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Films Screened In 1965

The Ceiling (Vera Chytilová, 1962)
This film is by one of Czechoslovakia's few women directors — part documentary, part acted. It is a skilful record of the development of a young uni­versity student who turns model, and gra… Read more

The Chinese Screen (Edmond Agabra, 1962)
Are life and death different manifestations of the same Impulse passing from one being to another? In this film we have the haunting evocation of a legend through a study of a Chinese screen. ... Dip… Read more

The Conquest of Mount Shisha Pangma (, 1964)
Chinese moutaineers scale the last of the worlds unconquered peaks over 24,000 feet — Muiml Shisha Pangma in Tibet. ... Read more

The Critic (Aleksandar Marks, V. Jutrisa, 1964)
An animated satirical treatment of the eternal triangle of Artist, Critic and Audience. ... Read more

The Dreamer (Branko Ranitovic, 1961)
An animated treatment of the Walter Mitty theme, in which the hero exhausts himself with his day­dreams. ... Read more

THE ENGAGEMENT (Ermanno Olmi, 1963)
The film opens with solemn couples ambling into a shabby suburban dance-hall near Milan. A blind pianist and an accordionist arrive, tune up, and the evening begins. Giovanni, a recently qualified we… Read more

The Happiest Time . . . (Nico Crama, 1963)
The pleasures and problems of a group of high school pupils during the last weeks of term before the summer holidays. ... Read more

THE HUMAN DUTCH (Bert Haanstra, 1963)
Synopsis not available Read more

THE HUMAN DUTCH (Bert Haanstra, 1963)
The Human Dutch depicts the life of a people in a country "with more clouds and water than dry land to stand upon" It reveals a nation at work and at play, unaware of the probing eye of Haanstra s hi… Read more

THE INNOCENTS (Juan Antonio Bardem, 1963)
One rainy night on a coast road near the city of Mar del Plata, a man and a woman die in a car accident. The man was a widower, a powerful industrialist. The woman was married, unknown, a nurse by pr… Read more

The Insects (Teru Murakami, 1963)
A lone man is plagued by insects, and what at first was a mere annoyance soon develops into all-out war. ... Read more

The Israel National Water Carrier (, )
This is a well photographed and zestfully edited account of the channelling of Israel's water resources from the north to the parched lands in the south. ... Read more

THE ITALIANS (Alexander J. Seiler, 1964)
More than half a million Italians live and work in Switzerland. Their labour is needed but their presence is regarded as an intrusion by a small popu­lation proud of its way of life. The Italians… Read more

The Legend of Damien Parer (Gil Brealey, 1964)
This television film presents Damien Parer, well known Australian cameraman of World War II as seen by his contemporaries in the film world, and includes some examples of his work. ... Silver Award, … Read more

Hero worship such as film actors enjoy is of itself not a phenomenon peculiar to our times. Gladiators in Rome provoked public ardour quite as intense. But save in the case of a very few film actors,… Read more

The Little Boy and the Fish (Elisabeta Bostan, 1964)
A gentle observation of a farm boy trying lo find a place where he can keep a fish, and in the process, becoming aware of many things. ... Prize for Youth Film, Tours Festival. ... Read more

The Magic World of Karel Zeman (Zdenek Rozkopal, 1962)
This is a vivid demonstration of the techniques used by Zeman in his fantasy films. ... Read more

The March (James Blue, 1964)
A simple moving record of the events of August 28th, 1964 when Americans from all parts of the country came to Washington DC and marched in one of the largest demonstrations for Civil Rights in the h… Read more

The Matress (Robert Feldman, 1965)
A narrative about an old abandoned mattress found in a vacant lot, based on a poem by Aaron Kramer. ... Read more

The Rise and Fall of Emily Sprod (Bob Godfrey, 1964)
Emily Sprod is a vigorously amorous lady who emerges from a sculptor's block and pursues her creator. ... Read more

The Shape of Quality (Fred Schepisi, 1965)
The manufacture of the body, and the assembly of the complete Volkswagen, is shown in this film which is distinguished by complex camera work and striking colour effects. ... Silver Award, Public Rel… Read more

The Shirt Factory (Hazel Swift, 1963)
A very lively record of children miming, to music an imaginary shirt factory production line. ... Read more

The Thieving Magpie (Giulio Gianini, Emanuele Luzzati, 1964)
A witty and wholly enchanting adaptation of Rossini's overture; a legendary fairy tale of three kings, who declare war on ihe birds in the forest. ... Read more

The Thieving Magpie (Giulio Gianini, 1964)
A witty and wholly enchanting adaptation of Rossini's overture; a legendary fairy tale of three kings, who declare war on the birds in the forest. ... First Prize, Bergamo Festival; Prize, Milan Fest… Read more

The Viking Ships of Roskilde (Börge Höst, 1964)
A description of the extensive excavations started after the discovery of ships from the Viking age, which had been sunk in the Inlet of Roskilde. ... Read more

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