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Films Screened In 1964

Discovery - Penicillin (Denis Rich, 1964)
The story of penicillin from Sir Alexander Fleming's discovery, through the work of Florey and Chain, perfecting its use to its large scale production during the Second World War, and the research th… Read more

DULCINEA (Vicente Escrivá, 1963)
Dulcinea is based on the tragi-comedy by Gaston Baty, the grand homme of the French theatre. ... Whilst on his death bead Don quixote sends the ever- faithful Sancho Panza with a letter to his belove… Read more

Encounters (Hans Tromer, 1964)
A visit through the Swiss National Museum in Zurich. ... Read more

Everyday Chronicle (Vatroslav Mimica, 1962)
With subdued colours and with apposite soundtrack, this bitterly satirical film warns that humanity and individuality may succumb to the advance of a mechanistic world. ... Read more

Fire Dancers (N. Minchev, 1963)
A lilm on the Nestinari dancing over live coals: an age-old pagan rite, which sustained the faith of the Bulgarian people during the five centuries of Turkish rule. ... Read more

Fisherman's Day (Le Hoang Hoa, 1963)
A beautifully photographed film showing Vietnamese fisherman at work using traditional methods and ancient crafts to wrest a living from the seas. ... Read more

FOOLISH WIVES (Erich von Stroheim, 1921)
This many faceted view of the gay life in Monte Carlo immediately following the Armistice of 1918 is a dar­ingly humorous and subtly provocative sexual comedy that shocked the film goers of its d… Read more

Football As It Is Played Today (Joseph L. Anderson, 1962)
The dawn to dusk activities of a football Saturday are condensed to reveal the ant-like ritual of people at mass sporting events. A folk-music background adds wry comment. ... Read more

Fourteenth Anniversary of People's China (, 1963)
The achievements of China's reconstruction programme, affecting the capital, the countryside, factories and mar­kets. Despite three successive years of natural disasters, an improvement is seen i… Read more

Francis Bacon Paintings, 1944-1962 (David Thompson, 1963)
Francis Bacon's paintings have realised a vision of the human condiiion both in its violence and its grandeur. This film attempts not so much to interpret that vision as to approach its meaning throu… Read more

Friendly Touchdown (Italo Bernicchi, 1963)
A light-hearted report of the Wallaby Rugby team from Australia playing an international series in South Africa and seeing the country in terms of their individual interests. ... Read more

Gallina Vogelbirdae (Jirí Brdecka, 1960)
This strange mixture of Latin, German and English is the name of a hen, or rather, a hen painted in an unconventional way and the film tells the story of a little boy who, with his head in the clouds… Read more

Gandhara Art (S. M. Agha, 1963)
From the recently excavated city of Taxilla in North­western Pakistan, we are shown relics of the Hellenistic-Indigenous culture that flourished in the first century B.C. to the second century A.… Read more

Gesicht von der Stange (Raimond Pohl, 1961)
A young girl's innocent, strong face, beautiful in its irregularity and unspoilt freshness, is transformed by a teenage beautician into an expressionless, dull mask. All traces of her natural charm a… Read more

Glaciers and Their Streams (Alfred Ehrhardt, 1962)
Impressions of the spaciousness and abstract patterns of the world of glaciers in Iceland. Aerial views of the Vainajokull show the gigantic streams emanating from the world's greatest glacier, and t… Read more

Hand Puppets (Yu Che-kuang, Chang Chao-chun, 1963)
A tribute to the art of Yang Sheng of the Hand Puppet Theatre. His repertoire calls for the impersonation of a great variety of characters including wise scholars, dashing generals and forsaken damse… Read more

HANDS ON THE CITY (Francesco Rosi, 1963)
Francesco Rosi first received critical attention for his La Sftda then I Magluui, and two years ago, for the outstanding study of the Sicilian bandit Sahatoie Ciuhano. His new film, Hands On The City… Read more

I THE ABORIGINAL (Cecil Holmes, 1964)
The film, which is based on Douglas Lockwood's book "I The Aboriginal", traces the siory of Phillip Roberts, a full blooded AIawa tribesman from the Roper River, from the time of his meeting wiih a d… Read more

IL GRIDO (Michelangelo Antonioni, 1957)
II Grtdo, which is immediately pre-L'Aventttra in the Antonioni canon, has the same classical purity and simplicity as the later film and the same Antonioni qualities — complexity of character … Read more

Jain Temples of India (Arun Chaudhuri, 1963)
The camera lingers fondly over details of the splendid temples erected for the followers of the Jain faith. ... Read more

Josef Herman (Anthony M. Roland, 1962)
The film depiets the drawings of Josef Herman, the leading British realist who has continued the humanist tradition of Daumier, Millet and Van Gogh, and has found for the miners, peasants and fisherm… Read more

Justice (Ante Babaja, 1962)
A man and a woman quarrel in the street. Others take sides, and a brawl begins. The police finally intervene and justice is carried out in a manner befitting this stylised, slap-stick satire. ... Read more

Kaleidoscope - Made in Austria (Helmut Pfandler, 1961)
A pictorial survey of Austria's industrial potential, told without commentary in purely visual terms. ... Read more

L'Abrivade (J. Gringaut-Lefèvre, 1963)
The 'Abrivade' is an old French local tradition of the famous Camargue region. Through the village streets are led a number of wild bulls which have been selected for the arena. The villagers try to … Read more

La Contrebasse (Maurice Fasquel, 1962)
The film, based on a novel by Chekhov, tells about a young musician who, in Tzarist days, had a swim in a river before setting out to play at a ball but had all his clothes stolen. He hid in a wash-h… Read more

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