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Films Screened In 1961

Universe (Colin Low, 1960)
A journey through Space and time — the story of man's mastering of the patterns and dimensions of that cosmos in which the earth is a minute speck. With superb photography, imaginative commenta… Read more

VILLAGE ON THE RIVER (Fons Rademakers, 1960)
The film is set in a small Dutch village at the begining of this century. The central figure of this macabre and Rabelaisian story is the doctor who, when off duty, prefers, the friendship of the loc… Read more

Vincent Van Gogh (Jan Hulsker, 1953)
The film tells Van Gogh's life story and his tragic struggle against poverty and madness by means of excerpts from his letters to his beloved brother, Theo, using as its visual material the artist's … Read more

Viscount (Alex Stitt, 1961)
A visual interpretation of the Viscount Song, using design in place of narrative. ... Read more

Waltzing Matilda (G. Isakson, 1958)
An unusual interpretation of the swagman's suicide story, atmospherically staged and sung. ... Read more

Waterloo (E. Bernhard, 1958)
Wellington's headquarters still stand m the peaceful village of Waterloo; Napoleon's army tent, swords, flags are on display in the museum where visitors are shepherded past wax figures, paintings, f… Read more

We Shall Never Die (E. Gross, Y. Gross, 1960)
Faith in the survival of the Jewish people is expressed wilh the use of a few candles and a telling soundtrack in this brief symbolic film. ... Read more

WHITE NIGHTS (Ivan Pyryev, 1959)
Dostoevsky's famous bitter sweet story - of the girlwho wails 'or the return of her lover from abroad, wandering through the night streets of St Petersburg, and finding temporary consolation in the f… Read more

William S. Hart (S. J. Turell, P. Killiam, 1960)
The first western star, William S. Hart, produced, directed his own films, and appeared in all of them as the lead. In this study of his work, we see extensive extracts from two of his sagas: Tumblew… Read more

Wool's A Natural (Gus McLaren, 1960)
Rover's Kennel catches fire, much to the lamb's concern, but mother sheep comes to the rescue. ... Read more

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