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Films Screened In 1966

Syrian Campaign Ends with the Fall of Beirut (Damien Parer, 1941)
Synopsis not available Read more

Syrinx (Ryan Larkin, 1965)
In simple classic style - charcoal drawings on white paper - the film tells the story of how the goat-god Pan fashioned a flute from river reeds. ... Read more

TARAHUMARA (Luis Alcoriza, 1965)
Tarahumara tells of the impact of corrupt land-grabbers on a primitive Indian society. Using a deceptively familiar plot, the film takes a penetrating look at the Indians, their problems with exploit… Read more

Werner Holt has not had a real home since his parents were divorced. As a loyal member of the Hitler Youth he despises his father, who has fallen into disgrace with the authorities because of his hum… Read more

THE AGE OF DAYDREAMING (István Szabó, 1965)
Istvan Szabo's short film You was shown in the 1964 Melbourne Film Festival and it indicated the arrival of a new talent in Hungarian cinema. Szabó is only 26, and in this, his first feature film, h… Read more

The American Vision (Rene Bras, 1965)
The development of American painting from the late 18th to the early 20th century as seen in the National Gallery of Art in Washington. ... Read more

The Axe and the Lamp (John Halas, 1964)
A diverting and irreverent cartoon which explores Bruegel's painting of the 'Netherlandish Proverbs'. The painting attacks sin with the axe of satire, and illuminates with the lamp of pity. ... Read more

The Bird (Fred Wolf, 1965)
A wry fable of a man's encounter with a girl - and the gruesome aftermath. ... Read more

THE COLONIAL NATURALIST (Charles S. Dubin, 1964)
Mark Catesby came to Williamsburg in 1712 for a visit with his sister. Thoroughly fascinated by the fauna and flora of the New World, he extended his stay for seven years, during which time he wrote … Read more

THE DEAD AND THE ALIVE (Kangchon Lee, 1966)
On the eve of the retreat of the United Nation forces from Seoul in January 1951, following a successful Communist attack, a high army official, Colonel Lee, is shot at. The assailant turns out to be… Read more

The Devil's Sooty Fellow (Jörg d'Bomba, 1965)
A puppet tale about a soldier returned from war who, finding his captain, his marshal and his king in hell, locks them up there to ensure the safety of the world from militarism. ... Read more

The Drive on Beirut (Damien Parer, 1941)
Synopsis not available Read more

The Edinburgh Festival (H. Forsyth Hardy, 1965)
The film presents highlights of recent Edinburgh Festivals. After opening with a view of the city at night, sequences are shown of art exhibitions, concerts, theatre and ballet, with many notable art… Read more

THE FOREST OF THE HANGED (Liviu Ciulei, 1965)
The book on which this film is based was written by the Rumanian author Liviu Rebreanu in memory of his brother, who actually experienced the drama portrayed. The film is set towards the end of the F… Read more

THE GIRL IN MOURNING (Manuel Summers, 1963)
In the home of Rocio, the daughter of an Andalusian family, there is great rejoicing: the mourning period for their grandmother has come to an end. Rocio changes her black dress for a brightly colour… Read more

THE GLASS CAGE (Philippe Arthuys, 1964)
The Eichmann trial in lsrael is the background for a taut story of the effects of this historic trial on a group of people. The glass cage is, of course, the one Eichmann sat in, but it may also be a… Read more

The Hand (Jirí Trnka, 1965)
Jirí Trnka's latest film tells how a potter is tormented by an enormous hand which constantly interferes with his efforts to create something of his own. ... Special Prize, Annecy Festival; First Pr… Read more

The Hat (John Hubley, Faith Hubley, 1961)
A comical account of the serious matter of international disputes; told with new, liquid animation, and improvised, meandering dialogue. ... Jury Prize, Tours Festival; Grand Prix for Animation, Veni… Read more

The Hoffnung Symphony Orchestra (Harold Whitaker, 1965)
A large symphony orchestra tunes up, but the conductor is missing. The camera finds him having a bath, and, eventually, he arrives to begin the concert . . . ... First Prize for Animation, Vienna Fes… Read more

THE INHERITANCE (Harold Mayer, 1964)
The Inheritance is one of the most successful of all compilation films. Most of its newsreel footage is unfamiliar, and Harold Mayer has married this rare material with old stills and specially shot … Read more

THE ITALIANS (Alexander J. Seiler, 1964)
More than half a million Italians live and work in Switzerland, comprising a tenth of the entire population. They are needed in a country whose economy is geared to rely on foreign labour, but at the… Read more

This carefully compiled television film presents Parer as seen by his contemporaries, and includes some examples of his work. ... Read more

The Legend of the Quetzal (Claude Putzeys, 1965)
Following little Pablo in his search for the Quetzal bird, we discover the tourist beauties and folklore interests in Mexico. ... Read more

The Lieutenant (Roland Verhavert, 1965)
An analysis of the hero-worship of a small boy that evokes unerringly the fears and adulations of childhood. ... Jury Prize, Oberhausen Festival. ... Read more

THE LOUVRE (John S. Sughrue Jr, 1964)
The world's greatest collection of art housed in the Louvre, also reveals a fascinating view of the history of France from the eleventh century to the end of World War II. Charles Boyer narrates the … Read more

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