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Films Screened In 1953

My Redeemer Liveth (J. B. Sloan, Duncan Spence, 1952)
Shows bow Handel came to compose "The Messiah". Opens with a filmed commentary on the neighbourhood of Grosvenor Square, London, and then focuses on 25 Brook Street as it is today, the home where Han… Read more

Neighbours (Norman McLaren, )
A parable in which McLaren uses people and natural backgrounds, as well as a few drawn ones, for the first time. Sound is drawn direct on to the film. ... Read more

Nerve Centre (George Moresby White, 1952)
An experiment in film technique. Still photographs of the British War Cabinet Room have a surprising sense of movement. ... Read more

NO RESTING PLACE (Paul Rotha, 1951)
Alec Kyle, his wife, and their young son are members of a family of wandering Irish tinkers. Alec accidentally kills a gamekeeper when hurling a flint at him in retaliation for a shot which has injur… Read more

Notornis Expedition (New Zealand Government Film Unit, 1950)
Records the expedition of New Zealand scientists to a practically inaccessible high mountain valley to study the life and habits of the native flightless bird, Notornis or Tahake, thought for eighty … Read more

Opus 65 (John Taylor, 1952)
An attempt at discovering and expressing a relationship between music and a mechanical process on an abstract level. Richard Arnell was commissioned by the Ford Motor Company to compose a symphonic p… Read more

Ostriches in Africa (Films of Africa, 1952)
Ostriches in South Africa against their natural surroundings; details of foot movements, the birds en masse, the hen bird and eggs, the newly-hatched chicks. ... Read more

Out Back Patrol (Lee Robinson, 1952)
An excerpt from the life of Constable Darken, a member of the Northern Territory Police Force. Tells of police work in the trackless territory &ndash: a "beat" which is made on horseback and takes fr… Read more

Painter and Poet, No 4: John Gilpin (John Halas, 1951)
Four short films (Nos. 1 and 2 were shown at Olinda) made for the Festival of Britain. Paintings and drawings were specially executed to match the poems. ... Painter and Poet, No. 4: John Gilpin (by … Read more

Painter and Poet, No. 3: In Time of Pestilence (Thomas Nashe, 1951)
Four short films (Nos. 1 and 2 were shown at Olinda) made for the Festival of Britain. Paintings and drawings were specially executed to match the poems. ... Painter and Poet, No. 3: In Time of Pesti… Read more

Pen Point Percussion (Don Peters, 1951)
A short account of the work of Norman McLaren and some of his unusual techniques. ... Read more

Persian Story (Ralph Keene, 1952)
Filmed during the last few months before the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company's operations in Persia ceased in October 1951. Shows the country, the oil fields, the pipe lines, and the refinery at Abadan. An… Read more

Physiology of Human Reproduction: Biography Before Birth (Thora James, 1952)
Fertilization; the uterus and its food supply for the fertilized egg cell; growth of the embryo; the foetal circulation and skeleton; the placenta; the developed embryo changes position preparatory t… Read more

Physiology of Human Reproduction: How We Begin (Thora James, 1952)
The family; differences between the sexes; changes during adolescence; characteristics of various body cells; the testes and spermatozoa; the ovaries and egg cells; fertilization and the early stages… Read more

Physiology of Human Reproduction: Preparation for Parenthood (Thora James, 1952)
Action of the pituitary in initiating adolescence; the development of the breasts during adolescence and pregnancy; the menstrual cycle; examples of identical and ordinary twins. (Age group: 13 plus.) Read more

Picture in Your Mind (Philip Stapp, 1949)
Deals with the complex problem of man's prejudices. A barren landscape changes to a flowering land, then withers. The question: "Is the future to be bright or dark? Is this to be a world of robot min… Read more

Pompeii and Vesuvius (Encyclopaedia Britannica Films Inc., 1950)
A reconstruction of the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D. with the volcano in action filmed at close range. Depicts also the current scene in Pompeii and in nearby Naples. ... Read more

Popoko, Ile Sauvage (R. P. Patrick O'Reilly, )
Deals with life and customs on an island of the British Solomon Islands Protectorate. ... Read more

Rig 20 (David Villiers, 1952)
Record of five weeks' battle against an oil-well fire, the first in 40 years of drilling in southern Persia. Photographed under dangerous conditions, which involved considerable risks, the skill and … Read more

Saving Petrol No. 2 - Correct Maintenance (John Heyer, 1952)
One of a series on the three main aspects of saving petrol Correct Driving, Correct Maintenance, and Correct Lubrication. ... Read more

Shell Cinemagazine No. 19 (J. A. Cartwright, 1951)
Deals with the extraordinary manoeuvrability of the Westland Sikorsky Dragonfly Helicopter; special precautions taken to avoid the danger of allowing uncut grass to grow on airfields used by jet airc… Read more

Shoemaker and the Hatter (John Halas, 1952)
A defence of free trade. The hatter and the shoemaker are neighbours. The hatter makes one hat which he intends to sell at a high price; he secures a ban on the importation of hats. The shoemaker bel… Read more

Small Town Editor (James Blake Cahoon, 1952)
Describes the operation and effects on community activities of the Littleton Independent, a newspaper published weekly in Littleton, Colorado. ... Read more

Soils and Foundations (S. T. Evans, )
Shows problem of building rigid brick and masonry houses on troublesome soils which swell and shrink due to seasonal wetting and drying. Soil identification gives the key to physical properties and b… Read more

Some Medical Aspects of Venomous Snakes (Burroughs Wellcome Film Unit, 1950)
General discussion of venomous snakes. By means of diagrams and pictures of living snakes, describes their classification and characteristics, the venoms and their effects, and the treatment of snake… Read more

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