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Films Screened In 1966

Mr. Rossi Goes Skiing (Bruno Bozzetto, 1963)
The loveable little Italian cartoon character now tries his hand at the intricacies of winter sports - with the usual disastrous results. ... Special Award, Trento Festival. ... Read more

Mrofnôc (J. J. Sedelmaier, 1965)
A man finds himself alone in a society that is doing the complete reverse of what he thinks is normal. ... First Prize, Independent Filmmakers' Festival. ... Read more

My Wise Daddy (Saraiya, 1965)
A brief, popular propaganda film on family planning. ... Read more

Night and Fog (Alain Resnais, 1955)
Resnais has built up his film on a counterpoint of present and past; the horrors of yesterday, shown in black and white, are interspersed with the remains of Auschwitz, filmed in colour. ... The titl… Read more

Old Iron and New Humour (Bob Calinescu, 1965)
This little animated film involving pliers, scrap iron and a toy train, makes its moral point in an ingenious and lighthearted fashion. ... Read more

ORDET (Carl Dreyer, 1955)
Dreyer has on occassion been described as the Kafka of the cinema. Both artists are devoted to bizarre and exceptional settings, both are decidedly anti-realists. The mental conflicts which motivate … Read more

P (Jan Keja, 1964)
"P" stands for Perfectionist, a man above and coldly critical of every human institution. Dressed and cloaked entirely in black, P is the unapproachable and infallible judge of humanity until he meet… Read more

People Will Laugh At Us (Jacques Godbout, 1965)
In the Bay of Chaleurs, Quebec, Indian children make dolls but hesitate to show them, saying: "People will laugh at us". ... Read more

Phoebe (George Kaczender, 1965)
Phoebe is a teenage girl who finds she is pregnant. The film suggests her state of mind as she imagines the confrontations she will have to endure with those nearest to her. ... Read more

Prison (Robert Lapoujade, 1964)
An avant-garde film about the obsessions and memories of a man in a prison cell. ... Read more

Rajgir (G. P. Asthana, 1963)
This film depicts the ancient glory of the historic city of Rajgriha, once the capital of the Magadh Empire. It is closely associated with the life and teachings of Buddha, and famous as a seat of le… Read more

RAVEN'S END (Bo Widerberg, 1963)
Raven's End is a glimpse of a fledgling writer's life in a working class district of Malmö in 1936. The film describes how the aspiring novelist comes to terms with his drunkard father and embittere… Read more

Red and Black (Witold Giersz, 1963)
A bull-fight depicted as a symphony of colours - wittily executed and with thoroughly diverting results. ... Grand Prix, Oberhausen Festival; Diploma of Merit, Montevideo Festival. ... Read more

Hemingway set the fashion nearly 40 years ago with Jack Barnes, hero of "The Sun Also Rises", who became the archetype for countless thousands of young North Americans who have subsequently gone off … Read more

SAMYONG (Sang-ok Shin, 1965)
The story of Samyong, the poor, mute farmer, at the mercy of Kwangsik, the spoilt son of a rich family, is set at the beginning of the century. Conditions prevailing at that time in rural Korea releg… Read more

San Fermin (Robert Destanque, 1964)
This film gives a colourful account of the traditional feast of St. Fermin in the Spanish town of Pamplona. The humdrum of everyday life stops, and the menfolk give themselves to the joys of singing,… Read more

SANDRA (Luchino Visconti, 1965)
After many years abroad, Sandra returns to her native town with her American husband, Andrew. They have come to attend the ceremony at which the family gardens are to be handed over to the city as a … Read more

Shibam (Walter Jacob, Hanna Weger, 1965)
A fascinating, wordless study of life among the ancient ten-story buildings of a city in Saudi Arabia. ... Prix de Qualité, Frankfurt; Prize, Bergamo Festival; Silver Prize, Cracow Festival. ... Read more

Song of the Mad Gardener (François Lecat, Jacques Espagne, 1964)
This graphic interpretation of Lewis Caroll's fantasy about a mad gardener provides an enchanting piece of lunacy. ... Youth Prize, Tours Festival. ... Read more

Sophie and the Scales (Julien Pappé, 1963)
A wordless sermon on the perils of pedagogy. Sophie is a quiet little girl who doesn't like her music lessons. . . ... Read more

Speed (Edgar Reitz, 1963)
An impressionistic study of the changing appearance of our world, caused through speed. Simultaneously, the film is an avowal of the right of man to freedom of movement. ... Grand Prix, Lisbon Festiv… Read more

Strange Birds (Jirí Toman, 1965)
A black and white look at a large and a small bird who become involved in some zany, allegorical adventures. ... International Critics' Award, Annecy Festival. ... Read more

Stravinsky (Roman Kroitor, Wolf Koenig, 1965)
This is an informal portrait of the dean of modern composers, Igor Fedorovich Stravinsky, eighty-three, now an American citizen, but still much an Old World figure with a long, rich memory of people … Read more

Study in Wet (Homer Groening, 1964)
"Everything about this film is wet" says an opening title of this colourful and amusing essay on water in all its forms. The "everything" even includes the ingenious soundtrack made up of drips and s… Read more

Swain (Gregory J. Markopoulos, 1961)
In the Hellenic myth, Hyacinthus was a beautiful youth who was loved by Apollo and Zephyrus. He returned Apollo's love, so Zephyrus killed him from jealousy. In the director's reading of the myth, Hy… Read more

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