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Films Screened In 1963

Käthe Kollwitz (Herbert Apelt, 1961)
An illustration of the life and work of the artist. The important stages and experiences in her life are reproduced in short scenes, and her work has been split up into theme complexes. The timelessn… Read more

Kindergarten (Guy L. Coté, 1962)
Presented with little commentary, the film is a candid camera study of children being very much themselves in the special world of the kindergarten classroom. The children's freedom from inhibition i… Read more

Korean Farm Calendar (Hang-O Kim, 1962)
Daily life in a Korean farm village throughout the four seasons of the year is interwoven with traditional customs and events such as birthday ceremonies, New Year's Day and kite flying. ... Read more

La Cathédrale Engloutie (D. S. Ashton, 1961)
The record of a series of abstract paintings and collages, based on the legend of the submerged cathedral, which were produced by the English artist, Ceri Richards. ... Read more

La Corrida Interdite (Denys Colomb de Daunant, 1958)
The intense ritual of the bullfight is filmed in close-up and exclusively in slow-motion; the visuals are thus given an air of horrific beauty. The sound of the organ adds a strange counterpoint. ... Read more

Landscape Painting (Sha Tan, 1962)
Beginning with shots of the old master, Pan Tienshou, at work, the film presents some of the chief features of Chinese landscape painting. ... Read more

Le Gros et le Maigre (Roman Polanski, Jean-Pierre Rosseau, 1961)
A haunting parable which insists that a slave will abandon all dreams of freedom if his master merely removes the intolerable restrictions which he has imposed. ... Read more

Lecture on Man (Richard Williams, 1962)
Using live action clips, still photography, and various animation techniques, Richard Williams illustrates a lecture given by Christopher Logue on the human situation. Awards: Gold Prize, Mannheim Fe… Read more

LEON MORIN, PRIEST (Jean-Pierre Melville, 1961)
Grenoble, 1940: a French provincial town during the Occupalton. A young widow with a child, anti-religious and Marxist, is discontented with her life. One day partly through boredom, partly through d… Read more

The Olive Trees of Justice was made min Algeria by a young American, James Blue, who has lived in Bab-el-Oued for the past two years. Set in Algiers during what are tactfully called "les evenements",… Read more

London for a Day (Ian Woolf, Jack West, David McKeand, 1962)
London's traditional sights. . . the fim conjures up the moods of a variety of London scenes and events throughout the day and night. ... Read more

Love and FIlm (Ivo Vrbanic, 1961)
Love is the same the world over, but there are variations on the theme; this film is a parody on the American, Swedish, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Yugoslav styles. ... Read more

Love Me, Love Me, Love Me (Richard Williams, 1962)
A film with a moral? When it comes to love, no one really has it good, especially stuffed alligators named Charlie. Award: Diploma of Merit, Edinburgh Festival. ... Read more

M (Fritz Lang, 1932)
Fritz Lang was interested in the case of the Dusseldorf child killer, Kurten, and prevailed upon his wife, Thea von Harbou, to help him write a screenplay on the man. The original title for the film … Read more

MAMMA ROMA (Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1962)
One of the year's most personal films, unmistakably the work of its creator - writer turned directo, Pier Paolo Pasolini - Mamma Roma is about an ageing prostitute who breaks from her pimp in an atte… Read more

Men on the Road (Kasimierz Karabasz, 1961)
This documentary film, gaining by understatement, is a study of a modest travelling circus - the life without the glamour. The photography is thoroughly telling and the film has a hauntingly grey, ra… Read more

Mukhtar the Sculptor (Wali Eldin Sameh, 1957)
In the village where the ancient sculptors came from, Mukhtar the sculptor was born. The film shows most of his work and traces how village life influenced him. ... Read more

My Financial Career (Gerald Potterton, 1962)
An animated version of Stephen Leacock's famous short story of a young man who is intimidated by everything connected with banking. ... Read more

MY MOTHER AND THE LODGER (Sang-ok Shin, 1962)
In an isolated town, a lonely family lives in the so-called "widow's house". The family consists of Madam Chung-sook, Okhee, her six-year-old daughter, Okhee's grandmother, and the house-maid, Songhw… Read more

Nalanda (Arun Chaudhuri, 1962)
An attempt to capture the spirit that animated the ancient University of Nalanda. By giving a brief account of its scholastic activities, the film highlights the intellectual catholicity that prevail… Read more

Peitahuang (The Great Northern Waste) is an area in North-East China. Formerly it was a snowy wilderness haunted by wild animals and birds. Its few inhabitants used lo say of it: "Wild and desolate i… Read more

NIGHT TIDE (Curtis Harrington, 1961)
Night Tide retells the legend of the sailor and the mermaid. It is set in Venice - Venice California, a curiously decrepit suburb of Los Angeles, which sprawls along the waterfront, surrounded by oil… Read more

ON A SMALL ISLAND (Rangel Valchaniv, 1958)
In 1923, 43 revolutionaries were arrested for an abortive uprising in Bulgaria; whilst awaiting execution, they were imprisoned on a small island controlled by a sadistic, militaristic captain. The f… Read more

On The Edge (Curtis Harrington, 1949)
In this film a state of mind is cinematically abstracted into a suspenseful, doom-haunted adventure, taking place in a strange, evocative setting of miniature, bubbling volcanoes and desolate wastela… Read more

Paradise Lost (Luciano Emmer, Enrico Gras, 1948)
A filmic synthesis derived from the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch. An ingenious and disquieting production which traces the impact of sin from its first appearance in the Garden of Eden. ... Read more

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