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Films Screened In 1965

CURRENT (István Gaál, 1964)
A group of young students, who have just finished exams, set out on a picnic.They bathe in the River Tisza, and one of the boys dives to the bottom, a depth of over twenty feet, and brings up a handf… Read more

Cyclone (Santiago Alvarez, 1963)
A dynamic, documentary report, wilhout commen­tary, of devastation by the hurricane "Flora" through Cuba's provinces of Camueiicv and Ojienie in October, 1963. ... Read more

Dawn of the Capricorn (Ahmad Faroughy-Kadjar, 1964)
A sad eyed little boy wanders through the alley of the ancient city of Isfahau — his adventures ending in a final, bitter-sweet taste of first love. ... Prize of the Superior Technical Commissi… Read more

Degas Dancers (Anthony M. Roland, 1964)
An analysis of the greater part of Degas work which formed the central theme of his career: the ballet dancer. ... World Premiere, Melbourne Festival. ... Read more

Edvard Münch (U. F. Röyem, )
The artistic development of the well known Nor­wegian painter. Munch, as seen m his works collected in the Oslo Museum. ... Read more

End of Term (Mira Hammermesz, 1964)
Centering on a production of "The Tempest", the film effectively captures the mood of the last days of term an implicit comment on life at an English prep school. ... Read more

Faces in the Sun (Cecil Holmes, 1965)
The tensions set up by conflicting old and new ways, and by the pressures of assimilation are illustrated by the stories of four Aborigines. ... Read more

Fire (René Quinet, 1964)
The fascinating shapes of flames, the colour of white-hot furnaces, pouring molten steel; the gold of forging and the sunset reds of cooling forms. ... Read more

Five British Sculptors Work and Talk (Warren Forma, 1964)
Barbara Hepworth. Kenneth Armitage, Lynn Chadwick, Reg Butler and Henry Moore talk about and show their sculpture. ... Lion of San marco, Venice Art Film Festival. ... Read more

From the Tropics to the Snow (R. Mason, J. Lee, 1964)
Within the framework of a parody on a story con­ference, this brilliantly shot travel film gives fascinat­ing glimpses of the many tourist attractions of Australia. ... Read more

Gala Day (John Irvin, 1963)
The vitality, exhuherance and sincereity of the Dur­ham miner and his family on the annual Gala Day: a film deeply in tune with the people it is showing. ... Read more

Go-Betweens With Wings (Miu Chin, 1964)
The filmshows the ritual involved in the polination of flowers by bees, and how this pollination is used to raise the yield of vegetables and fruits. ... Read more

Goldwhiskers (Keith Learner, 1964)
James Burk. officially 000. is assigned to apprehend the notorious Goldwhiskcrs. who covers his girl friends with cheese. ... Read more

H. J. Maxwell, Engineer (Trevor Greenwood, 1964)
A UCLA student's film about an old railroad engineer who looks back on his life and although preferring the days of steam, has some grudging admiration for the diesel. ... Read more

Hand in Hand (Anna Herskó, 1964)
A quite enchanting record of .in exciting woilil seen through lhe eyes of a child. ... Read more

Hangman (Paul Julian, Les Goldman, 1964)
The film uses painting and design to speak out against the silence of people in the face of evil. ... Silver Sail, Locarno Festival; Silver Medal, San Franciso Festival. ... Read more

Heads I Win (Georges Robin, 1963)
An attractive mood film tracing a casual encounter between a teenage boy, on the 'prowl' for suitable company, and an attractive French girl whom he picks up. ... Read more

Help! My Snowman's Burning Down (Carson Davidson, 1964)
A man is seated in a bathtub, typing under water — the tub. along with other bathroom fillings, stands on the end of a pier This is his world, but outside intrusions eventually overtake him. A … Read more

Himalayan Lakes (Gopal Datt, 1964)
Scenes from a dozen lakes in the mountains offer an unfamiliar and attractive facet of the Himalayan landscape. ... Read more

HOW TO BE LOVED (Wojciech Has, 1962)
Bitter, unrequited love is the theme of this film. Fclicja is loved by thousands of listeners, she plays in a radio serial about an average Warsaw family. She has her fans abroad too, and is invited … Read more

I Think They Call Him John (John Krish, 1964)
An old man's life has. in a way. become the ultimate expression of lhat much-discussed twentieth century condition — the failure of communication. ... City of Krakow Prize, 1964. Diploma of Mer… Read more

I WALK AROUND MOSCOW (Georgy Danelia, 1964)
This pleasant, unpretentious film is about a young man from Siberia who, passing through Moscow, befriends a city boy who shows him the town. They meet a girl and spend a few idyllic hours doing noth… Read more

I Wonder Why . . . (Fredric Abeles, Stephen Segal, 1964)
This brief film-poem ponders on the ways of the world through the eyes of a child. ... Read more

IL POSTO (Ermanno Olmi, 1961)
Made by a young Italian director with a cast of non-professional actors. // Posto concentrates on revealing its characters during a significant period of their lives. The story is very simple. Aged s… Read more

It's About This Carpenter (Lewis Teague, 1963)
A modern day parable traces the journey of a young carpenter from his Greenwich Village home to a church, where he delivers a commissioned wooden cross. ... Golden Eagle, Cine. ... Read more

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