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Films Screened In 1953

Somewhere in India (V. Parkash, )
Throughout history, man has fought an eternal struggle against plague, hunger, and war. Scientists of many nations have joined this fight against disease and hunger. This is the story of the work of … Read more

Struggle for Oil (Ronald Dick, 1952)
One of the "Canada Carries On" Series. An account of the development of the new oil reserves in the Canadian prairie country. Here, a vast new harvest is being wrought from the prairie wheatfields as… Read more

The Desperate Heart (Walter Strate, 1952)
A modern dance solo based on a poem by John Malcolm Brinner. A variety of camera effects and double exposures combined with the dancing and reading of the poem by Valerie Bettis produces an interesti… Read more

The Development of the Honey Bee and the Bee Population (Institut für Film und Bild, Gottingen, Germany and Zoological Institute, University of Munich, )
Produced for teaching purposes at the high-school level. Gives an insight into the development of a single bee in a large hive. Stages shown include the laying of eggs by the queen; sealing pupas in … Read more

The Elysian Bus (Michael Forlong, 1952)
An amusing story of five people who discover one another in an unknown situation in a heavy fog. ... Read more

The Fell Locomotive (R. Harris, P. de Normanville, 1952)
Discusses the different means of railway traction — steam, electricity, gas turbine, diesel electric. Shows design, building, and trials of the Fell locomotive, a revolutionary direct-drive die… Read more

THE LAST DAYS OF DOLWYN (Emlyn Williams, 1949)
Drama set in the little village of Dolwyn in North Wales in 1892. Rob, embittered as a result of being driven from the village as a boy for stealing, returns full of vindictive triumph to arrange on … Read more

The Magic Canvas (John Halas, Joy Batchelor, 1948)
Beautiful study in animation giving a lovely play of movement, colour, and music, merging form and idea in a painter's fantasy. ... Read more

The Moon (, )
Outlines the structure of the moon; describes and explains the phases of the moon by means of animation, flat drawings, photographs, and special models. A recent addition to the G.B.T. Mathematical G… Read more

The Promise (Norman Walker, 1952)
The story opens with the funeral of Mr. Townsend, a social worker. His successor attempts to find the motivating influence of his life, set in modern England. His mind flashes back to Biblical times … Read more

The Pythoness (Kathleen Raine, 1951)
No synopsis provided ... Read more

The Squirrel (Heinz Seilmann, )
One of a series produced by a specialized film unit concentrating on wildlife studies. Re-edited by the Educational Foundation for Visual Aids for use in British schools. ... Read more

The Story of Menstruation (Cellucotton Products, )
Animated drawings and diagrams are used to explain the physiology of menstruation, suggesting methods of care and hygiene. ... Read more

The Story of Time (Ian Coolen, 1950)
An animated film, sponsored by Rolex Watches, using various symbols and devices to dramatize man's discovery and mastery of the hours. Sun-worshippers; measuring the hours by the shadows of obelisk a… Read more

The Task Ahead (U.N.E.S.C.O, )
The peoples of the world want food, they want technical resources, they want scientific knowledge, but above all they want peace. Through U.N.E.S.C.O., international exchange of literature, art, and … Read more

This Is The Challenge (Film and Visual Information Division, United Nations Department of Public Information, )
Designed not only to remind us of some of the peace-making achievements of the first seven years of U.N., but to highlight the attack U.N. is making upon the basic causes underlying dispute and war. ... Read more

Thorvaldsen (Carl Theodor Dreyer, Preben Frank, 1949)
One of the most visually inventive films on art. By the combined movements of statue, camera, and background, a view of the entire work and then close-ups, the development of an idea from a drawing t… Read more

UNDER THE RED SEA (Hans Hass, Lottie Berl, 1952)
Dr. Hans Hass, Viennese underwater scientist, and members of his expedition spent six eventful months in daily exploration among the coral reefs of the Red Sea. He was especially interested in findin… Read more

Waters of Time (Basil Wright, Bill Launder, 1951)
Combines a series of impressions of the Thames from the mouth up to Kingston with a straightforward view of the daily routine of the Port. In the factual passages part of the commentary is spoken by … Read more

Wild Life on Macquarie Island (N. Laird, )
Deals with wild life of Macquarie Island, 900 miles to the south of Tasmania. Features plants, birds, and mammals which derive a livelihood from the stormy wastes of the south polar and sub-polar reg… Read more

Winter Moths (J. V. Durden, 1951)
One of "Plant Pests and Diseases" Series. Deals with Winter Moths, which are particularly harmful in the fruit-growing areas of Britain, France, Holland, and Denmark. ... Read more

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