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Films Screened In 1956

Many of the best Swedish films are identified with the work of Stiller and Sjostrom. The novels of Selma Lagerlof provide nearly all the material for their best films, including Thy Soul Shall Bear W… Read more

THE BANDIT (Limo Barreto, 1953)
The Bandit is the first Brazilian film to be shown in Australia. In 1953 it was awarded the prize for "films of adventure" at the Cannes Festival, being described as a "tragic-love story, played out … Read more

The Bespoke Overcoat (Jack Clayton, 1955)
Prize-winner at the 1955 Venice Festival,this modern Jewish variation of Gogol's famous serio-comic story, The Cloak, is a welcome addition to that rare genre, the short story film of quality. ... Se… Read more

The Book and the Idol (Samuel Elfert, 1954)
The film traces the conflict between paganism and monotheism from the early dawn of civilisation in Israel. Based on objects in the archaeological exhibit, "From the Land of the Bible", in the Museum… Read more

The Charms of Life (Jean Grémillon, Pierre Kast, )
Utilising the canvases of the painters who have won the Priz de Rome from 1860 to 1914, the film follows the Seven Ages of Man as these painters might have seen them. ... Read more

"Now, as I recall the past, I sometimes have difficulty in believing that it was really like that; I am inclined to refute and protest many of - the facts. . . . ... "But the truth is beyond all comm… Read more

The Coal Miner (Peter Dimond, 1954)
Life among miners on Australian coalfields. The mines have been mechanised, increasing production and improving conditions. ... Read more

The Colourful World of Otakar Nejedly (Jiri Lehovec, 1954)
The film illustrates the creative achievements of the Czech artist-painter during the last fifty years and indicates his devotion to educate young promising artists. ... Read more

The First in the World (Bogolepov, 1955)
A clearcut and simple account of the first atomic power-station ever built. Good animated sequences explain the functions of various installations. One of the most fascinating shots shows two white-u… Read more

The Jolifou Inn (Colin Low, 1955)
The changing seasons, the Quebec countryside, and the French settlers of Canada of 100 years ago seen through the paintings of Cornelius Kreighoff. ... Read more

THE LAST BRIDGE (Helmut Kautner, Gustav Gavrin, 1953)
Compassionate statements on war and its ... effect on the individual are rare in the contemporary cinema, but The Last Bridge tells of some of the realities with honesty and sincerity. ... The film d… Read more

The Making of the River (, 1954)
Tracing the formation of the river from its source waters, the film follows it to its termination at the sea. ... Read more

The New Chapter (, 1954)
A documentary film concerning the problem and care of eleven million refugees in West Germany from the Soviet Zone. ... Read more

The New India (, 1954)
A young couple, brother and sister, have been given a trip through India as a graduation present from their father. The purpose of their tour is to give them a better knowledge of their country and o… Read more

THE PROUD PRINCESS (Borwoj Zeman, 1954)
The Proud Princess is based on the popular fairy-tale of Bozena Nemcova, a classic author. The film tells of a young prince who is loved by his subjects for his wisdom and who, disguised as a gardene… Read more

THE RATS (Robert Siodmak, 1955)
The Rats opens in the atmosphere of postwar Berlin. Figures emerge from their symbolic darkness to stand before us with an almost agonising actuality. Two world wars, the disintegrating effects of de… Read more

The Raven (Lewis Jacobs, 1951)
Edgar Allan Poe's poem "The Raven" is illustrated by engravings by the French artist. Gustave Dore. ... Read more

The Reformation (, 1954)
Set amongst the actual sites of the Reformation. the film discusses such factors as the role of the Church in European life, the cultural rebirth caused through the Renaissance. the emergence of indi… Read more

The Rival World (Bert Haanstra, 1955)
The Rival World is the terrifying all powerful Kingdom of the insect. To half the men who die, death is brought by insects; of all the food we sow, insects take one third. The only way to halt the de… Read more

The Waiting People (Norman Swallow, 1954)
Deals with the problems of Displaced Persons in Europe and efforts to establish these people in Australia, America, Canada and other countries. ... Read more

The World That Nature Forgot (Lewis Jacobs, 1954)
This is the story of a new world, a world that begins in the mysterious universe of atoms and molecules, which combine in countless numbers to form everything we see and touch. It is the story of how… Read more

THREEPENNY OPERA (G. W. Pabst, 1931)
A genial adaptation lull of criticism and social satire, of the famous Brecht &ndash: Weill opera which was based on John Gay's "The Beggar's Opera," and the works of Francois Villon. ... The plot, w… Read more

Tom Schuler - Cobbler, Statesman (Dick Lundy, 1953)
Animated film on the establishment of the U.S. Federal Government and the formulation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. ... Read more

Tomorrow it will be Fine (A. Wawrzyniak, 1953)
A popular explanation of the way in which weather charts for northern Europe are compiled. Meteorological apparatus is shown in use and its purpose is described. ... Read more

TWO ACRES OF LAND (Bimal Roy, 1953)
Hailed as one of the first Indian neo &ndash: realist films, Two Acres of Land succeeds in presenting an unromanticised view of certain aspects of Indian life. It has been likened to de Sica's Bicycl… Read more

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