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Films Screened In 1965

NINE DAYS OF ONE YEAR (Mikhail Romm, 1961)
The nine days with which the film is concerned are in the life of the physicist, Dmitri Gusev, who has twice exposed himself to radiation and who endangers his life by taking a third, unnecessary ris… Read more

NIRJAN SAIKATE (Tapan Sinha, 1963)
A young girl, who has just been jilted, is taken to the city of Pun by her four widowed relatives. On the train the party befriends a young writer bound for the same place. During his stay there and … Read more

The National Film Board of Canada has been responsible for some of the best shorts made any­where since the war. Now, with this film, they are making a triumphant entry into the feature film fiel… Read more

One Day (Michel Wyn, 1964)
Elements of modernism and timeless traditions are depicted in quick successive images to give this impressionistic view of an average Indian town. ... Read more

One of the Family (Bernice Rubens, 1964)
An assessment of spastic children which concludes that the frustration of the child is usually less than that of the parents but with understanding, both parents and children alike can come to terms … Read more

This is a comedy fantasy involving such disparate elements as Chinese restaurants, kidnapping gypsies, and twin sisters who switch identities. The film centres on the differing values of two New Engl… Read more

Our Youth (Kaarlo Nuorvala, 1965)
This TV documentary deals with the problems of youth in Finland today. But are the voting ones alone to blame for their misdeeds or are the parents and the adult world around them equaly respon­s… Read more

Parade (Derek Hill, 1964)
A look at the English love of ceremony which suggests that people, when they cheer a passing parade, are not always aware of the element of authoritarianism latent in the spectacle before them. ... Read more

PETER AND PAVLA (Milos Forman, 1963)
Milos Forman's first feature-film has as its theme the trials and tribulations of a young boy: his first love, his relations with the adult world, his parents and the people with whom he comes in con… Read more

Rembrandt's Christ (Anthony M. Roland, 1964)
Without commentary, the film depicts the story of Christ as drawn by Rembrandt. The Christ story takes place in the houses, towns, canals, streets and fields of 17th Century Holland. One hundred and … Read more

Renaissance (Walerian Borowczyk, 1963)
A revolutionary animated film 'The principal hero is the unity of objects, or more exactly their move­ment in space and time". ... Plaque, Tours Festival. ... Read more

School of Paris - Five Artists at Work (Warren Forma, 1963)
Vignettes of five contemporary artists at work in Paris: Dewasne, Di Teana, Hartung, Fruhtrunk and Weibuch. ... Diploma Speciale, Bergamo Festival. ... Read more

Secret in the Hive (Gen-ichiro Higuchi, 1962)
This film observes honey bees constantly for nearly a year, scientifically analysing their activities and the perfect order of the colony. ... Bronze Medal, Venice Festival. Second Prize, Padua Festi… Read more

SHE AND HE (Susumu Hari, 1963)
A young couple lives on the outskirts of Tokyo in a modern apartment. She is a Manchurian refugee and an orphan, he is a businessman. Next to their building lies a wasteland of wooden shacks - a rag-… Read more

Sing of the Border (Tony Thompson, 1964)
To the music of the region, this film explores the landscape and history of the Scottish border country. ... Read more

Soul of a Fortress (Ferde Grofe Junior, 1964)
Designed as a mood study, the film is a poetic presentation of Corregldor as a battle monument. utilizing music and sound, without narration. ... First Prize, Manilla Festival; Second Prize, Bilabo F… Read more

Sound and Image (B. Phillips, 1964)
An experiment in the design of "scenery" produced by electronic means. Originally recorded on Videotape, the composite image, of dancers and geometric patterns, was transferred to film. ... Silver Aw… Read more

Sounding the Surface (A. J. Seiler, 1962)
An evocation of water, through movement, colour and sound. ... Read more

South-West Symphony (Keith Gow, 1964)
A lyrical account of the scenic beauties of the Great Ocean Road, which skirts the south-west coast of Victoria. ... Silver Award, Travel Category, Australian Film Awards, 1695. ... Read more

STRONGER SINCE THE WAR (Brett Porter, 1964)
Covering a wide cross section of post-war society, this television report explores the position of women in modern Japan. ... Silver Award, Documentary Category, Australian Film Awards, 1965. ... Read more

Teiva (Francis Mazière, 1961)
The childhood adventure of a ten-year-old Poly­nesian boy, with all the naturalness and wonder which that suggests. ... Silver Medal, Venice Festival; Diplome D'Honneur R.I.F.J., Cannes. ... Read more

Texture in Painting (Phoebe Flory, 1963)
By showing the manipulation of materials in illustrative paintings, from contemporary to anicent Oriental, the film demonstrates texture as a facet of design. ... Read more

The Adventure (John Richardson, 1964)
The story of a little boys love for trains, and his subsequent disenchantment, is told in purely cine­matic terms. ... Special Award, General Category, Australian Film Awards, 1965. ... Read more

The Beckoning Sea (Stephen Kabak, 1964)
Material for this student's thesis film is taken from an experimental collection stories entitled "The Beat Generation and The Angry Young Men". It is a capsule resume of the forces that a young man … Read more

THE BIG PARADE (King Vidor, 1925)
"The production of The Big Parade, cost two hun­dred and forty-five thousand dollars. It catapulted John Gilbert to the status of a major star, and advanced Renee Adoree and Karl Dane up th ladde… Read more

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