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Films Screened In 1964

Pressure (Kaarlo Nuorvala, 1963)
A sharp protest against the mounting pressures to which school children are subjected at home, at school, in the streets, on the sports field and the effect on the formation of their character. ... Read more

Pride of the Mediterranean (Gamal Madkour, 1960)
A review of the attractions — ancient and modern — of the historic city of Alexandria. ... Read more

Rank Xerox (H. Farkash, 1964)
A top-rank commercial selling a duplicating machine. ... Read more

River Idyll (S. M. Agha, 1963)
A river voyage in East Pakistan showing not only the great scenic beauty, but also the ways in which the river affects the lives of the people living close by. ... Read more

Sailing (Hattum Hoving, 1963)
From the delicate colouis of dawn on the lake, to the final shots of sailing boats beating home before an evening storm, this film with intricate camerawork, and subtle editing is i song of piaise of… Read more

School at Rincon Santo (James Blue, 1963)
Self-help in Columbia: a village builds a school for its young. James Blue (whose Algerian feature Les oliviers de la justice was screened in the 1963 Melbourne Film Festival) shows the event in his … Read more

Shell Spirit (John Heyer, 1962)
John Heyer's experiment in condensing the impressions of fast car travel. ... Read more

SIBERIAN LADY MACBETH (Andrzej Wajda, 1962)
Andrzej Wajda, famed Polish director of the trilogy, A Generation, Kanal and Ashes and Diamonds, was engaged by Avala Films of Belgrade to adapt for the screen the story "Lady Macbeth of Mtensk" by t… Read more

SILENCE (Kazimierz Kutz, 1963)
The silence is that kept by an old priest. The film is set in a small Polish town suffering ibe immediate pri­vations of the aftermath of the war. A rebellious young teenager taunts and abuses th… Read more

Simon (Peter Zadek, 1957)
An extraordinary, intimate excursion Into the realm of childhood. ... Read more

SISSIT (Mikko Niskanen, 1963)
"Sissit" is the name of Finland's famed commando group which patrolled the borders of the country and staged harassing raids into enemy territory during the last war. The film tells of the experience… Read more

Sky (John Feeney, 1962)
From the height of the Rockies, on the rim of the Alberta plains, the stop-motion camera catches and condenses the spectacle of one day in the life of the sky. ... Read more

Snow (Geoffrey Jones, 1963)
Trains, railwaymen, passengers rushing through snow country form a kind of choreography in unity with an electronically edited and arranged jazz composition. ... Read more

SO CLOSE TO LIFE (Ingmar Bergman, 1958)
Although different from most of Bergman's films, the recurring theme of death in life is still present in So Close To Life — in mood it is probably closer to Wild Strawberries than most of his … Read more

Song About Iron (Ágoston Kollányi, 1962)
An expressive realisation of the art of Janos Perez, a young painter who exchanged the brush for the hammer to create in iron. ... Read more

Song of the Snows (N. S Thapa, 1963)
The vast splendour, serenity, and majesty of the snow-clad Himalayas is breathtakingly captured by an Indian mountaineering film-crew. ... Read more

Stone Sonata (Carmen Dâ'Avino, 1962)
A strange world of brightly coloured stones. ... Read more

Strange Excellency (Paul Bonner, 1964)
The story of Sir John Pope-Hennessy, one of the most extraordinary figures among the many extraordinary men who ruled the British Empire. The story of his entry into the Colonial Service and how his … Read more

Surf (Homer Groening, 1963)
A poem of blue water, white surf, and bronze surfers, photographed at the famous beaches of Makaha, Sunset, Makapuu, Waikiki and Rincon. ... Read more

Tassili N'Ajjer (J. D. Lajoux, 1962)
In the heart of the Eastern Sahara, in the rocky moun­tain mass of Tassili des Ajjers, some prehistoric wall-pamtmgs have just been discovered. These, in their rich variety, bear witness to the p… Read more

Teeth Is Money (Eddy Ryssack, 1962)
Once upon a time there was a man who made his fortune in toothpaste ... A satire on big business methods realised with 387 drawings. ... Read more

THAT CAT . . . (Vojtěch Jasny, 1963)
The Czechs have always had a fondness and talent for fantasy and in That Cat they have found a particularly intriguing central theme. A small town suddenly finds itself transformed by the magical pow… Read more

The Aborigines of Australia (Ian Dunlop, 1964)
By reason of their former way of life the advancement of the Aborigines is a particularly difficult task which cannot he accomplished in a short space of time. How­ever, all Australian Government… Read more

THE BLUE ANGEL (Joseph von Sternberg, 1929)
Made in 1929, the first year of sound, The Blue Angel refused to follow the then popular technique of photographing theatre. Von Sternberg placed the emphasis on pictorial quality and concentrated on… Read more

The Boyana Master (Hr. Topusanov, 1961)
The famous frescoes of the Bovana Church near Sofia were painted by an anonymous artist of the 13th century, who broke with medieval stereotypes and produced real­istic images long before Giotto. ... Read more

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