADONNA (Eiichi Yamamoto, 1973)
Belladonna is a full-length animation feature from the Japanese film maker, Eiichi Yamamoto. ... Two younq lovers. Jean and ... Jeanne, live in a small French farming village during the Middle Ages. … Read more

BICHUNMOO (Kim Young-jun, 2000)
1343: China is under the rule of the Mongol Yuan Dynasty. Young warrior Jin-ha, an apprentice in the art of Bichunmoo sword-fighting, meets a young girl named Sullie, the daughter of Mongol general T… Read more

Bitzbutz (J. Yoresh, 1984)
Animated fable confined within picture frame tells story of little white duck's encounter with big black monster Witty inventive use of space. ... Read more

BLIND SHAFT (Li Yang, 2003)
Song and Tang are coal miners, working under torturous and unsafe conditions. When Tang's brother, Chaolu, arrives for a visit, they convince him to join them in the mine. Deep underground, they kill… Read more

Bostich (Yello, 1985)
More music wrapped In images. ... Read more

BRIGHTER SUMMER DAY, A (Edward Yang, 1991)
"This film is so uncommonly good that Yang's other very impressive works pale beside it." - Chicago Reader ... Often spoken of in terms of ‘genius' and even ‘one of the greatest films ever made',… Read more

CHARMING GIRL, THIS (Lee Yoon-ki, 2004)
Winner of Pusan's New Currents section, [This Charming Girl] is a perfectly calibrated and unusually subtle portrait of a self-contained young woman. ... Jeong-hye is a clerk in a small suburban post… Read more

CONFUCIAN CONFUSION, A (Edward Yang, 1994)
"Sleek, chic and hysterical, the film owes more to Preston Sturges than Michelangelo Antonioni." - Cinematheque Ontario ... Set over a couple of frenetic days in a Taipei entertainment corporation, A… Read more

COUP D'ETAT (Yoshishige Yoshida, 1973)
This study of a fascist ideologue, Ikki Kita, has become a major commercial success in Japan. It comes from an outstanding modern director, Yoshida, who earlier made Eros and Massacre. Coup d'Etat fo… Read more

CRAZY ENGLISH (Zhang Yuan, 1999)
"What is the most concrete way to love your country?... To love your country is to study English well!... Crazy English! Crazy life! Crazy work! Crazy study! Crazy everyday! I want to be crazy! I lov… Read more

DAMNED IN THE U.S.A. (Paul Yule, 1991)
... ... This ambitious British documentary takes an unusual and refined look at the most recent and controversial cases of censorship in the United States. A number of senators are seen on their crus… Read more

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