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Films Screened In 1958

Peter Breughel the Elder (Arcady, 1954)
The work of Peter Breughel, the Elder, not only reflects life in a Flemish village but also the struggle of the people against the Spanish oppressors, as depicted in the "Massacre of the Innocents". ... Read more

PROFESSOR HANNIBAL (Zoltan Fabri, 1956)
Professor Hannibal, a teacher at a secondary school lives with his wife and four daughters in a tortuous little street somewhere in the oldest quarter of Budapest. He is a modest and timid man, beset… Read more

Proud Years (George C. Stoney, 1956)
It is about optimistic people who have learned to overcome the handicaps and disabilities of old age. A fine contribution to the study of the old age problem. ... Read more

Radioastronomy in Australia (A. J. Higgs, 1958)
Radioastronomy is the study of radiowaves which celestial bodies emit revealing many of their characteristics. This film explains the nature of radiowaves and shows how they are collected by radio-te… Read more

Re-Birth of a River Valley (George Wickremesinghe, 1957)
The development of the Galoya Valley in East Ceylon. The camera follows stage by stage tile building of a giant dam to form a reservoir, the clearing of the forest, the settling of colonists and fina… Read more

Recreation (Louis Cuny, 1956)
A filmed ballet interpreted by Marie-Claire Carrie, Dick Sanders and the Etoiie Ballet troupe - with music by Kabalevski. ... Read more

Rembrandt, Painter of Men (Bert Haanstra, 1957)
This film about Rembrandt is made exclusively from his paintings and its purpose is demonstrate how the joys and sorrows influenced his art. ... Read more

Return to Sender (Jenny Blackwood, 1957)
The film is the story of the Post Office dead letter office and explains why some letters do not reach their intended destination. (Educational.) ... Read more

Roof of Australia (Geoffrey Collings, 1958)
In the winter snow of the Australian Great Divide the men of the Snowy Mountains Scheme go on with their work &ndash: surveyors and hydrographers skiing across the mountain tops, bulldozers and giant… Read more

Route de Cimes (Jean-Jacques Langeupin, 1957)
A day in the life of the driver of a road tanker as he leaves Chambery before dawn and guides his big truck along narrow, icy mountain roads. ... Read more

Sales Promotion - The Key to Efficiency (Digby Turpin, 1958)
An animated cartoon made for staff training, and serving as an introduction to a series of filmstrips. ... Read more

SAMURAI (Hiroshi Inagaki, 1954)
The great seventeenth-century warrior, Miyamoto Mushashi, whose prowess with the Samurai sword is legend in Japan, has been the subject of a number of film biographies. Samurai is the most extravagan… Read more

Scotland Dances (Alan Harper, 1957)
A brief account of some of Scotland's national dances and the still living tradition of folk dances which springs from everyday country life. ... Read more

So This Is Jollygood (Adrian Brunel, 1925)
During one of the periodic slumps in the British film industry, Adrian Brunei produced several satires on "film types". This one describes the trials of a film producer, the hunt for a financier, sho… Read more

South African Mosaic (Basil Mailer, 1957)
Against the vista of modern South Africa this film tells of the four main races &ndash: their origin work, education, religion, welfare and recreation. ... Read more

Spring Comes South of the Yangtze (Hao Chung-min, Chang Mengchi, 1957)
Springtime South of the Yangtze is not only a season for industrious work but also the rewarding time of harvest. No sooner has the late rice paddy been transplanted than the early wheat becomes a se… Read more

Sunday Drive (John Morris, 1958)
The film punches home the message that, when driving, you've got to keep your mind on the job. ... Read more

Sunday in Melbourne (G. J. Brealey, 1958)
An experiment in the creative use of colour visuals, natural sound and dialogue commentary, tills film shows the loneliness of the aimless wanderers in the city streets contrasted with those who have… Read more

SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS (Alexander MacKendrick, 1957)
In the artificially illuminated world of Cafe Society, overweening gossip columnists, and grovelling press agents, J. J. Hunsecker and Sidney Falco have already become mythical prototypes. They arc t… Read more

Swiss Architecture (Victor Borel, 1957)
Switzerland, not only rich in historic edifices, also finds solutions to the building problems of modern times. ... Read more

Tant Qui'l y Aura des Betes (Jules Brassai, 1955)
Brassai has written of it: "This is not a zoo film . . . perhaps I have taken the animals and used them as dancers in a ballet; a musical ballet; perhaps closer to animated design than a documentary." Read more

Terrain Vague (Marcel Martin, 1957)
A charming, rich woman brings presents to the derelicts of the "Peripheral Land" of Paris. Misunderstanding her motives, they reject her offerings. We also follow the story of a young girl whose futu… Read more

Terreur en Oklahome (Andre Heinrich, 1950)
A French satire on the "'Western" with a gold rush, a magnificent fight in a saloon, a cross-country bicycle chase, capture by Indians, and the apprehension of the bandit. The commentary is in French… Read more

The American Flamingo (Luis Osomo Barona, 1955)
A study of the American Flamingo, a species of wild life which is becoming rare, in the breeding grounds in the jungles of Yucatan. ... Read more

THE COLD HEART (Paul Verhoeven, 1950)
A dramatic fantasy, in colour, of a handsome young peasant who pledges his heart to an inimical wood demon in exchange for worldly prosperity. But without a heart, he loses the means of enjoying his … Read more

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