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Films Screened In 1960

The Christmas Visitor (John Halas, 1958)
A cartoon film which belongs wholly to the spirit of a child's Christmas. Having entered in traditional fashion by the chimney and filled the children's stockings, Father Christmas rests his weary sh… Read more

The Critic and Twelve Angry Men (Hazel Wilkinson, 1959)
This is the fourth film in "The Critic and the Film" scries. Here Arnot Robertson discusses the film from the writer's viewpoint. ... Read more

The Cry of Jazz (Edward O. Bland, 1959)
The Cry of Jazz makes a complete about-face in American documentary, from a passive, objective democratic or "simple humanist'' approach to a personal, passionate, active one. It is an essay film, wi… Read more

The Cultured Ape (John Halas, 1959)
This cartoon tells of a flute-playing ape, who in his tree in the jungle dreams of leading a civilised life among people who appreciate music. ... However, after being introduced into society he find… Read more

The Fox Has Four Eyes (Jamie Uys, 1960)
This is the story of tribal witchcraft, ritual, murder,and the frenzied efforts of a bereaved father to avenge the killing of his daughter. This becomes his obsession, and his determination finally c… Read more

THE GODDESS (John Cromwell, 1958)
Paddy Chayefsky's reputation has been built on the loving and detailed exploration of small-scale objects, the discovery of the significance of the commonplace. In The Goddess, he is working on an al… Read more

The Grasshopper and the Ant (Lotte Reiniger, 1955)
A silhouette film telling the fable of the grasshopper who, having idled all summer, appeals to the industrious ant for help in winter. ... Read more

The Great Koala Mystery (Roger Mirams, 1960)
Sinister koala trappers are active in the vicinity of Ten Town. The indomitable Terrible Ten youngsters set out to track down the trappers; find them in a cave, move up armour and artillery with the … Read more

Shot in black and white, set in Badacsony, where volcanic rocks overlook the waters of Lake Balaton, this is the story of simple people of wild ungovernable passions. Coming home from a prisoner-of-w… Read more

The Innocent Eye (John Schlesinger, 1959)
An exploration of the child's world, seen through their drawings and paintings; based on Traherne's "Is It Not Strange, than an Infant should be Heir of the whole World, and see those Mysteries which… Read more

The Island of Mongooses (Ágoston Kollányi, 1959)
An interesting nature study film showing how the importation of mongooses to an island in the Adriatic cleared it of a plague of poisonous snakes. ... Read more

The Little Island (Richard Williams, 1958)
Three men land on a tiny, deserted island. One believes in Trught, one in Goodness and one in Beauty. For several days they are content to sit in the sun and get brown. Then each indulges in a long p… Read more

The Living Wild (I. L. Dassenaike, 1959)
A film on the wild life of Ceylon, shot in Ruhuner and Wilpattu National Parks, and in the abandoned Veddha caves of Nuwaragala. ... The film has been conceived in three sequences - "Man in Nature", … Read more

The Magic Horse (Lotte Reiniger, 1953)
A silhouette film from Lotte Reiniger who has been cutting out paper shapes and photographing them since 1923. Here is another one, a fragment from the Arabian Nights. ... Read more

This is a film of a Chinese national dance which is based on an old legend. Travelling to the capital to take his examination, Liu Yen-chang comes to the temple of the Goddess San Sheng Mu on Mount H… Read more

The Questioning City (Eric Fullilove, 1960)
Some of the advanced scientific research now taking place at Cambridge is shown along with the lighter side of life there, such as a May Ball, the"Bump" Races, etc. The delightful architectural setti… Read more

THE SAVAGE EYE (Ben Maddow, Sidney Meyers, Joseph Strick, 1959)
From the moment of its world premiere at a midnight matinee at the Edinburgh Festival, this independently produced American picture has aroused much controversy. It is a study of a young woman waitin… Read more

The Seven Arts (Ion Popescu Gopo, 1958)
A cartoon review of the evolution of ideas. Man invents the seven arts - drawing and sculpture, architecture, theatre, literature, dance, music, and cinema. ... Read more

THE THIEF OF BAGDAD (Raoul Walsh, 1924)
Early in the 1920s, German historical films (Passion, Anne Boleyn) greatly impressed movie fans and movie producers alike with their lavishness of scene and production. Douglas Fairbanks, by now one … Read more

The Town Musicians (William Tytla, 1955)
The familiar story about the donkey, dog, cat and rooster who set out for Bremen to become town musicians is here quite faithfully translated into a colourful cartoon with delightful characters and a… Read more

The Vision of William Blake (Guy Brenton, 1958)
The main intention of this film is not to examine the artistic achievement of William Blake, but to illustrate, by a comprehensive use of his books and pictures, the story of a spiritual journey, the… Read more

Theodore Roosevelt (, 1958)
A dramatic portrayal of Theodore Roosevelt's political career, based on photographs, drawings, painting and engravings, original newsreel sequences and cartoons of famous artists of the day. ... Read more

There are no Blue Mice (Klaus Georgi, 1957)
The Sunday walk of the mice family and their meeting a little blue mouse. An amusing little cartoon on a serious theme - the effect of the colour bar. ... Read more

They Caught the Ferry (Carl Th. Dreyer, 1948)
A famous director adapts a "myth" on the theme of a hazardous motorcycle ride which ends disastrously. The motorcyclist, Sophus, and his girl, Elvira, race along madly to catch the ferry at Nyborg. T… Read more

Thirteen Cantos of Hell (Peter King, 1955)
An animated film based on episodes from Dante's poem, by a young artist who formerly worked with Lotte Reiniger, employing an interesting silhouette technique, with the animated figures having a scul… Read more

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