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Films Screened In 1965

Joseph Kilian (Pavel Jurácek, Jan Schmidt, 1963)
This is a tale, with Kafkaesque overtones, of a man who one day rents a cat from a state pet shop and when he wants lo return the animal finds that the shop is no longer there, and perhaps never was. ... Read more

Justice (Ante Babaja, 1962)
Highly stylised, this film uses pixilated motion to tell an anecdote about an affray in a street. ... Read more

Kenojuak (John Feeney, 1964)
Here is a strange world where, in the deepening Arctic twilight, the snow the sky, the very air seem to throng with shadows. This beautifully photo­graphed film is an essay on an Eskimo graphic a… Read more

Knees Up Mother Brown (Peter Kingsgate Smith, Luciane Della Mura, 1964)
An affectionate account of the pleasures of four old ladies in London's Eat End. ... Read more

La Promenade Enchantée (Jean Barral, 1962)
The film is content merely to walk among Douanier Rousseau's paintings, into a world beyond reality, to the heart of the painter's dream. ... Read more

Lahaul and Spiti (N. S. Thapa, 1964)
The scenic grandeur and the life of the colourful people of Lahaul and Spiti — an area snowbound and cut of from the rest of the world for six months of the year. ... Read more

LE FEU FOLLET (Louis Malle, 1963)
Le Feu Follet is about suicide. lt is an adaptation by Malle himself of a short novel, originally pub­lished in 1931, recounting the last twenty-four hours in the life of Alain, an ex -playboy, a… Read more

LEGACY (Richard Snodgrass, 1964)
This independent production— largely made by one man, Richard Snodgrass — comments on the legacy which the the adult world is preparing for the young. The setting is a small town in Arizo… Read more

LEMONADE JOE (Oldrich Lipsky, 1964)
Here the Czechs have taken a classic American folk-form, the Western, and shot it full of holes. This is the story of a folk-hero named Lemonade Joe whose exploits would astonish those other great co… Read more

Les Automanes (Arcady, 1964)
The misadventures of two people for whom the driving of a car involves one's self respect. ... Read more

Li Shuang-Shuang is perhaps the most outstanding film yet made about life in the Chinese countryside. Through the clashes between an ordinary peasant and his wife, in a people's commune, it reflects … Read more

Lila (Hugh Raggett, 1964)
After the death of her father, who was a clairvoyant. Lila discovered that she had the same powers, this film shows her at work as a medium in a spirtualist church. ... Read more

Litho (Cliff Roberts, 1962)
This is a concise exposition of the various types of lithgraphic printing, using exciting colour and a jazz score. ... Special Jury Prize, Tours Festival. ... Read more

LIVING JAZZ (Jack Gold, 1961)
A sober, factual study of the working lives of the members of Bruce Turner's Jump Band, a small group of professional jazz musicians. The film opens at the end of a dance at their base above a London… Read more

LOLA (Jacques Demy, 1960)
Lola is a fable about the different kinds of love, and one of its chief joys is in watching it work itself out, slowly, iineluctably, and above all, elegantly. Lola herself is a cabaret girl; she tak… Read more

Love (Yoji Kuri, 1963)
Synopsis not available Read more

Love (Kuri Jikken, 1963)
An almost operatic fantasy on the range of associa­tions of the word, love. ... Grand Prix, Oberhausen Festival, Golden Dragon Prize, Cracow Festival; Bronze Medal, Venice Festival. ... Read more

The life and artistic development of the composer are presented against the background of the turbu­lent events which took place in Europe during his life lime. The entire film is based on docume… Read more

MACARIO (Roberto Gavaldon, 1960)
Macurio is an allegorical fantasy about an im­poverished Mexican woodcutter; having performed an act of great unselfishness, he is given power io heal the sick. With his power he achieves fame an… Read more

MAHANAGAR (Satyajit Ray, 1963)
Turning his back on the nostalgic past, on the lyricism of his earlier films. Satyajit Ray has produced a completely realistic contemporary masterpiece. Its theme is the conflict between the old and … Read more

Malwa (S. N. S. Sastry, 1963)
Ruins from the Malwa plateau in Central India reveal a rich historical and cultural heritage and bring back memories of kings and pods, craftsmen and architects. ... Read more

Max Ernst - Journey into the Subconscious (C. Lamb, P. Schamoni, )
Max Ernst the great painter, reveals his inner veision of the world, as he speaks about his paintings. ... Read more

Mint Tea (Pierre Kafian, 1962)
A young man sits on the terrace of a Moniparnasse cafe from all the strangers around, will one respond to the anguish of a lonely man? ... Best Fiction Film, Oberhausen Festival. Diploma of Merit, Bi… Read more

Muddy Town (Vaclav Taborsky, 1963)
The camera records, with good humour, the reacations of newcomers to the vast sea of mud outside their apartments, which form part of a new housing project, still under construction. ... Read more

NAKED AMONG WOLVES (Frank Beyer, 1963)
The most naturalistic films about the last war have come from the Communist countries — Czechoslo­vakia, Poland, Russia, and now, East Germany. The Iron Curtain countries view it with grey … Read more

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