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Films Screened In 1966

Hypothèse béta (Jean-Charles Meunier, 1965)
An animated tale about a computer and an obstinate punch card. ... Read more

I, LEONARDO DA VINCI (H. Rogers, 1965)
A very careful reconstruction of Leonardo da Vinci's artistic endeavour and scientific explorations, based on his writings, told in his own words, and illustrated with his works. ... The National Aca… Read more

Ideal (Bretislav Pojar, 1963)
A satirical comment on human foibles, built around the theme of a man searching for his ideal. ... Read more

Intergalactic Zoo (Morton Goldsholl, 1964)
An album of animated characters from a zoo located on Mars. ... Read more

Invocation (Kim, Jin Young, 1965)
A dance drama based on a Korean legend which has it that witches can recall departed souls, but that these souls are permitted to stay in this world only during the hours of darkness. ... Prize, Asia… Read more

It Helps to be Mad (John King, 1966)
A commentator, travelling through New Zealand's lake district with a vintage and veteran car rally, becomes involved with vintage cars himself. ... Read more

Jules and Bajus (Peter Kassovitz, 1965)
A lighthearted film about the rivalry of two Sunday fishermen on the shores of the river Marne. ... Read more

L'homme Qui Osa (J. P. Nelis, 1965)
This is the story of a group of people who were lost without a trace in a distant, bog-infested land and the mystery of their disappearance could not be solved until an adventurer appears on the scen… Read more

L'homme Seul (Patrick Ledoux, 1963)
Using skilfully edited archive material, the film examines some facets of Nazism and the resistance to it. ... Jury Prize, Tours Festival; Grand Prix, Bergamo Festival; Prize of the Catholic League, … Read more

La Cloche (Jean L'Hote, 1964)
A boy dates his girl near a bell which is waiting to be blessed before being hung in the belfry of a new church. A storm breaks out and the boy shelters under the bell. A mongrel forces him to cling … Read more

La Surface Perdue (Dolorés Grassian, 1965)
The film involves the spectator in a surrealist world of surveyors who are first convinced that they must find a missing surface and are then instructed that having found it they must lose it - as it… Read more

Land of a Thousand Faces (Baruch Dienar, 1965)
Through a variety of characters a young actress, Rina Ganor, personifies the thousand faces of Israel, with its dynamic rhythm and ever changing mood. ... First Prize, Monaco Tourist Film Festival. ... Read more

Lawsuits (Dragoslav Lazić, 1965)
In this forceful, often amusing documentary, the hidden camera observes peasanst wrangling, over seemingly trifling matters, in a district court. ... First Prize, Mannheim Festival. ... Read more

Legault's Place (Susanne Angel, 1965)
A searching glance into the character of an old man who is unwilling to leave his shack, around which a disdainful suburbia has sprung up. ... Read more

Les Jeux des Anges (Walerian Borowczyk, 1964)
A nightmarish journey into an undefined hell. Through its dynamic blend of formalism and suggestion, the film succeeds in giving the spectator one of the strangest and most overwhelming of aesthetic … Read more

Les Oiseaux sont des c . . . (Chaval, 1964)
A montage of cartoonist Chaval's drawings of strange birds. The rapid commentary, regrettably untranslated, insists on insulting them. ... Read more

Let's Have a Party (Paul Verhoeven, 1963)
A bitter-sweet tale, told with discretion and understanding, of the first love of a shy 15-year-old schoolboy. ... St. Finbarr Statuette, Cork Festival. ... Read more

Ludwig (Roland Klick, 1965)
Ludwig is an outsider. He lives in a little village and works in the quarry. He has fallen in love with the sole beauty of the village. His boredom is interrupted by an incident which ends in violenc… Read more

Made At Coaraze (Gérald Belkin, 1964)
Fragmentary impressions of life in a village in southern France are put together again in an impressionistic - an often bewildering - manner, to reveal the passions hidden below the surface. ... Prix… Read more

MAN AMONG MANKIND (Erich Bottlinger, Wolf Littmann, 1964)
"Today 35,000 Jews live in the German Bundes-republik. They live amongst us and with us. But there is still no unbiased human and civic relationship towards each other. One has not yet found the righ… Read more

MAN IS NOT A BIRD (Dušan Makavejev, 1965)
The action is set in an industrial centre in Eastern Serbia. Jan Rudinski, an engineer, comes to the town, entrusted with the assembly of some intricate machinery. He falls in love with the sensuous … Read more

Marriage (M. Kobakhidze, 1963)
A young man is madly in love with a girl. He daydreams of marrying her, but alas, she marries another. ... Grand Prix, Youth Section, Cannes Festival. ... Read more

Moresby Medley (Damien Parer, 1942)
Synopsis not available Read more

Mosaic (Norman McLaren, Evelyn Lambart, 1965)
A hypnotic series of geometric patterns, superlatively animated. ... Read more

Mr. Plateau (Jean Brismée, 1964)
An absorbing tribute to the work of the cinematic pioneer, Joseph Plateau, who invented the phenakisticope. ... Prix du film scientifique, Anvers Festival; Special Jury Prize, Cannes Festival; Diplom… Read more

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