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Films Screened In 1965

The Walk (Hamish Sinclair, 1962)
A moving document of the walk across America and Europe to Russia by a small group of the Campaign for Non-Violent Action. "Impeccable editing gives the production a structure that under­lines th… Read more

The Wardrobe (George Dunning, 1961)
Two men have trouble with a box... ... Read more

THE WHEELCHAIR (Marco Ferreri, 1960)
The wheelchair is an ironic comedy whose rather macabre humour masks a deep human and social Insight. It concerns a little old man whose ardent wish is to possess a motorbed wheelchair like that of h… Read more

The World Meteorological Organisation (Krishna Singh, 1964)
The film traces the development of a system of international co-operation in the task of weather prediction. ... Read more

Three Views from an Ivory Tower (Colin Cantwell, 1963)
A pithy commentary, in cartoon form, on an encounter between the forces of construction and destruction. ... Read more

Time Is (Don Levy, 1963)
The film uses moving forms and colour, integrated with music and words, to illuminate the concept of Time. ... Read more

TIME ON HER HANDS (Alexander Petrovic, 1963)
This is the story of one day in the life of a married woman. Her husband leaves early in the morning and she is left with a day on her hands. We watch her on the streets of Belgrade, doing her shoppi… Read more

Toehold in History (Dahl Collings, 1965)
The Anzac legend, illuminated by the recently com­pleted Gallipoli paintings of Sydney Nolan and a commentary by George Johnston. ... Silver Award, General Category, Australian Film Awards, 1965. ... Read more

TUDOR (Lucian Bratu, 1963)
This large scale production deals with Rumanian history during the first half of last last century, and shows the struggle of the people for liberty against the oppressive Boyars and Turks. ... In 18… Read more

TWICE A MAN (Gregory Markopoulos, 1964)
The legend of Hippolytus tells of the tortured love a mother, Phaedra, feels for her son. Hippolytus, in remorse, is borne into the sea by horses, where he is drowned. Subsequently, he is reborn in t… Read more

Véronique, or The Young Girls (Carlos Vilardebo, )
Synopsis not available Read more

Veronique, or The Young Girls (Carlos Vilardebo, 1964)
Through a series of shots of reality, of memories, and of dreams, this film attempts to capture certain moments of the elusive grace and beauty of young girls. ... Read more

Victor Hugo (Anthony M. Roland, 1964)
The great French writer, Victor Hugo was also a remarkable draftsman. The film is based on a selec­tion from 400 of his little known drawings. ... Read more

Wedding on Saturday (Norman Swallow, 1964)
This film creates a collage of life in a Yorkshire mining town: this rather enclosed working com­munity is brought into focus by the impending marriage of Don and Para. With Its insistent search&… Read more

Where Have All The Flowers Gone? (Eric Thompson, 1964)
Dramatising the folk ballad of the same name, this film offers a simple plea for peace. ... Golden Eagle Award, Cine. ... Read more

WOMAN IN THE DUNES (Hiroshi Teshigawa, 1964)
Woman in the Dunes is the second film of Hiroshi Teshigawara. It tells of a teacher, an amateur entomologist, who is on holiday, and led by villagers to stay overnight in a house which is at the bott… Read more

Yankee Painter - The Work of Winslow Homer (Harry Atwood, 1964)
Drawings, watercolours and oils of Winslow Homer illustrate his artistic development as well as the breadth of fits interest. ... Read more

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