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Films Screened In 1958

IT IS NOT EASY TO GET MARRIED (S. Jovanovic, 1957)
A young and attractive schoolmaster arrives in a small, slumbering village on the endless Pannonian plains. The placid friendship of two Greek orthodox priests is disrupted when their respective wive… Read more

Journey Into Spring (Ralph Keene, 1957)
The visitor Lo Southern England can still find the wild life of cuckoo, mole, hedgehog and rook which Gilbert White made famous in his "Natural History of Seiborne". ... Read more

A fossilised creature, millions of years old. is discovered by four young boys at the entrance to a cave. Their curiosity and imagination stimulated they decide to sail their boat down the river flow… Read more

KANAL (Andrzej Wajda, 1956)
On the first of August 1944 the city of Warsaw rose against the Nazi occupiers. Through long incredible weeks the) continued the struggle until they were defeated and the city was destroyed by the Na… Read more

La Belle au Boa (Louis Cuny, C. de Saint-Maurice, 1957)
A cinematographic ballet on the overtures of Rossini, with the assistance Maurice Bejart and the dancers Ballet. ... Read more

LA GRANDE ILLUSION (Jean Renoir, 1937)
This film of Jean Renoir made in 1937 is a pacifist picture pleading like Pabst's Kameradschaft for toleration and co-operation between nations and arguing that divisions of rank and class, like the … Read more

Lascaux, Cradle of Man's Art (William Chapman, 1949)
Made by an American journalist, showing the famous prehistoric cave paintings of Lascaux in the Dordogne region of France, this film is a fascinating record of one of the most remarkable examples of … Read more

Lekko (Herman Van Horst, 1954)
Made by the director of Houen Xo this film is about the herring fishing activities of the Iceland fishing fleets. Memorably capturing the life of hardy men whose occupation is to brave the rigours of… Read more

Lithographic Ballad (J. Jabely, 1957)
Two children are transported into the colourful world of 19th century lithographs. Their adventures there and their final awakening in the modern age are symbolised by the style and colouring used by… Read more

Machine Symphony (J. Mitry, 1956)
This is not a documentary film about the industrial age &ndash: it is a pure treatment of the "song of the machines," giving them a visual form &ndash: a ballet of mechanical shapes. ... Read more

Magdana's Donkey (Z. Harshiladze, 1955)
Set in the 19th century in Southern Russia this is a simple poetic story of poverty. In the. village of Kartli in Georgia lives the widow Magdana, a poor peasant, with her three children. They live b… Read more

Mike (Edgar M. Queeny, 1957)
Mike is the story of a black Labrador retriever &ndash: "companion of man, conservator of birds" told in a straightforward manner amid the quiet background of his kennel and the splendour of the timb… Read more

Mr. Rzepka and His Shadow (W. Wajzer, 1956)
A puppet film which tells in lively fashion how the hero falls out with his shadow. ... Read more

Musik Fuer Kinder (Heinrich Tichawski, )
The film is based on the "Schulwerk" of Professor Orff, the aim of which is to awake and develop,,in connection with children's games and plays, the natural musical gifts which are dormant in every c… Read more

New Guinea Commercials (Lex Halliday, 1958)
Two 2-minute advertising commercials made for Lifebuoy and Rinso with a native cast and in Pidgin English for distribution in New Guinea. Honorable mention &ndash: Australian Film Awards ... Read more

New Pastures (Stanislav Mozdzenski, 1948)
From the harsh Carpadiian heights sheep are moved on to lower lying pastures. This beautifully shot film shows the varied, two-day journey of the sheep, the dogs and the shepherds. Prizewinner at Can… Read more

Sang-Hu, who made the beautiful Chinese opera film Liang Sha &ndash: Po and Chu Ying &ndash: Tai (shown at the 1956 Melbourne Film Festival) in his latest production, New Year Sacrifice, gives us a d… Read more

This is a faithful but not too serious reconstruction of a film show one might have seen at the Gem or Electric Palace in 1915. The feature is Will Barker's The Road to Ruin (which "The Times" descri… Read more

On the Border of Life (Nicole Vedres, Jean Rostand, 1953)
Subtitled "Glimpses of French Biological Research", this film opens with a brief "lesson" in elementary biology and then surveys the work of leading French laboratories principally in the fields of e… Read more

Pan-Tele-Tron (D. Turpin, 1957)
An animated cartoon giving a not too serious history of the evolution of telecommunications. ... Read more

Paris at Night (Valere et Baratier, 1955)
Without commentary, we are shown an authentic portrait of Paris during the night. From the gay nightclubs to the side streets martre we watch the working, dancing, city. ... Read more

PARIS QUI DORT (René Clair, 1923)
One of the first films made by Rene Clair, Paris Qui Dort gives a foretaste of that leaning to' fantasy which contributed so much to Clair's later work and made him one of the outstanding directors o… Read more

Pastoral Wedding (Ion Rodan, 1957)
The wedding of a shepherd in a wonderful place of Rumania, depicting the old traditions of the country people. ... Read more

PATHS OF GLORY (Stanley Kubrick, 1957)
France, 1916, a few miles behind the front: upstairs, in the chateau commandeered by the French army as military headquarters, the orchestra plays a waltz for an officers" ball; and in the grandiose … Read more

People Like Maria (Harry Wyatt, 1958)
The film was made as a tribute to the tenth anniversary of the World Health Organization: Patterned for multi-lingual presentations (Spanish, French versions are already completed), it is a series of… Read more

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