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Films Screened In 1962

Hands to Flying Stations (R. J. Needs, 1961)
Photographic coverage of a complex team activity; the film is about the launching and recovery of aircraft, shot aboard the H.M.S. Hermes in service in the Mediterranean. ... Read more

Highlands in Toscana (Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti, 1961)
Using live photography and animation, the film demonstrates the importance of a properly balanced diet, and how to achieve it. ... Read more

History of Glass (G. Pike, 1961)
A commercial tracing of the use of glass throughout the ages. Second Prize, Advertising Section, "for a good thing that has come in glass". ... Read more

Hold Back the Sea (George Sluizer, 1961)
The eternal fight of the Dutch against the encroaching sea has been the subject of many films from the Netherlands in the past. This film does far more than to depict the ravages of ocean and lake, h… Read more

Honorable Family Problem (Bob Kuwahara, 1962)
Hashimoto displays annoyance at the intrusion of modern western influences on the oriental calm of his home, and the steps he takes to overcome the problem meet with disastrous results. ... Read more

IL POSTO (Ermanno Olmi, 1961)
Made by a young Italian director with a cast of non-professional actors, Il Posto concentrates on revealing its characters during a significant period of their lives. The story is very simple. Aged s… Read more

Images en Negatif (Eugene Deslaw, 1956)
An experimental abstract film which includes several strange and striking images, seen entirely in negative. ... Read more

Indian Water Birds (Gopal Datt, 1961)
Intimate pictures of the habits and characteristics of a variety of Indian water birds. Included are scenes of a courtship dance, quaint ways of feeding, and various scenes of large colonies. ... Read more

Jannings In Variety (S. J. Turell, P. Killiam, )
Excerpts from the world-renowned music-hall film, which made Emil Jannings famous in America. Much of the excitement of the original film is caught in the selected episodes, the continuity of which i… Read more

Jet (Lauritz Falk, 1960)
Since the dawn of time, man has longed to fly. This film, using the symbolic language of ballet, shows the history of aviation with particular em¬phasis on the principles and construction of jet … Read more

Johnnie Walker (Etienne Raik, 1958)
Bottles and tumblers dance and reel to the music of Scottish tunes. ... Read more

Kandyan Dancing (A. Seneviratna, 1961)
The film shows the famous Kandyan Dance in its entirety and details of its variations. We also see portion of the annual pageant in Kandy, "Kandy Perahera". ... Read more

Kangra and Kulu (N. S. Thapa, 1961)
Lying to the north of the Punjab and situated amidst the splendours of the Himalayas are the valleys of Kanga and Kulu. The film includes scenes of the colourful marriages of the people here and othe… Read more

Kitsiumbanyi (Fernand Tack, 1961)
A fascinating account of the eruption of the volcano Nyamuragia in the Congo. ... Read more

Klondike Strikes Out (Dave Tendler, 1962)
The true story of the accidental discovery of gold in the Klondike by one Hector Heathcote, who, of course, secured no credit for his achievement. ... Read more

KOLKA, MY FRIEND (Alexey Saltykov, Alexandre Mitta, 1961)
Kolka Snegirev is a boy like any other, but his reaction to boredom is a positive one—often leading to disfavour, as in the classroom. He finds a "fellow-sufferer" in the new Pioneer leader, Se… Read more

La Grande Foire (J. Mitry, A. Valio, 1961)
A fair should be a source of relaxation, of joy. Yet it is full of horrors and brutality, perhaps translating the hidden instincts of aggression and brutality lurking in all of us. ... Read more

LA NOTTE (Michelangelo Antonioni, 1960)
In "La Nolle", Antonioni renews the theme of "L'Avventura" with extended and refined style. The story is told allusively at first, with frequent interpolations. It is only after a great many external… Read more

LA REGLE DU JEU (Jean Renoir, 1939)
La Regie Du Jeu has a strange history. Made under hazardous conditions prior to Renoir's departure for Hollywood, it met with a hostile reception at its Paris premiere in July, 1939, and was subseque… Read more

Le Rendez-Vous Du Bois Du Boulogne (W. Carone, 1961)
A young boy of 13 is waiting to meet a girl, slightly older than he is, in the Bois de Boulogne. She is already two hours late, but his fantasies about her keep him occupied. At last, she arrives, bu… Read more

Les Eloquents (Jacques Guillon, 1955)
Les Eloquents, made for the 60th anniversary of the cinema, contains excerpts from a number of notable French films. It contains scenes from Carmen made by Feyder about 1922 and with Raquel Mellor in… Read more

Les Mistons (Francois Truffaut, 1957)
Les Mistons recalls the doings of five French boys during one summer when their childhood comes to an end and they stumble clumsily into adolescence. Baffled by this change, they express their bewild… Read more

Let My People Go (John Krish, 1961)
A documentary film about the treatment of the native population of South Africa. The abject misery, the injustice, the stupidities of apartheid, are shown with revealing forthrightness. ... Read more

Lights and Men (Hristo Kovachev, 1961)
Under the town of Dimitrovo's quiet night streets there lies another town; a town which is restless and tense where the battle for coal goes on ceaselessly. ... Read more

LIGHTS OF VARIETY (Alberto Lattuada, Federico Fellini, 1950)
Lights of Variety was Fellini's first major work; he shared directorial credit with Alberto Lattuada. The story concerns the rise to stardom of a stage-struck young girl, Liliana. She sees a performa… Read more

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