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Films Screened In 1966

Contre-paid (Manuél Otero, 1965)
A man loses his job because of his squeaky shoes. He buys another pair but these, too, become a problem. ... Critics' Prize, Tours Festival. ... Read more

CUMBITE (Tomás Gutierrez, 1965)
The story unfolds in the hamlet of Fonds Rouge in Haiti during the Forties. Manuel, a young country­man, returns to his native village after having spent some years in Cuba as a cane cutter. He f… Read more

DELAY IN MARIENBORN (Rolf Hädrich, 1963)
A sealed American military train leaves Berlin nightly for West Germany with every passenger accounted for, thus is not subjected to Russian inspection en route. On this particular night the routine … Read more

Design for Dreaming (Fred Pressberger, 1965)
A suite of ballet vignettes about the dream of a little girl playing 'grown-up'. ... Read more

Design for Today (Hugh Hudson, 1965)
The film follows without commentary, a day in the life of a young couple as they come in contact with everyday objects - all of which have one thing in common: good design. ... Read more

Towards the close of the war, two boys escape from a Nazi transport and plunge desperately through a forest. Gradually as their minds start to wander, memories, hallucinations and desires rise and di… Read more

Double Portrait (Gábor György Kovásznai, 1965)
Two portraits, of a man and a woman, go through a series of strange changes which indicate their relationship. ... Golden Ducat Award for Animation, Mannheim Festival. ... Read more

El Sombrero (Robert Balser, 1964)
A slightly surrealist story of a man who longs to conform to society. Society, in this instance, is represented by everyone wearing red hats. ... Read more

Faiseur de rire (J, C. Hechinger, 1965)
The victim of a car accident, a clown, relives a lifetime spent in the circus. . . ... Read more

Feldberg Fantasia (Gerhard Jentsch, 1965)
A fantasia for camera and orchestra in three movements: set in the natural beauty of the Feldberg Lake area of East Germany. ... Read more

Femmes d'aujourd'hui (Claude A. Putzeys, 1966)
By showing various aspects of her life, this film pays homage to woman. ... Read more

FIRES ON THE PLAIN (Kon Ichikawa, 1959)
Fires on the Plain, like director Ichikawa's earlier Harp of Burma, is concerned with the futility and horror of war, and protests at the private suffering which comprises this social catastrophe. It… Read more

Free Fall (Arthur Lipsett, 1965)
Described as "a deliberate experiment in the manipulation of the accidental and the irrational", the film is an uncompromising view of aimless living. ... Read more

From Here to There (Saul Bass, 1965)
The film deals, in kaleidoscopic form, with the exciting human experience of flight. ... Read more

Front Line at Salamaua (Damien Parer, 1943)
Synopsis not available Read more

GOOD TIMES, WONDERFUL TIMES (Lionel Rogosin, 1965)
Lionel Rogosin has used original techniques in gathering material for all three films he has made so far. In his first film, On the Bowery, shown at the 1957 Melbourne Festival, he used a hidden came… Read more

Great Little Emotions (Doru Segal, 1964)
A reportage of the end-of-the-year celebrations at a kindergarten. ... Read more

GREECE WITHOUT RUINS (Angelos Lambrou, 1965)
Near the ruins of classical Greece, live the people of Greece of this age, who are creating new traditions and a life characteristically their own. This is the subject of Angelos Lambrou's film. The … Read more

Guild Workshop (Wolf Hart, 1963)
This film records the restoration of the ancient sculptured figures and spires of Freiburg Cathedral. The craftsmanship, care and energy exerted to preserve the past are vividly presented. ... Golden… Read more

Hailstones and Halibut Bones (John Wilson, 1964)
Animated drawings illustrate the poem, by Mary O'Neill, which demonstrates for children some of the associations brought to mind by various colours. ... Read more

HEAT (Larissa Shepitko, 1963)
Anarhai, in Kirghizia, the burning hot steppeland covered with prickly scrub, is silent and unpeopIed except for a single yurta rising in the even desert, and black dots of tractors, moving back and … Read more

Henry Lawson (Damien Parer, 1939)
Synopsis not available Read more

Histoire du soldat inconnu (Henri Storck, 1932)
Storck's film - a minor classic - uses a montage of newsreel material to give an evocative portrait of the post World War I era, and gives a frightening prophetic picture of the inevitability of the … Read more

Hollywood in Deblatschka Pescara (Ulrich Schamoni, 1965)
A sardonic account of the fifty-third day's shooting of the epic Genghis Khan on location in Yugoslavia, revealing the bizarre behind the spectacular. ... First Prize and Special Award, Oberhausen Fe… Read more

Howard (Leonard Glasser, 1965)
In this existentialist fable about man and his super-ego, the whole world disappears and nothing is left but three people. All three of them are named Howard. ... Read more

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