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Films Screened In 1967

Concerto For Orchestra (Robert Parker, 1965)
A fluent and engagingly informal impression of the activities of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra as reflected in the lives of its members. ... Golden Reel Award, Documentary Category, Kodak Photography… Read more

Cowboy (M. Ahnemann, G. Schlosser, 1967)
Shot on a California ranch, this atmospheric film shows the life of a "cow puncher" and his family. ... Read more

Each Day That Comes (Graham Parker, 1966)
The story of a young woman who becomes chained to the static environment of a small town that seldom changes. The camera explores the life of Stella as a child and as a woman, and describes her despe… Read more

Eldorado (László Réber, 1966)
An animated illustration of how man can become subservient to machines. ... Read more

Elegy (Zoltán Huszarik, 1966)
A poetic plea for a return of the lost dignity of the horse, ousted by civilization and exploited almost out of existence. ... Read more

FAREWELLS (Roland Verhavert, 1966)
The captain of a ship in port has been entrusted with a secret government mission. He gives leave to the crew, but orders them to report back each morning. As the days go by, and the sailing date sti… Read more

Film Exercise (Rodney Charters, 1967)
This first film by a young New Zealand art student uses the motorcycle as a sex symbol in the lives of the "beat" generation. ... Read more

Flora (Benjamin Hayeem, 1965)
Flora cannot decide what to wear on a date, but eventually finds she doesn't need a thing. ... Award for Best Short, Chicago Festival. ... Read more

Glasgow Belongs To Me (Edward McConnell, 1965)
A sketch of the emotional quality of life in a great city. ... Read more

Grand Jeté (Dick Dubelman, 1966)
An interpretation, set against multi-rhythm jazz, of the life of former gymnast, Igor Youskevitch, showing his transition to dancer, choreographer and teacher. ... Read more

GRIMACES (Ferenc Kardos, János Rózsa, 1966)
This film present the adventures of a six-year-old schoolboy, as recollected through the perspective of adulthood. It is a mixture of fact and fantasy, and it looks at childhood with understanding an… Read more

HAPPY GAMES (Aito Makinen, 1965)
Happy Games is composed of two episodes, one a romantic incident, the other a comedy. ... Stick is a comedy about a family's week-end trip — with father, mother, three children, and animals &md… Read more

High in the Himalayas (Frank S. Cellier, 1965)
A record of Sir Edmund Hillary's expedition to the remote Khumbu area of the Nepalese Himalayas, where he instituted a program of aid to the Sherpa people. ... Cine Golden Eagle; Alpine Award, Trento… Read more

High Steel (Don Owen, 1966)
These are the real builders of the skyscrapers of New York, the Indians from Quebec, who, with cat-like sureness of foot, work at dizzy heights to erect towers of steel and glass. ... Read more

How About That Bakery (Hermann D. Tauchert, 1966)
Photographed and edited to fit a syncopated music score, the film traces the history and growth of a modern, fully automated concern. ... Golden Eagle, CINE. ... Read more

I've Got This Problem (Ron Clasky, 1966)
Boy meets girl, and, being "switched-on", they cut the talk about the weather and all that, and get down to communication proper. ... Read more

Insomnie (Pierre Etaix, 1965)
Pierre Etaix, a most original comedian, reads a vampire story in this parody on horror films. ... Read more

Instructional Technique Part D - Visual Aids (Richard Need, 1966)
This is a demonstration of the methods an instructor can use in his teaching through the medium of vision. The film itself becomes a model for instructional films. ... First Prize, Venice Festival; F… Read more

INTIMATE LIGHTING (Ivan Passer, 1965)
Typical of the approach of Czecho­slovakia's new directors is this warm, human comedy by Ivan Passer. Almost free of plot, it snatches incidents from the brief encounter of two former schoolmates… Read more

Ireland (George Sluizer, 1967)
Ireland is a beautiful country, and, even if you left out all the fairy stories nobody could make it anything else. ... Read more

Jean Lurçat and the Song of the World (Pierre Biro, Victoria Mercanton, 1965)
An account of the work of the celebrated artist Lurcat at the Aubusson Ateliers, known for their tapestries and carpets. ... Read more

Joachim's Dictionary (Walerian Borowczyk, 1965)
Joachim's Dictionary gives us twenty-six French words from "animation" to "zoologie" against a background of the most discordant accompaniment ever devised. ... Jury Prize, Critic's Prize, Oberhausen… Read more

JOSé TORRES (Hiroshi Teshigahara, 1965)
This poetic documentary of the Puerto Rican boxer who became light-heavyweight champion of the world, is the first Japanese production to be filmed in the United States. At first the film has the fee… Read more

KNIGHT WITHOUT ARMOUR (Borislav Sharaliev, 1966)
Although the central character of Knight Without Armour is a child, as we follow his adventures, we also learn much about the adults surrounding him. ... Vanio's world is presented in a collection of… Read more

Knud (Jorgen Roos, 1966)
An analysis of the spirit and human qualities of Knud Rasmussen, who made a unique contribution to the exploration of the life and myths of the Polar Eskimos. ... 'Bodil' Award, Danish Film Critics; … Read more

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