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Films Screened In 1963

Eyes of a Child (Henry Lewes, 1961)
The films views the teaching of blind children at Dorton House in Kent - a group of youngsters whose lives must always be different from our own. There is no comment nor any attempt to appeal for sym… Read more

FESTIVAL IN ADELAIDE (M. Otton, L. Townsend, R. Mason, I. Dunlop, 1962)
An entertaining and unified record of the wealth and variety of the programme presented at the 1962 Adelaide Festival. Australian Film Awards, Documentary Section, Silver Award "for polished and prof… Read more

FIERY LOVE (Herman van der Horst, 1960)
Herman van der Horst is no newcomer to the Melbourne Festival. This, his latest film, was two years in the making and its title, Faja Lobbi, is the name of the glowing red flower which symbolises the… Read more

FIVE CARTRIDGE CASES (Frank Beyer, 1960)
Spain, 1936. An officer and five volunteers of the International Brigade have been ordered to cover the retreat of the battalion which, out of ammunition, is forced to move back behind the Ebro. A si… Read more

Four Line Conics (Trevor Hetcher, 1962)
The concept of four line conics is explained by means of animated diagrams: an esoteric illustration of higher mathematics. ... Read more

Fragment of Seeking (Curtis Harrington, 1946)
A revelatory episode from the life of an adolescent Narcissus, in which he discovers the true nature of his desire. The world of the mind and that of exterior reality are fused so that they become in… Read more

Getting Warmer (Henk Kabos, 1961)
With animated puppets and a witty rhyming commentary the film shows how man has coped through the ages with the problem of keeping himself warm. ... Read more

GUNGA JUMNA (Nitin Bose, 1962)
This large scale Indian technicolor film was one of the big successes of 1962, and was highly praised by Indian critics for its production, mounting, sweep and imagination. It has, at its central the… Read more

Half of Mankind (, 1962)
Half of all mankind live in the villages of Asia: the living standard is low, but the village is the unit of organisation on which Asia rests, and upon which the foundation of progress must be built.… Read more

Happy Anniversary (Pierre Etaix, Jean-Claude Carrière, 1961)
It is the wedding anniversary of a young couple. The wife has prepared an intimate meal at home. The husband, returning by car, stops to make a few purchases; in a sustained series of visual gags we … Read more

Henry Moore, London, 1940-1942 (Anthony Roland, 1963)
Using a series of World War II shelter drawings by Henry Moore, this film was made as a homage to the people of London. ... Read more

IF THE WIND FRIGHTENS YOU (Emile Degélin, 1960)
Pierre and Claude, brother and sister, spend their holidays camping on the sands of the North Sea coast. Living together and seeing the same people the year round has created between them a bond to w… Read more

Image of the Sea (Richard Alan Gray, 1962)
An impressionistic study of seascapes extending from Northern Oregon to the Mexican border. ... Read more

Immortal Sebastopol (Yudin, 1962)
The story of Sebastopol, stormy centre of many battles, is reconstructed throughout the ages. The film culminates with the 250-days battle during the second World War, and is dedicated to the heroes … Read more

Immortality (Miklós Jancsó, 1959)
This film was made in memory of the noted Hungarian sculptor, Gyorgy Goldmann. Award: Best Art-film, San Francisco Festival. ... Read more

In Search of History (E. Hirshbain, R. M. Kneller, 1962)
A small party of archaeologists find Roman utensils, fragments of manuscripts in a cave used by Jewish insurgents fighting against the Roman army. ... Read more

In the Steps of the Buddha (P. Hettiarachi, 1962)
This documentary is composed mainly of paintings, taken from ancient Buddhist temples, which depict the three visits of Gautama Buddha to Ceylon as set down in the sacred chronicles named Dipawamsa a… Read more

Incident at Owl Creek (Robert Enrico, 1961)
A fragment out of the American Civil War. In a woody Alabama gorge preparations are being made for the hanging of a civilian. In the grey light before sunrise, the condemned man speculates on whether… Read more

Indians in the Cupboard (R. L. Leach, 1962)
An amusing TV commercial selling biscuits. Australian Film Awards, TV Advertising Section, Silver Award. ... Read more

INNOCENT SORCERERS (Andrzej Wajda, 1960)
From his fine trilogy on the subject of war and its aftermath, Andrzej Wajda turns to the gentler subject of young intellectuals in Warsaw. The innocent sorcerers of the film's title are a young doct… Read more

Innsbruck Tokyo 1964 (F. W. Bryant Jnr, 1963)
In animated form, the film traces the progress of the Olympic Games from their inception in Greece to their resumption in 1896. A description follows of the planning for the Innsbruck and Tokyo Games… Read more

Introduction to Denmark (Henning Nystad, 1960)
Here is a heterogeneous mixture of what constitutes Denmark. The film tells of the country's scenery and industries, its tourist attractions and its culture. ... Read more

Introduction to Feedback (Charles Eames, Ray Eames, 1960)
The cycle of measuring, evaluating and correcting in electronic data-processing equipment is called feedback. This film is an ingenious visualization of these concepts. ... Read more

Invisible Mirko (Stefan Topaldjikov, 1959)
This animated film tells how the puppet, Mirko, saves his friends from destruction by a spoilt prince. Award: Special Mention, Edinburgh Festival. ... Read more

It's the Tone That Makes the Music (Nol Bollongino, 1962)
Using a combination of animation and live action shots, this is a humorous explanation of vibration - particularly in connection with the production of gramophone records. ... Read more

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