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Films Screened In 1957

Towards Tomorrow (John Meredyth Lucas, 1956)
A dramatisation of the life of Dr. Ralph J. Bunche, distinguished American statesman and Nobel prizewinner. Reenacted, the film depicts the problems the statesman faced and overcame in his youth with… Read more

Treasure of Ostend (Henri Storck, 1956)
A little boy loses his dog and his friends set out to help him find it. The search results in a number of amusing adventures, during which the children are under the protection of two worldly and com… Read more

U.S.A (Henry Strauss, 1955)
U.S.A. asks the question: "How do you get to know a land and its people?" and then proceeds to answer this question through an imaginary airplane flight from region to region covering all the geograp… Read more

UNDERCURRENT (Kimisaburo Yoshimura, 1956)
The film unfolds the tradition-minded world of "Kyozome", a dyeing handicraft maintained proudly for ages in Kyoto and well-known throughout Japan. ... Undercurrent is a love story. The heroine is Ki… Read more

VAMPYR (Carl Dreyer, 1931)
Inspiration for the story of Vampyr is credited to Sheridan le Fanu's "In a Glass Darkly". but only one story 'Carniilla" bears any relationship to the film. Rather than from any particular literary … Read more

Van Meegeren's Faked Vermeers (Jan Botermans, G. A. Magnel, 1951)
In 1937 the art world was startled by the discovery of a canvas, "Christ at Emmaus", recognised by the famous expert. Bredius, as an authentic Vermeer. In the years that followed many similar paintin… Read more

Wayang Kulit (Zain bin Hussein, 1956)
Wayang Kulit means shadow play in Malayan. The film shows a troupe of shadow-players travelling and performing in the villages and kampongs of Kelantan, on Malaya's East Coast. ... Read more

Why the Crow is Black (Chien Chia-chun, 1955)
A cartoon based on a Chinese folk tale about a handsome and tuneful bird who pays for vanity and laziness by becoming sooty and hoarse. ... Read more

WINDFALL IN ATHENS (Michael Cacoyannis, 1953)
The appeal of this film, first screened to an English-speaking audience at the 1954 Edinburgh Festival, lies not in its technical qualities but in the capacity of its director to present through conv… Read more

Your House and Mine (Peter McIntyre, Robin Boyd, 1956)
The film traces the development of imaginative and lively approaches to house design in Melbourne up until the Second World War. ... Read more

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