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Films Screened In 1957

On Such a Night (Anthony Asquith, 1955)
Synopsis not available Read more

ON THE BOWERY (Lionel Rogosin, 1955)
”The Bowery, the infamous street of derelicts in New York, is a syndrome of human blight, waste and decay: misused and shabby men living in a stale tenement city - confusion. At the turn of the cen… Read more

Origins of the Motion Picture (Jay E. Gordon, 1954)
A historical record of the development of machinery and the arts of the motion picture from the earliest suggestions of Leonardo da Vinci to Edison's invention of the Kinetograph in 1889. ... Read more

OTHELLO (Sergei Yutkevich, 1955)
Sergei Youtkevitch has defined his interpreta¬tion of Othello's tragedy not primarily as one of love and jealousy but of misplaced trust. Othello's murderous act is committed in defence of trust … Read more

Out (, 1957)
A border. Figures are seen in flight across the landscape. Volunteers help receive the refugees in Austria and lake them to a Red Cross frontier shelter; among them is a young widow from the working … Read more

Parade (Charles Eames, Ray Eames, 1955)
A large collection of children's toys are used as the basis for a fast-moving animated impression of a circus parade. ... Read more

PATHER PANCHALI (Satyajit Ray, 1955)
The 1956 Cannes Festival was remarkably rich in entries from famous directors. ^ Yet-in warmth, humanity and poetic sensitivity none could measure up to the first work of an outstanding film-maker - … Read more

Petrified River (, 1956)
The story of uranium. In the Southwest there lies a land of stone. 100,000 square miles of rainbowed rock spread out where Colorado, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico meet. Beneath these mesas lie the bed… Read more

Picasso (Luciano Emmer, 1954)
Emmer's film on Picasso is on a larger scale than his previous work, and the considerable running time enables him to analyse and discuss the work of this controversial artist in some detail. The com… Read more

Poverty, Chastity and Obedience (, 1956)
A film account of a visit paid by Christopher Mayhew to the Anglican Community of the Resurrection at Mirfield, Yorkshire. Mayhew set out to discover whether monasticism is relevant to the life of th… Read more

Prince Elektron (Henk Kabos, 1956)
A princess leaves her home country which falls into despair al the loss of her beautiful singing. The problem is solved by radio and T.V. sets. A gay and witty puppet film. ... Read more

Question in Togoland (Brett Porter, 1956)
The story of the first plebiscite ever held in a United Nations Trust Territory, when the people of Togoland in Africa decided by vole to join the adjoining Gold Coast and go on to independence as a … Read more

Regina Caeli (Paul Haesaerts, 1956)
The film shows the devotion of Fra Angelico to the Virgin Mary. A sequence which presents the Italian countryside, peaceful, evocative of Paradise, precedes the part devoted to the Annunciation and N… Read more

Rhythmetic (Norman McLaren, 1956)
Animation artists Norman McLaren and Evelyn Lambart endow the subject of arithmetic with lively humour as numerals indulge in unprecedented antics. Attention is focussed on what numerals do in combin… Read more

Romance Sentimentale (G. V. Alexandrov, 1930)
The makers of Potemkin, October, and The General Line were given a year's leave in 1929 but virtually no money, so that Eisenstein lectured for the London Film Society while Alexandrov and Tisse made… Read more

Rowlandson's England (, 1955)
Rowlandson's robust good-humour, his shrewd observation and his moments of brutally accurate caricature are all expressed in the illustrations that make up the film. Its concern however, is not with … Read more

SAFETY LAST (Fred Newmayer, Sam Taylor, 1923)
Harold Lloyd was one of the most important comedians of the silent period and in Safely Last he embodies his own principles of screen comedy. It was his ambition to make a thrill picture and the form… Read more

Snowdrift at Bleath Gill (Ken Fairbairn, 1955)
A documentary concerning an engine caught in a snowdrift and its release after a five-day battle by the rescue squad. ... Read more

Song of the Clouds (John Armstrong, 1957)
No two people on earth are more than two days apart. The key note of this picture is the air in the service of mankind. ... Read more

SPIVS (Federico Fellini, 1953)
Federico Fellini was scarcely a new name to the critics when his film La Strada was shown at the Italian Film Festival. Fellini had been active on the creative side of the Italian neo-realist movemen… Read more

Spring Comes to Kashmir (Ravi Prakash, 1956)
Shot in colour, the film captures the arrival of spring in the beautiful valley of Kashmir with its lovely white almond and pink cherry blossoms. We see the people coming out to work in the fields af… Read more

STORM OVER ASIA (V. I. Pudovkin, 1949)
Pudovkin's third film, originally called The Heir to Genghiz Khan, is the story of a young Mongol trapper who, after being cheated by a European trader to whom he tries to sell a silver fox fur, caus… Read more

Tam O'Shanter (W. J. McLean, 1955)
Tam O'Shanter is a rendering of the Robert Burns poem set against a background of drawings. ... Read more

Tanz der Muscheln (Alfred Ehrhardt, 1956)
The many-shaped and many-textured world of shells from all the oceans is observed under changing lights and in varied patterns of movement. The accompanying music is composed of electronically produc… Read more

The Adventures of Prince Achmet has the distinction of being the first full length animated film ever made. After an initial failure to get a major release in Berlin, the film was shown in Paris and … Read more

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