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Films Screened In 1954

Project For Plenty (, 1953)
A report on the building of the Hirakud ... Dam, showing the willingness of the peoples ... themselves to take part in a project which ... will bring them food and prosperity in ... future years. ... Read more

Rail Town (Joan Long, 1953)
Dramatises the activities and life of the people of Port Augusta with emphasis on the significance of this city as a railhead linking the Eastern States with the Western States and the Northern Terri… Read more

Ray Of Hope (Jack Rogers, 1953)
A campaign film made for the Commonwealth Health Department. Deals with the dangers of T.B. and the facilities available for patients during treatment and rehabilitation. ... Read more

Romance Of Transportation (, 1953)
An animated film in which visual, commentary and music combine in a sprightly account of one phase of transport history in Canada. The conquest of Canada's vast distances and varied terrain is pictur… Read more

Science And The Orchestra (Alex Strasser, 1950)
An exposition of orchestral sound for young people and adults. The conductor and a physics demonstrator explore the orchestra and discuss the theory of the various musical instruments. ... Read more

Shadow Of The Prairies (Roger Blais, 1953)
A ballet depicting the life of the early Scottish settlers in Canada &ndash: the story of a young wife who came to the Prairies to begin a new life with her pioneering husband. ... Read more

Shoot The Nets (Herman Van der Horst, 1952)
Shoot the Nets can be briefly described as a Dutch "North Sea". It shows the ceremonies and celebrations that usher in the herring season, the decking of the boats with flags, and the setting off of … Read more

Song Of The Prairie (Jiri Trnka, 1951)
This puppet film is a lively and effective parody of the false romanticism and shoddy adventure stories characteristic of Hollywood's fifth-rate Westerns. Jiri Trnka is one of the leading producers o… Read more

SOUS LES TOITS DE PARIS (René Clair, 1930)
Following the First World War, the Impressionist: school and the "avant-garde" tried to break the French commercial producers from the routine adaptations which formed the bulk of their work. They ha… Read more

Spring Comes To The Pond (, 1953)
A picture of New England in the spring showing the country round a small pond and the effect of the change in season upon the trees, plants and animals around the pond. ... Read more

Steps Of Age (Ben Maddow, 1951)
A presentation of some of the emotional problems experienced by a woman of 62 who, after her husband's retirement and eventual death, starts a new life living with her daughter's family. The film dra… Read more

Stereoscopic Vision (, 1952)
The film sets out to describe the factors of stereoscopic vision and their projection requirements, especially geometrical. The various practicable methods of projection and viewing aids are reviewed… Read more

Summer Interlude (Arne Sucksdorff, 1950)
The lives of the inhabitants of a Swedish seaboard village that becomes a resort in summer are contrasted with those of visitors. The atmosphere of a little fishing village is beautifully caught, the… Read more

SUNDAY IN AUGUST (Luciano Emmer, 1950)
"Sunday in August", which could be called an Italian equivalent of an early film of Carol Reed, "Bank Holiday", is useful for drawing a distinction between French and Italian cinema. The glory of the… Read more

Tasmanian Tapestry (Hugh McInnes, 1953)
This film captures the color and old world charm of the Tasmanian landscape. ... Read more

Tatra (, 1952)
During the period 1947 to 1950, two young engineers tested the "Tatra 87", a Czechoslovakian automobile, on an extensive world tour through forty-eight countries. This film shows how the car used in … Read more

Teamwork: Past and Present (, 1950)
An animated feature film which outlines the evolution of labor &ndash: management co-operation from early history to the present. Begins with an elementary example of co &ndash: operation between two… Read more

The American Road (George Stoney, 1953)
Produced to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Ford Motor Company, this film relates the story of the changes on the roads of American during the last half century and the impact of the changes on… Read more

The Argentine Ant (, 1953)
Deals with the introduction of the Argentine Ant into Australia; its potential dangers and methods of eradicating this pest. ... Read more

THE BACK OF BEYOND (John Heyer, 1954)
The Birdsville Track is over three hundred miles long and, in terms of physical and mental isolation, it is probably without parallel. It joins Marree in South Australia to Birdsville in Queensland, … Read more

The Drawings Of Leonardo Da Vinci (Adrian de Potier, 1953)
The five hundredth anniversary of the birth of Leonardo da Vinci was celebrated in London by an exhibition held at the Royal Academy. Bound volumes of his anatomical studies, drawings now housed at W… Read more

THE GENERAL (Buster Keaton, Clyde Bruckman, 1926)
Buster Keaton is essentially the comedian of order, of logic; aloof, deadpan, isolated in his contests with the implacable machine &ndash: a runaway train, in this instance &ndash: he operates with a… Read more

THE GOLDEN COACH (Jean Renoir, 1952)
To an 18th century Spanish province in South America comes an Italian company of "Commedia dell'arte" players headed by-Camilla, the richly temperamental star of the troupe. Camilla is half in love w… Read more

The Ladybird (, 1953)
Made as a sequel to the film Six Minutes with Nature, this production uses ultra close-ups to tell the fascinating story of the life cycle of the Lady-bird. ... Read more

The Legend Of The Wanganui River (John Feeny, 1951)
Views of the Wanganui River from its source to the sea illustrate the ancient ... Maori legend of how the river was carved by Taranaki's journey in the long and distant past. ... Read more

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