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Films Screened In 1964

Labyrinth (Jan Lenica, 1962)
Diverse animation techniques cieate in this film a cruel and absurd world from which escape is impossible — anyone caught up in this Kafka-like nightmare can only persist, undeterred. ... Read more

Lake Wilderness (Sven Perrson, 1962)
The wild life on and around Lake St. Lucia, a game reserve in Natal. The magnificent photography shows unusual and interesting events such as the hatching of crocodile eggs. ... Read more

Le Pèlerin Perdu (G. Jorré, 1962)
In 15th century France, a pilgrim loses his companions in a forest. When he eventually reaches a village, he is given work by a fisherman but the rest of ihe village rejects him because they believe … Read more

Leaf (Fred Hudson, 1962)
A lone autumn leaf hangs on a maple tree high in the mountains. The wind shakes it loose — we follow its journey as it soars through the air,hovers on a ledge and finally alights on a stream wh… Read more

Let the Roses Live (Sergiu Nicolaescu, 1964)
A film-metaphor in which the flowers are pleading for the preservation of peace. ... Read more

Magic Mountains (Robert Enrico, 1962)
A spectacular series of views from a trip through the mountain chain of the Pyrenees. ... Read more

Mammals (Roman Polanski, 1962)
The film says a few words about human failings by distorting or situations until, at the peak of absurdity, we reach a moment of insight. ... Read more

Maori Arts and Culture - Carving and Decoration (Ronald Bowie, 1963)
The traditional Maori arts of carving and decoration are studied in detail and the techniques involved are illustrated by the Construction of a village meeting-hall. ... Read more

Matches (Katja Georgi, 1962)
The consequences of a dance of matches comprises this cautionary film. ... Read more

Mathematical Peep Shows (Charles Eames, Ray Eames, 1961)
A fascinating introduction to mathematics through a series of short film essays in cartoon und live action showing, for example, how the earth was measured with the use of simple instruments. ... Read more

Measure for Measure (Günter Rätz, 1963)
An animated film, satirising individuals who make in­ferior goods whilst expounding the need for craftsmanship. ... Read more

Meet the Danes (Hagen Hasselbalch, 1963)
A film impressing on the Danes their duties as hosts to foreign tourists visiting Denmark. ... Read more

Motion Picture (Frank Paine, 1962)
Impressions of a journey observed with an eye for social phenomena. In a tour-de-force compression of timer closely edited io a percussion score, the peripatetic camera telescopes impressionistic vis… Read more

MY HOBO (Zenzo Matsuyami, 1962)
This comedy of modern Japanese life follows the adventures of a carefree wandering tramp with most of his belongings on his back and his savings plastered to his waist under his rags. He is managing … Read more

Nacktong River (Haing O Kim, 1964)
The history, culture and life of the people of the Nacktong River, which flows into the Southern Sea of the Korean Peninsula. ... Read more

A story of a truck-driver who leads a modest life in a suburb of Istanbul, with his wife, daughter and elderly father. A neighbour tries hard to separate the family so that he can marry the wife. Aft… Read more

Painter at Work - Graham Sutherland in France (Peter Newington, 1962)
In the austere and dramatic Mariiitne Alps of France, Sutherland draws directly from nature for the themes of his paintings. He is fascinated by nature's opposing forces — the gentleness and vi… Read more

Parc des Princes (C. Guillemot, 1963)
With the clever use of sound and an original editing technique, players and spectators are observed during a football mutch at the Parc des Princes in Paris. ... Read more

PASSENGER (Andrzej Munk, 1963)
In September 1961, when Passenger was half finished, Andrzcj Munk was killed in a car accident. The first sequences — in which a woman passenger on a liner is shocked into recollections of Ausc… Read more

Patte Mouillée (Gilles Carle, 1963)
Canada's top contenders for the Olympic competitions to be held in Tokyo in 1964, training and competing in the swimming championships held in Vancouver. ... Read more

Pattern of Life (Geoffrey Collings, 1964)
A study of bark paintings as a background to the social and religious life of the Australian aborigines. ... Read more

Pipes of Para (Gil Brealey, 1963)
The changing pace of life in the Barossa Valley as reflected by the churches there. ... Read more

Pop Goes the Easel (Ken Russell, 1962)
Monitor cameras spend a day — from dawn until midnight — with four young artists who between them have won critical acclaim, exhibition prizes and Art Council awards. Each of them has sou… Read more

Portrait of Frans Hals (Frans Dupont, 1963)
"Beneath his brush matter becomes a living reality, symbolic of inexorable death and everlasting life... " ... This film is about the life and work of the famous Dutch 17th century artist as seen thr… Read more

Présence d'Albert Camus (Georges Regnier, 1962)
Albert Camus joined the French resistance movement and, in 1945, became the editor of "Combat". Trained in philosophy, he preached rebellion against the absurd­ity of human life. This film does n… Read more

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